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  1. I have spent quite some time looking into the option of shipping a a BMW X5 to Australia and thought it would be helpful to share what I have found out so far. Following on from pretty comprehensive analysis, I have come to the following conclusions: Shipping your car will save you one extra hassle when you relocate (having your own car could also provide helpful familliarity if you have young children) but this will be offset but the administrative hoops that you will need to jump through Whether this is a good move economically depends on how long you are likely to own the vehicle for: If you are looking to keep the car and run it into the ground (depending on the vehicle you take) the cost of exporting + UK value is likely to be lower than purchasing the car in Australia. In the examples I looked at the saving was in the region of 25% butt this saving could be offset by higher costs of insuring an imported car. However, if you think you might sell the car at some point then it is possible that you will not recover your costs. I have spoken to 3 different garages and each said that the resale value of imported cars is approx 50% of an Aus spec. car. This sounds like a lot to me but the general view was that non Aus spec cars were not popular and selling on would be very difficult. If this really is the case then the best option might be to find an imported car and buy that! I have looked at a number of different cars and concluded that the AUS$ resale value needs to be just over 2.0 - 2.5 x the GPB£ value for your to breakeven i.e. that the cost of UK purchase/shipping/tax/registration is equal to the Aus$ value. I found a really helpful spreadsheet posted on the Moving2Melbourne website (see details and link below) which sets out all of the costs that you are likely to encounter when shipping your car and although many of them are small, they really add up. Link to moving2Melbourne here - thanks for your really helpful website guys! http://www.moving-to-melbourne.co.uk/news/574/general-australian-news/importing-a-car-to-australia/ My worked example below is based on importing a used BMX X5 Sport 3.0d - 2004 with approx 100kms on the clock. It is worth noting that I have based the resale or street value on the "trade in" price in the red book - this represnts a 17% discount to the resale value. I find it hard to believe that the resale value of an import is really as low as 50% of an Aus spec equivalent but if this is the case then the value will be much lower than that used in my example. I cannot claim to have put the spreadsheet together - I would love to hear from you if you thik that these costs or assumptions are not realistic. SUMMARY Australian Dollar to UK Pound 0.6493 UK Value of Car £12,500 AUS Street Value $29,000 AUS Customs Valuation of Car @65% $18,850 Total Cost of Shipping £6,157 Replacement Cost in Australia £18,831 UK Value + Shipping £18,657 Total Gain £173 DETAILED COSTING Shipping UK Charges RORO Shipping from UK to VIC £700 Insurance (2% UK Value) £250 £950 Customs Duty & GST Customs Value $18,850.00 Customs Duty (10% Customs Value) $1,885 GST (10% Value + Duty + Shipping) $2,073 Luxury Car Tax @ 25% over $57,180 $0 Total $3,958 (£2,570) Australian Agent Charges Agency (Estimated) $200 Quarantine Entry Fees $25 Customs Entry Fee $35 Air Conditioning Fee $50 AQIS Fees / Quarantine $300 Local shipping charges $200 Customs Levied Customs Entry Fees $72 Total $882 (£572) Australian Compliance Charges Vehicle Valuation (done in UK) $220 VASS inspection $290 Personal Import Plate $76 Roadworthy Test $85 Child Seat Anchor Point (optional) $500 Total $1,171 (£760) Charges from Vic Roads (DVLA) Appointment Fee $10 Inspection Fee $22 Registration Fee $168 Transport Accident Charge $356 Insurance Duty $35 Number Plates $27 Motor Vehicle Duty $754 Total $1,374 (£892)
  2. Thanks for your quick reply Exile - much apprecaited. I have been through a lot of the site covering this topic and have to thank Kristian of Iron Chef imports for providing so much useful information. My problem is that when consulting the Red Book it is hard to get a feel for a realistic resale value. In particular, I have no way of knowing how negatively the car's import status would impact its market price.
  3. We received an email back in 18th March saying that we would get a CO in 3 months but have still not heard anything. The 3 month period is not up until mid June but am just wondering if anyone else is in a similar position? Am I right in assuming that we will be contacted by email when we get a CO?
  4. Many thanks Iron Chef for all of your advice on this topic. This is a really helpful thread. We connected briefly in the chat room and I mentioned that I had a Mazda 5 which sadly has never been released into the Oz market. I like the car a lot but not so much that I would be happy to get stuck with a big loss when we come to sell it. Selling a car that no-one has heard of will not be easy and I dont fancy doing that. Given that we are not coming out for about 18 months we have time to buy an alternative and bring that with us instead. We would need another family car with big boot etc and am wondering if you have any advice about particular makes/models that could make export a lucrative option. We will be brining our furniture out also so am also curious to know whether I am best to bring the car in a container or RORO? Many thanks
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    Visa update

    Really strange I know and apologies if my concern about things moving too fast is frastrating for you when you have been waiting so long. I did speak to someone at Adeliade processing about a month ago and he said that they had recently got to the end of the Priority 2 cases and were just about to start clearing the backlog of priority 3 cases. He said that they were getting through a bout 3 months worth in each month and that they were up to April 2009. I am no expert but looking at another thread on this forum, it does look like things are moving - perhaps they need to clear the applications through before the new system comes in. Good luck with your application.
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    Visa update

    Gulp! Was not planning to have a holiday in Oz quite so soon. Thats going to be a very expensive round trip as we have 2 children and wont be able to move permanently until end of next year! Are there no ways to drag the process out? We saw how long things were taking on this forum and thought that it would be the end of this year before we even get looked at.
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    Visa update

    Thanks Proview. This could all move a bit too fast for me. Say we get a CO at the end of June 2011 and get our meds in at the end of July - does this mean that we would have to land within 1 year? Is there anything we can do to to delay the process so that we can land at the end of 2012/start of 2013?
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    Visa update

    Just thought I would share this. We submitted an application for 176 family sponsored application on 4 Feb 2011 and have just been told that we can expect a CO within the next 3 months. We are in priority category 3. We have just received an email saying that most of the category 2 applications had now been processed and that we will be allocatated a case officer in the next 3 months. The email noted that category 2 applications were being looked at within a fortnight of being lodged! The email also noted that processing time would be quicker if we completed the medicals and police checks. We were expecting a very long wait and are looking to land in Australia at the begining of 2013. Given that the visa is only valid for 1 year following medicals we are holding off getting these done. Does anyone know if you have time limit to provide medicals and police checks once you are allocated a CO? All being well, we are looking to relocate to Melbourne. Employment options look better in Sydney but property costs seem sky high. Jay