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    Nurses and midwives - NMC registration and jobs

    Although they may say that you will drop to the bottom of the payscale i have found this is negotiable to some degree. The manager is often able to apply some discretion to your awarded pay point based on your level of experience and suitability for the job. I worked in oz for 2 years and when i came back i had to renegotiate 2 pay points. You can only ask! Becs x
  2. bchickpea

    Problems discovered at medical :-( awaiting more tests via GP

    i realise with the stage that you are already at this may sound stupid, but i always seem to have blood in my urine when dipsticked and with a previous oz visa i had to have a sample sent through my gp (whilst living in sydney) before they would approve the visa. One thing that made a big difference was being well hydrated when i gave a sample. If i hadnt drunk enough i would always dip positive for blood. I have no idea why but they werent overly concerned.
  3. Myself, Hubby and daughter will be moving out to Sydney March next year, Hoping to go to the Eastern Suburbs if i get the job i want in Randwick. Would be nice to chat with anyone planning a similar move to discuss plans and practicalities etc! Becs x:biggrin:
  4. bchickpea

    panel doctors manchester

    We used medmigration and they were lovely, fitted us in next day and very much put us a ease.The dr we had used to be based at john street in deansgate- he remembered doing my medical in 2006 but said they had moved as needed to upgrade their premises! Myself,hubby and baby. He told us there and then that he would pass us on medicals just needed results of bloods and xrays - which were on diac system 2 days later. Really nice as i was worried about my weight(being 7 weeks post baby!) and husband was worried about BP. Cant recommend them enough! just book an appt out of rush hour, they're on the main route into manc - our appt was 0920 and took us an hour and a half longer than usual to get to manchester!
  5. Thanks everyone!!! We are so so excited and its great that im on MATY leave until october so will hopefully be able to get a lot sorted. Starting to feel bit better after chatting to other halves mum this evening. She is a lot more pragmatic than my folks! I should probably add that both my husband and myself have lived in oz before, just not with each other! We know what we're letting ourselves in for and what we have to look forward to in our future....and it looks good!!!
  6. Hi, We lodged our 175 on aug 15th last year and on march 20th received an email from our case officer asking for some further evidence and police checks/medicals. Our visa was approved on may 23rd and i think would have been even quicker if we weren't messing around adding my daughter to our visa. Im a nurse and primary applicant. They asked me for more evidence of specific work employment so i had to add another reference and some p45s and payslips.Hope this helps!
  7. Hi guys, Mostly this post is to give you some hope if you are applying for a 175. We only lodged our application last August expecting it to take up to 2 years, and our visa was approved yesterday. They asked for some more information and to get our police checks and medicals done mid march. We were slightly held up as had a baby at the beginning of march so had to get her a passport and added to our application before we could get medicals. Medicals were beginning of may - and we were just waiting for our AFP checks to come through. They arrived on tuesday, we attached them to the app and Visa was approved that night So in all very quick- just a bit of info to give you an idea of processing and stages etc Obviously we are over the moon, but it comes with very mixed feelings. We arent moving until next spring but obviously our family are very upset and it will just get worse until we go, we have to remind ourselves that we want to go for our and our daughters future to give her opportunities and a lifestyle she wont have here. But right now we have a very small and cute baby who we are taking away from a very supportive extended family. I already feel so guilty and so excited at the same time!!!
  8. bchickpea

    Bondi or Coogee

    Hi, i used to work as a nurse at POW randwick in the good old days (2006-8) when they offered staff accommodation on site. It was great to be near work, near the shops at randwick and only a 10min walk to the beach. Coogee used to be good for a night out, but mostly based around the coogee bay hotel and there were a couple of other bars and the palace - quite big club but quite cheesy. Why dont you look around clovelly or bronte? Similar rental prices but only short distance to work or bondi, then you can take your pic of nights out and beaches, plus the clovelly hotel is great for going out. I love Bondi, but if you're living there you might get fed up with the masses of holiday makers, sometimes its nice to dip in and out of that scene when you want to? Also had some friends who used to live just off Coogee Bay Road and that was pretty nice as well. Just a few streets away from coogee beachfront, but close enough for pubs and far enough away that if you arent out, then ll the noise wont bother you? Dont know if that help at all? :0)
  9. bchickpea

    Carpentry Help on 457???

    Hi Guys, Im actually posting on behalf of my brother. He has decided that he'd like to try living in oz for a while and is a carpenter.Hes asking me for help as myself and OH are heading out hopefully next year, but im a nurse and there is info everywhere for nursing, also we're gong on a PR visa so different process. Ive tried googling for info and searching the boards on here but havent found much about 457s - mostly people seem to be going on more permanent visas. Mostly i wondered whether he would need to get assessed for a 457? If so i presume its through Vetassess? Has anyone gone down the 457 route and know if he needs to find a sponsor first or can start getting some of the stuff sorted? I remember with my last 457 back in 2006 everything had to be done in a certain order. Any help or advice anyone can offer would be great because i really dont have a clue how to help him! Thankyou!!! Becs x
  10. bchickpea

    Sir Charles Gairdner Hopsital

    i worked in spinal there for a few months.Kind of old hospital but nice. Very near the trainline. I used to get the train/metro thingy in from freemantle - thats a great place to live and very sociable depending on what youre looking for. Also Cottesloe is on that line which is a gorgeous beach with some housing around there as well. Depends what you're looking for really x
  11. bchickpea

    Official nurses thread!

    I was dealing with one woman who was actually quite helpful and then for no reason her email stopped working so i sent a query through the ahpra website to ask what was happening and if she had left as she was my link person. I got an email back a few days later from someone else saying she had picked up my file and would continue to process. cant remember the first womans name though. after it was picked up again i had my letter within about a week. just be persistant with them x
  12. bchickpea

    NURSES - Moving to Australia

    its so rubbish isnt it. I was pretty gutted when i got my email last week - its like you say - the cost! I got solicitors to certify my last stuff so i can see why they werent happy - but my sister used the same guy and they approved her reg! now have to find a notary and sell a kidney to get him to sign a few things. Its just a nightmare! It is so disheartening! x
  13. bchickpea

    NURSES - Moving to Australia

    I applied to the sydney office ( Posted my application on march 7th and got an email last week.....saying theyd finally gotten to my application and wanted things recertified as they werent happy with the firm id used to certify ID docs and they wanted all my statements of services certified as well - which i dont remember them asking for on the form...and once they receive these theyll be happy to proceed with the application.....its fair to say i have a strong dislike for aphra! Becs x
  14. bchickpea

    Medicals done...Blood in Urine...

    ive had two visa medicals now (2006&2008)and with both of them they have found trace blood in my urine and its never really held things up. Think they do send it off to check for infection but mine have always come back negative, for some reason i always have trace blood.It can also be something as simple as giving your sample at the wrong time of the month. try not to worry too much!
  15. bchickpea

    ANMAC Skills Assessment

    i got my ward manager to write mine for me and specifically asked her to include some description of tasks i perform at work as well as including that i work with mental health, elderly and occasionally paeds patients, as nurse training in oz is slightly different. they cover those areas in a lot more depth than we do. Touch wood i havent been told theres a problem with it and they have contacted to ask for a more detailed transcrpt so you would hope they would have mentioned it then. My reference was 1 and a half pages long and went into a lot of depth about my role on the unit, projects i was involved in, work with students and junior staff etc. I guess just get a reference which is as thorough and descriptive as you can get - tailored to whichever anszco code you're applying for i.e. mine is critical care so made sure it discussed management of traches, ventilation etc. hope that helps!