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    CO contact timeline

    Hi all. Just wondering if there's a cut-off point for when a CO contacts you for the first time? Im on 32 days and wondering if when I get passed (i.e.) 40, I can start chilling the champagne... or could they possibly contact me later than that? Im going for Direct Grant, everything uploaded when payment made, so hoping I won't get assigned one and the golden ticket will come within 90 days! Thanks!
  2. Cables

    189/190 Visas from Nov-Dec 2017

    I had CO contact today after 126 days asking for Meds, even though we uploaded them on same day as Lodgement back on March 20th!! Very frustrating but cant change it now, they have been resent today. How long does everyone thing it will take CO to respond / Grant visa? Thanks, much appreciated!
  3. Cables

    CO contact timeline

    Yeh for sure. All docs uploaded and straightforward, so hoping an easy case for who ever picks it up! Thanks again.
  4. Cables

    CO contact timeline

    Yeh, have looked tonight also, and agree. Im on 32 so fingers are crossed get over the 40-50 day count without an email! I understand there's no set procedure, but was just after some advice off people that have been through it. Thanks for your reply!
  5. Cables

    CO contact timeline

    190, nsw.
  6. Cables

    CO contact timeline

    No. I am hoping that they'll look at it around 5 weeks, and send direct grant in another 8 with no contact. Having looked further, lots of comments on this forum and others indicating approx 5 weeks contact date if you're going to get one assigned.
  7. Cables

    CO contact timeline

    So mine timeframe is 8-11 months, but as i say, hoping for direct grant. From research, lots saying if they need to contact you, it will be in first 5 weeks. Hoping thats the case, we're almost at that point.
  8. Cables

    CO contact timeline

    Wow, very quick grant!
  9. Cables

    190 Visas Lodged - March/April 2017 batch

    Only lodged on Mar 20th, 17 days ago but really hoping for a direct grant. All paperwork was sent, inc PCC and meds so have everything crossed for no CO! Does anyone have any idea on the direct grant timeframe? Some say 3 months? Thanks!!
  10. Cables

    190 Victoria

    Congrats!! We received NSW invite on Mar 2nd so went ahead and got PCC and medicals done. Received ITA Mar 20th, lodged same day with payment, PCC, 80, 1221 and all the other supporting docs! Really hoping we get a quick grant!!!
  11. Cables

    Marketing specialist

    Lodged our Visa's this week! - Occupation: Marketing Specialist 225113. Where are you in the process?
  12. Cables

    189 processing times

    Lodged our Visa's on March 20th. As soon as we received the invite from NSW on Mar 2nd, we did Police checks and Medicals, so by the time they approved our application and we lodged, we had everything ready to upload. Really hoping we don't get assigned a CO and get a quick grant!
  13. Cables

    Pearson PTE Test taken yesterday - feedback

    Hi. So I had my IELTS with 8.5 overall so superior, but lost out on 10 points on EOI as I had 8.5/8/8/7.5 ? Is PTE the same, do you need a certain score in all to get full 20 marks on EOI? Thanks guys
  14. Cables


    I am just about to pass my masters in marketing and am looking for state sponsorship under the Public Relations Professional... I am told I will have to get my qualifications assessed by Vetassess but worried about what this includes?? Any advice is very welcome! :unsure: Also, with 9 years experience, do you think states will sponsor me before I have officially passed my masters (got month left)? Want to go to SA nor WA and both have sponsorships available now for PR specialists - and would like to get everything in before July1st, cos I think that will change everything. Thanks all, much appreciated x x x:v_SPIN:
  15. Cables

    New Consolidated Skilled Occupations List

    spoke to agent today and he too mentioned the mix up between CSOL and the ceilings (quota) list. My occupation is on CSOL but doesnt show up the quota so is checking it out... i think its the same (the other way around) for Office manager but we dont know as of yet which list is correct!!! Grr!!!! xx
  16. Cables

    New Consolidated Skilled Occupations List

    Hi Yeong family. Scroll up a few messages and you'll see a reply from Val to me (Cables) with a link. xx
  17. Cables

    New Consolidated Skilled Occupations List

    So the only list I can find released is Victoria, nothing else as of yet. You'd think they'd make sure that al the lists were up today ready to go live today, even if it is the weekend! Especially knowing that loads of people would have been waiting for today!! x
  18. Cables

    New Consolidated Skilled Occupations List

    Thanks! Even more confused now though as Marketing Specialist is on Immi's Schedule 2 list released for 2012 / 2013 but not on this list??
  19. Got up really excited to check the new EOI list this morning but can't find a link anywhere for all the States to check which one by occupation is on? Thought there would be one on Immi but cant find it!! Can anyone help?? Thanks! xxxx
  20. Cables

    New 2012/2013 State Sponsored Lists

    agreed! The schedule 1 and 2 is out, and Im on 2, but I need the state lists to see which one we can apply under! Grr!!!!!
  21. Cables

    New Consolidated Skilled Occupations List

    I have read about people commenting on how many places are available but I dont se this on the list i'm looking at (knowing me its the wrong one! lol) Could someone please post a link to this list. Thanks Ielts Overall 8.5 Nov 2012, Vetassess Approved May 2012
  22. Cables

    Possible Visa Problem??

    amazing thank you
  23. Cables

    Possible Visa Problem??

    Hi. Just got my skills through under Marketing Specialist which i've done for 14 years. However, just handed my notice in last month and finish in June to go freelance PR agent and graphic designer. So here's my dilemma!!! We dont know when we can put in for our visa as it depends when Marketing pops up on a states list.... if this is for example the end of the year.... am I going to have issues with immigration as I wont have any recent payslips (cos self employed) and also, because my day to day job is different to the 'Marketing Specialst' role that I passed the skills with? sorry... hope it makes sense.... advise appreciated! x
  24. Cables

    Possible Visa Problem??

    Thank you so much! so say for example we submit in a years time, will I need to gather P60's, Payslips from employed job as well as invoices, tax returns etc from self employed job? Thanks again x
  25. Cables

    457 terms and conditions.????

    Does a 457 temp sponsorship visa include hubby & kids on the visa? Thanks