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  1. That is not true. Having done the citizenship test and interview myself (a native English speaker), there is absolutely no way that anybody can pass either of these citizenship requirements without a good level of English. They can become permanent residents, and remain so forever without having to complete an English test, but not citizens.
  2. Visa granted this morning... after 40months of waiting. Beyond relief, my mam cried her eyes out. Can't wait to be together again. So happy to finally be posting this at the end of the journey x
  3. My parents are in the same position, entry before October 26th. That was the date 2017 when their medicals were received by immi so presumably this is the reason - 12 month validity. I emailed to ask if this date could be extended and they replied saying that the initial entry date can only be changed in emergency or exceptional circumstances. Sale of house etc. doesn't count...
  4. Got the 2nd VAC payment request today too......!!!!!! Same thing - it says that visa will be granted after 1st July. Enter Australia before Oct 26th. So ecstatic right now
  5. That is so frustrating for you. In relation to your comment about the validity of medicals / police checks - my parents have only 4 months validity left. Immi requested the document preparation, medicals and police checks were completed in October 2017, as requested. What happens now??
  6. Still waiting very impatiently. No request for 2nd VAC, despite the previous email from immi telling us the amount that would be requested and that we would have 28 days to pay etc... thank you for your patience. How about all the others from March 2015 - Mikenc Pertenhall?? Anything?
  7. The person's name was Jen. That is the way they sign off now - first name and position number. Presumably to protect their identity (so no Facebook stalking!!). Looks like this: Regards, Jen Position Number xxxxxxxx (of course this is a real number) Visa Processing Officer, Parents Skilled and Family Visa Program | Immigration and Visa Services Division Immigration and Citizenship Services Department of Home Affairs E: pvc.team1@homeaffairs.gov.au P: 131 881
  8. Still nothing... They requested clarification of something on the form 80 on March 23rd. I sent them what they required the same day. I emailed them (from my mum's email) nearly two weeks ago on April 23rd, a whole month after they received what they wanted, with a cheeky email to ask if there was anything outstanding, or if they could confirm that they have received all documents. This was the response: Email subject: FINAL ASSESSMENT UPDATE (written by them) We confirm that all documents have been received by this office. Your application file will be allocated soon and reviewed by a Case Officer to ensure all criteria has been met for a 2nd VAC payment request. No further information is required from you at this stage. The final assessment notification (request for 2nd VAC) will provide the applicant with 28 days to make payment and (if required) travel arrangements per instructions provided. Our case management team is working through cases ready to finalise, and we appreciate your patience at this time. Regards, Haven't heard a dickiebird since. So frustrating. I think it's doing my parents head in, and I'm here refreshing her email every 10minutes or so, knowing that I'll be the first to see it with the time difference!!
  9. Nope, this can't be done. The Department have covered themselves already! "Contributory parent visa holdersThere might be limits on your sponsorship if:- you were granted a permanent Contributory Parent visa on or after 1 July 2009- you were in a partner relationship on or before the Contributory Parent visa grant dateand- your partner did not apply for the Contributory Parent visa at the same time as you, or they withdrew that application (before it was finalised).The sponsorship could still be approved if:- 5 years have passed since your Contributory Parent visa grant date- your partner did not apply at the same time as you due to compelling reasons, (other than financial reasons)- your partner applied at the same time as you but withdrew their application for compelling reasons (other than financial reasons)." So there's actually a 5 year 'waiting period' if you wanted to go down that route, unless you have "compelling reasons".
  10. That's brilliant news for everyone waiting. As you can see from my signature - we waited months for the phone call.
  11. The bank will give you a letter and you need to take that to Centrelink. It needs to be done in person - you have to call in. It does only take a couple of minutes though. Then Centrelink will send you a letter confirming that you are an approved insurer. This letter needs to be scanned and sent to PVC team1. Centrelink do advise them, but our CO requested that we notify them as well, as there is often a delay from Centrelink (no surprise there).
  12. Mine came 3 days later so there's still hope!
  13. @MikenC I also missed the call from Centrelink. They didn't actually call me back at all, they just sent out an acceptance letter!! Fingers crossed it's the same for you.
  14. I will send an email - this is the push I needed!! The emails from the Case Officer still came from pvc email address, just had a signature: *Case officer name* Case Officer Parent Visa Centre Parent, Child and Other Family Section Permanent Visa & Citizenship Programme|Visa & Citizenship Management Visa and Citizenship Services Department of Home Affairs