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  1. amanda12

    Back to the forum and more determined this time.

    Thanks Supercow. Seems there is a lot of building work going on in healthcare and Sunshine Coast looks beautiful. We would be happy there but it doesn't seem to be a DWS and jobs are filled with domestic trained doctors. The jobs currently are Mackay, Bega NSW, Geraldton WA, Mildura Vic. They are just a little too remote for us really and we would prefer to be in a bigger locality such as a metropol or a regional area of. X
  2. amanda12

    Back to the forum and more determined this time.

    Thank you FOC...... Numbeo has been very helpful. I had heard horror stories of the spiriling cost of living in Aus and was surprised it wasn't as bad as I thought. Nursing is my area. It seems to be quite good for me for work but less so for the other half who is a doctor. Much more restrictions around his registration. Choosing where we migrate to is therefore very limited by his career options, if at all. Thank you you once again.
  3. Thank you. We are struggling to find him anywhere other than DWS. A
  4. Hi Daniel please could I ask how you found the FANZA process if you are now registered and what if any restrictions there are in relating to your location of work? My DH believes he may be restricted to a DWS? Are you able to confirm if possible please? I have just started a thread looking for answers and found this afterwards with suggested threads. Thank you. A
  5. My DH is a British trained anaesthetist looking at registering with FANZA. We are a little confused about some of the info that we have been given regarding restrictions on practice following registration. We we are waiting for the Royal College to confirm a few issues but they are currently not responding and we wonder if anyone else may be able to help. When we were looking for work previously, he would have been eligible to work pretty much anywhere so long as he had the appropriate visa and registration. Now we think he can only work in a DWS? Is any one able to confirm if this is the case please? Also, if this is the case, how are DWS areas defined? Some of the info we have found also states that he must work in a DWS for a decade before being eligible to practice with his own practice Medicare number. Is this a number he needs if he is wanting to undertake only private work? Or can he work in an area other than a DWS if he is happy to only work for public hospitals? any other advise around his registration would be great if someone has experience with FANZA. Thank you.
  6. amanda12

    Back to the forum and more determined this time.

    Lol. As sceptical over postings as Australian government statistics? C
  7. amanda12

    Back to the forum and more determined this time.

    Thank you Starlight. Things are expensive here and set to increase now post Brexit. We live on a permanent pay freeze working ridiculous overtime and can't see how we can manage a reasonable family life with the predicted changes. It will cost billions to unpick our laws alone........ I know many things are more expensive in Oz but I guess the same as here, shop around and know what is seasonal and how to shop. Buy in offers. Cook cheap. Save money for wine...... Thank you.
  8. amanda12

    Back to the forum and more determined this time.

    thanks for the info. We are absolutely keen to be 'eyes wide open'. We have agreed that as life is good here, there would be no point us migrating unless we were sure we were going to achieve what we wanted to achieve. That is basically, a better climate, longer evenings, reduced working hours (while not impacting on standard of living) and more family time and access to outdoor activity. lies, lies, and statistics? Viewing a general trend though, it does seem to have faired better than most European countries. Though obvs, that is not tangible from here. job wise, I am pretty certain I could get a job ok and pretty much in most metropols. DH prospects have changed though and it is the new restrictions on any Australian registration that may impact where we go and ultimately whether that gives us a location we would want to raise a family. We are not looking at WA this time. Adelaide and Melbourne (having lived in Melbourne before) are preferred but we are not sure he can work in a city and may have to go DWS. This would probably hold us back as we don't really want to be that isolated. Thanks for the info. Anymore snippets always welcome.:yes: Helps us navigate the confusion.......
  9. amanda12

    Back to the forum and more determined this time.

    Ah. You asked if I was aware the economy had changed and I wasn't sure what you meant as such. my understanding is that overall Australian GDP continues to grow and has outstripped forecasts? No where near the historical booms it has seen, but still growing. Considering the worldwide recession, it seems to have faired well? obvs I'm here and not there..... So fair play I could be very wrong. i must say, The cost of living has been on the up. Was up when we were looking before but still rising. I keep my eye on that. I like to shop!!
  10. amanda12

    Back to the forum and more determined this time.

    I'm a bit blond (well, metaphorically).. in what respect Flag of Convenience? Thank you.
  11. amanda12

    Back to the forum and more determined this time.

    Fantastic Cal. Brisbane looks lovely. We haVe been been briefly in the past and loved it. I'm not surprised he is happy there! :wink:
  12. hi snifter. chatted to you a few years ago when we were looking at moving over. Had a few issues with family and decided not to. We are back on it. good to see you made the move to Adelaide and are very happy. We are hitting a few issues as looking too old now.....boo. having a last try. Lovely to to see you on here still. Congrats on moving. Xxx
  13. amanda12

    Back to the forum and more determined this time.

    Thank you. We are trying for a 189 but my points are low. We are older now so may struggle without sponsorship. OH s struggling to make points now too. what position are you in Cal? Migrated or working on it?
  14. Just wanted to say Hi and introduce myself. :ssign6: I was on here 3-4 years ago when the OH was offered a job in Bunbury with full sponsorship. We pulled out before going through the visa process due to major family kick back. We have always had a bit of a niggle that we should have pursued it. Realistically though, things worked out ok and we have been where we needed to be since then. More recently, we have started thinking about the potential of trying again. We are currently facing a few obstacles around OH's work due to a few changes in his registration process and us being older but we are more determined than ever that the time is right and it is now or never.
  15. amanda12

    Moving between UK and Oz education systems

    Thank you spongebob. Forewarned and all that! Good luck with your plans too