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  1. sohc

    HR applicants where are you now??

    Got my visa approved today! So happy that this roller coaster ride ends already. New life awaits. Good luck to all waiting applicants, All the best. :hug:
  2. sohc

    Medicals Received, Wife Finalized.

    Good thing I emailed my case officer. He told me that my clinic was not able to properly upload all documents and was advised to contact the clinic. I went to the clinic just to know that they we're not able to upload my HIV result because of a computer problem. I told the nurse how come my wife's medical result came out faster wherein I am one week earlier. She keeps blaiming HSU, I don't know what it is but she doesn't sound friendly. I can't believe I am stuck on this medical issue. I am just one paper away for this dream. I file a complaint on DIAC website regarding this issue.
  3. I'd just like to ask how long does it takes to have Medicals finalised? My wife and I took our medical exams last 28 October 2011. My medical results were marked online as "Further medical results received" on 29 October 2011 while my wife's medical results were marked as "Received" last 04 November 2011 (since she was asked to repeat the urine test after one week). Her Health requirements were finalised on 09 Nov 2011. I was just wondering why the status of my medicals are not changed/updated yet. Wife Medical Timeline: Nov 4 - Medicals received Nov 7 - Medicals referred Nov 9 - Medicals finalised My Medical timeline: Oct 29 - Medicals received by the way I do not have any medical issues.
  4. sohc

    HR applicants where are you now??

    My wife's medical has been finalised today, it just changed to medicals refferred yesterday. I expected two weeks not one day, it is blazing fast. The only pending paper is my medical exam. The status is still medical received, I hope it change this week. :wink:
  5. sohc

    HR applicants where are you now??

    update: just after one day my online application shows Form 80 and Penal Clearance Met, only medicals left. 2 weeks to wait :biggrin:
  6. sohc

    HR applicants where are you now??

    I have already completed my medical and uploaded my police clearance. My online application shows 29/10/2011 - Medicals Received but my wife needs to repeat her urine test just like other applicants. I'm very lucky everthing on my side is now complete. I also completed my form 80 where I upload all my brother and sisters Australian citizenship. I'm the only one left in the Philippines. I hope this process ends this November. Good luck again to all of us. Go go team 6 :cute:
  7. sohc

    HR applicants where are you now??

    My CO is Team 6. Some of my friends told me that Team 6 processed documents really fast. They say as fast as two weeks. All required documents changed to Met only PCC and Medical left. Hope to finish this roller coaster ride soon. will complete all required documents tomorrow. :cute: Goodluck to all of us waiting.
  8. sohc

    HR applicants where are you now??

    Got CO today! Request for Medical and PCC. That's fast I just lodge last October 13 2011. :cute: will have medical and pcc tomorrow.
  9. sohc

    HR applicants where are you now??

    I have a new status on my online application it says: 27/10/2011 Application being processed further I wonder what's next :biggrin:
  10. sohc

    HR applicants where are you now??

    Hi All, I thought the HR in this thread means "Human Resource" :laugh: From Philippines here, applied 475 VISA Oct 13, 2011. Waiting for CO.
  11. sohc

    176 with < 7.0 IELTS

    Hi davemc, I am in the same boat like you way back August 2011. I received a positive SS though I 'm short 5pts. I sit two consecutive IELTS but still get a 6.5 in writing, hence my SS expired. I emailed SA but they told me it is not possible to extend the SS. I relodge again but this time for a 475 SS which gives 10pts rather 5pts of 176 SS. My wife also had a recent positive skills assessment and proficient IELTS as my backup plan that will also give me 5pts. I think the sure thing to do here is to ask SA if they can change your SS from 176 to 475 without relodging, if you want to be sure of your application or take the IELTS risk. Your choice, Goodluck! :v_SPIN:
  12. sohc

    State sponsorship advise

    Hi Samfaren, The last VIC state sponsorship does not require an applicant to provide IELTS that's what my friend did and got a positive SS from Vic last January 2011. The new VIC SS now requires IELTS which you can see in their current list. New SS, new rules. I guess better send an enquiry to VIC to be sure.
  13. sohc

    SS-176-HR-CAT3 Applicants

    Hi I'll add mine. Visa & Appl.Type( Paper/e-lodged) & Date : 475 /Online based/Oct 13 2011 HR or LR / Country : HR / Philippines Category(Post July 2011): 3 Sponsored state: South Australia CO : ? Medical : ? PCC : 5 ? Visa Grant : Waiting..... :v_SPIN:
  14. I got my 475 SS from SA approved last October 7. They received my complete set of papers on September 12. I was monitoring the online tracking everyday and on the fourth week another column was added. "Application Decision: Waiting" When you have that status you can now calm down as your papers is already being processed. Expect it within a day or week. I got my result after one day. :biggrin: I'm very lucky because after three working days my occupation is no longer available.
  15. The low availability of Systems Administrator last only for 3 days, then it closed. Very lucky to have an approved SS before it closed.