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  1. deanblb

    Finance in older age

    Yes it is still worth claiming (you earned it) and it is likely to be worth more than you think especially with 27 years of contributions. There is likely to be a lump sum amount too. Have a look at https://www.lgpsmember.org/ or if you know the LGPS scheme you were in google it. Most now have online portals that will give you an update on how much pension you will get. You should be able to take the pension at 60 at the earliest.
  2. Agreed not a priority visa but not a benefit to the country, I don’t agree with that. I have this visa, will be arriving next month, hoping to have interviews for jobs lined up for when I arrive and will work my little socks off when I arrive. It is nothing to do with the visa that benefits the country, it is the motivation of the individual that benefits the country. Plenty of people arrive on working visas and return home after a year or two, that does not benefit the country.
  3. No need for an agent, they are just time consuming and you have to get all the information together before you do them. They are done online.
  4. Because they applied when the number of visas were higher. When I applied there were over 500 visas issued a year. After three years waiting i was asked to do medicals and police checks but then they reduced the visas issued to about 80 a year. It then took another 4 years to get the visa.
  5. Hi Dayan i think you may have at least another 10 to 12 years to wait, but things may change as people in the queue before you may drop out or less likely they may increase the visa numbers.
  6. Hi we were notified late January 2018, had medicals and police checks early March and visa was approved early May. So it was just over four months from being notified. You should automatically be contacted once the queue date has passed. However, I don’t think it hurts to be proactive. I noticed that our queue date had been passed in November 2017 and by late December I had not heard anything so started chasing. It lets the case officer know that you still want to go to Australia. Good luck
  7. Hi Danieldd192 From my experience they seem to update once a year usually in November/December and the date moves forward between one or two months. It seems only 70 to 80 are released from the queue each year. It is very likely to me that your aunt will be released from the queue next year. Keep an eye on the immi site in November and wait for the date to be updated. Once the processing queue date passes your aunts queue date talk to her migration agent and get them to chase her case officer. You should get confirmation in January or February next year. If she has not heard anything by June 2020, it will mean waiting to the following year. They work on a July to June year not on calendar years. Good luck
  8. deanblb

    Setting up a company UK or Australia?

    Thanks everybody for you advice. I am an accountant working for local government and charities and my wife designs library interiors for schools, universities and public libraries. It seems like Australia has similar rules to UK in regards to whether a person is an employee or a contractor. Alan, I will be in touch when we have settled down and found a house. Kind Regards
  9. deanblb

    Setting up a company UK or Australia?

    Thanks Ken that’s very helpful
  10. Hi I was wondering if anyone can give us some advice or your experience of setting up a business and in which country it would be best to base the business. Our situation is that my wife and i are planning to emigrate to Australia from the UK later this year and we have both told our employers that we will be moving. Supringly to us both employers have asked if we can carry on doing some work for them from Australia. Neither of us have has our own business before and we are not sure on how to go about setting a new business up and which country we should establish the business in. Many Thanks
  11. deanblb

    835 Remaining Relative Visa

    Check with a registered migration agent regarding your biological father. Did someone else adopt you as their son? My wife’s father remarried a few years before he passed away and some people (even some migration agents) said they his new wife was a relative. Eventually found out that Australian law did not recognise her as a relative of my wife and we could apply for the LRR visa. I’m sure you are aware of the long wait for this visa and the limits on working in Australia.
  12. Hi Clim That is correct. PR granted May 2018, visa now validated and moving to Australia in July. Keep a watch on the government website as the dates do change when you are least expecting it. Also, it is likely that a number of the 1636 applicants will fall out due to changes in their circumstances or they don’t actually meet the criteria, which could reduce the waiting time. Good luck and I hope it comes sooner than you expect.
  13. Hi My queue date for last remaining relative visa was 9 May 2011. I received the visa on the 9 May 2018, 7 years to the day, now preparing to move to Australia next year.
  14. Hi my last remaining relative visa took seven years from applying but I did stay in the UK.
  15. deanblb

    Other Family visas: Cutbacks and Delays

    Hi Sophiavee Well done for waiting so long and getting to Australia. If you don’t mind could you let us know when your visa was approved. Your queue date was a few weeks before mine.