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  1. deanblb

    Setting up a company UK or Australia?

    Thanks everybody for you advice. I am an accountant working for local government and charities and my wife designs library interiors for schools, universities and public libraries. It seems like Australia has similar rules to UK in regards to whether a person is an employee or a contractor. Alan, I will be in touch when we have settled down and found a house. Kind Regards
  2. deanblb

    Setting up a company UK or Australia?

    Thanks Ken that’s very helpful
  3. Hi I was wondering if anyone can give us some advice or your experience of setting up a business and in which country it would be best to base the business. Our situation is that my wife and i are planning to emigrate to Australia from the UK later this year and we have both told our employers that we will be moving. Supringly to us both employers have asked if we can carry on doing some work for them from Australia. Neither of us have has our own business before and we are not sure on how to go about setting a new business up and which country we should establish the business in. Many Thanks
  4. deanblb

    835 Remaining Relative Visa

    Check with a registered migration agent regarding your biological father. Did someone else adopt you as their son? My wife’s father remarried a few years before he passed away and some people (even some migration agents) said they his new wife was a relative. Eventually found out that Australian law did not recognise her as a relative of my wife and we could apply for the LRR visa. I’m sure you are aware of the long wait for this visa and the limits on working in Australia.
  5. Hi Clim That is correct. PR granted May 2018, visa now validated and moving to Australia in July. Keep a watch on the government website as the dates do change when you are least expecting it. Also, it is likely that a number of the 1636 applicants will fall out due to changes in their circumstances or they don’t actually meet the criteria, which could reduce the waiting time. Good luck and I hope it comes sooner than you expect.
  6. Hi My queue date for last remaining relative visa was 9 May 2011. I received the visa on the 9 May 2018, 7 years to the day, now preparing to move to Australia next year.
  7. Hi my last remaining relative visa took seven years from applying but I did stay in the UK.
  8. deanblb

    Other Family visas: Cutbacks and Delays

    Hi Sophiavee Well done for waiting so long and getting to Australia. If you don’t mind could you let us know when your visa was approved. Your queue date was a few weeks before mine.
  9. deanblb

    Other Family visas: Cutbacks and Delays

    Hi application date was 3/5/11; qd 9/5/11
  10. deanblb

    Other Family visas: Cutbacks and Delays

    115 visa approved. 7 years to the day after sending applications off. Still coming to terms with the news. It has been a tough journey but was worth the wait.
  11. deanblb

    Pension transfer

    Thanks Andy, that is really helpful. I am trying to maximise tax relief on contributions and obtain the most efficient way making withdrawals. I am hoping that I will get confirmation of the visa in the next few months. If it is okay I will give you a call then. Regards
  12. deanblb

    Pension transfer

    Thanks Pom queen
  13. deanblb

    Pension transfer

    Hi I am hoping to move to Australia within the next two years and want to check my understanding of the current rules regarding pension transfers. I will be 55 in the next couple of months, so should I be filling my SIPP with as much as I can and then transfer it to an Australian superannuation scheme? Will I be able draw on the Australian superannuation tax free? The pension at the moment is not large about £40k, I also have an occupational pension which I will not be transferring. Any advice will be much appreciated.
  14. deanblb

    Remaining Relative -Sub Class 115

    I have a queue date of May 2011 and am still waiting.
  15. deanblb

    Remaining relative visa

    Hi I have a queue date of May 2011, the immi website is showing that it is progressing applications with a queue date before February 2011 and has been that date since about October last year.. I look often to see if it has changed.. It is difficult to know how long the wait will be but people in the queue before you will drop out as their circumstances change so hopefully it will not be as long as some people are saying.