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    Skillselect ENS 186 Timeline

    Thanks guys for your messages of congratulations : ) I meant to say that I did temporary transition scheme. Also I did hear from some of my nursing colleagues that they process nursing applications faster. Not sure how true that is but 2 of my nursing friends had their visas granted within 12 weeks.
  2. Molly35

    Skillselect ENS 186 Timeline

    Hi all I have been following this thread for a while now, but haven't posted in ages, I found this thread very useful during the waiting process of PR 186. I wanted to share my timeline with you. Nomination and application lodged 18/6/2014 with all documents Medical done on 27/5/2014 before applying for visa Permanent visa granted today 1/9/2014 I work as a division 1 nurse in a large public hospital in Melbourne, my application was received by Parametta NSW, but my visa was granted by a case officer in WA. During the process I never heard from my case officer and I never received any acknowledgement that I had a case officer. I checked my immiaccount a few times and it always said in progress! Today I checked it at 11.20am and it said in progress, then I received an email at 11.38am from WA immigration stating my visa had been granted!. Then I went back on the immi account and my in progress had been changed to finalised and there was my visa grant letter. I really didn't expect to receive my grant yet and thought it was pretty quick. By the way I never filled in FORM 80 and they never asked me for it and I am from the UK. It is a lovely surprise for my first day of annual leave and I wish everyone else the best of luck with their visa process.:smile:
  3. Molly35

    British Airways/Qantas Flight- confused, please help!

    Hi everyone, thankyou for all your advice and feedback, greatly appreciated and I am now feeling less stressed! I checked both BA and Qantas for baggage allowance and it is 23kg for both airlines. I have i suitcase which I will weigh in a bit!, a rucksack and a netbook to take on board with me. I will try check in online with BA and if this doesnt work try Qantas if I have no luck with either I will just make sure I get to the airport early to check in. Thanks again : )
  4. Hi hope someone will be able to answer my query as I am a bit confused! I have my flight booked to Melbourne, leaving Heathrow this Sat 12th at 22.30. My employer booked the ticket for me and the e ticket states that I am booked with British Airways flight 7318, but the operating carrier is Qantas? does this mean that the plane will be Qantas? and which airline should I use to do online check in with and to check my luggage allowance? Sorry if this has been asked before but I am feeling stressed and confused!
  5. Molly35


    You definately need a medical for the 457 visa if you work in healthcare or education
  6. Molly35


    Hi I had my medical yesterday (12th Oct) for the 457 visa at the Bridge Clinic Maidenhead, firstly just wanted to say that the staff there were fantastic! very friendly and efficient, they even wished me a happy birthday as it was my birthday on the 11th, I would highly recommend this clinic. I had travelled up the day before as I was coming from Cornwall. Now realised that they opened a new clinic in Plymouth last week (never mind!). Anyway in reply to your question- the medical didn't take too long, my appt was 9.30am and it finished about 11.00am. Firstly I had my chest xray done- this was very quick and the staff give you a gown to change into- I only had to take my top off. Then I went to see the nurse where I had my blood pressure done, urine sample tested, height, weight, eyetest. Then I went to see the doctor who asked me a few questions- any operations I had, and if I had any lumps, was my bowels and waterworks ok. Then I had to undress to my underwear and the doctor gave me a thorough examination, she checked my breathing with stethescope, looked in my mouth, checked eyes with a light and I had to follow her finger with my eyes, she looked in my ears, checked my neck-thyroid and swallowing, she felt my legs and reflexes with the hammer and tapped around my abdo with her fingers. The doctor was lovely and made me feel relaxed. After this I went back to the nurse who took my blood for HIV and Hep B and C (I had to have Hep b and c as I am a nurse) but you only need HIV if not working in healthcare/education. Then I paid my fee which was a lot £300! but I cannot fault the clinic. It is nothing to worry about it, although I always find that my BP goes up when it is being done 'whitecoat syndrome' usually it is 120/80- I go to the gym and generally keep fit and eat healthily, however yesterday it was 140/80! I told the nurse it goes up when I have it done in a clinic, so hoping this result will be ok. Hope this information helps you x x
  7. Hi Sarah I produced about 8 pages of typed information on the computer for this. Here is an example of how I laid it out. Learning Activity 1 Dates of Learning Activity Hours of Learning Activity Desccription of Learning Activity Learning Outcomes Learning Plan Outcome of Learning Activity. I produced 6 learning activities that totalled the hours they needed. Activities can be almost anything you like, I used activities such as being a mentor to a student nurse- this accounted for a lot of hours as I had one for 8 weeks so this used 132 hours approx. I also included attendance at mandatory training such as manual handling, fire safety. Other examples include learning my IV drugs, blood transfusions and reading journals and textbooks. Once I had printed it all I stapled it together to produce an a4 booklet, then got my deputy ward manager to sign it and date it, if you don't want your manager to know you are going to Australia just say you have produced it for your prep requirements for the NMC (this is what I did!) I also got my student nurse to write a statement about me and sent in any certificates associated with my learning activities, e.g, IV certificate, manual handling. AHPRA seemed to be happy with this and I got my registration within 6 weeks of sending off application. (Perth office are excellent). Hope this helps as I know I was really struggling on how to do the Continuing evidence of professional development and just hoped that the evidence I produced was ok.
  8. Molly35

    Official nurses thread!

    Hi all I have received my letter of eligibility from AHPRA and have until 3rd April 2012 to go to the office. I am in UK still and I am in a job which is only fixed term contract which will expire in Nov and I am sure it will not be renewed as the trust I work for our cutting 400 staff. Anyway I wanted some advice please? Do you think I would have more chance of getting a job in Perth if I went there on holiday for a few weeks and went to see hospitals, agencies face to face? I have applied for jobs online etc, but I have the feeling that seeing someone face to face is always better? I feel that I am just hanging around at the moment wasting time working in a job that I am not particularly happy in! Do you think I am being irrational thinking like this or should I just stick it out with my job and wait in the UK?
  9. It took took 6 weeks for AHPRA to process and grant me registration! They received my application on 21st Feb and I received a letter dated 4th April in the post stating I was eligible for registration. They did email in March requesting further information which I sent. I was really amazed on how quick they were in dealing with my registration, I qualiifed last Sept 2010 and now have 7 months work experience, I thought I would need more experience, but obviously not the case. Please feel free to ask me anymore questions you have on registration
  10. Hi I paid in total $450, that is the 220 for overseas assessment charge, 115 fee for annual renewal of gen registration and 115 for application for gen reg. They took £289 out of my credit card so Im guessing that is $450 they took out. My eligibilty for registration now lasts for 12 months, the time I have to go in the office to be put on register.
  11. Hi all I received my letter of eligibility from AHPRA yesterday, wow can't believe it. I applied to the Perth office and they have been really good, took 6 weeks altogether! Just have to go in the office with identity documents and will be put on register. The letter states I can work in any state in Australia!! So happy, can start looking for jobs now x x
  12. I have got registration with AHPRA! Got a letter yesterday saying I am eligble to register as a nurse in Austalia and just need to call in the office with proof of identity documents. The letter states I can work in any state in Australia. I applied to the Perth office and they have been brilliant, it has taken them 6 weeks to process my application, can't believe it, so happy all that form filling was worth it! x x
  13. Hi all Well I emailed the reg officer back re about what was covered on my course. Having looked at my uni transcript last night it didn't give a break down of the course content! it only showed theory hours/clinical hours!! Anyway I emailed back stating when the above modules were covered in my course and the reg officer emailed back and seemed happy with this and will continue with my application! See email below from AHPRA. Thank you for your response. Firstly the transcript has been received but it did not include the detail you have provided for which I thank you. I will continue the assessment of your application and get a response to you as soon as possible. I am hoping the assessment is a positive outcome for me. Keeping my fingers crossed!
  14. Hi there Know I come to think of it, you could be right. I know remember that we had to do cross branch for EU directives which covered mental health, peads, mother and baby and learning disability. Although it is strange that they ask some people for extra information and others don't get asked! The transcript clearly stated my clinical placements and theory content covered, Thanks for your help, much appreciated xx
  15. Thanks Woody for this information, I will check the original uni transcript I have, then will give them a call, would rather speak to the person who sent me the email! and get things clarified, will tell them though that I have already sent a full University transcript which should have covered the 3 years!!