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  1. gincom11

    Tafe/Uni fees for PR student

    Hi all, Just wondering can anyone offer advise on fee's and loans for either uni or tafe courses in QLD. Is there any help available for paying the fees? I have looked into youth allowance but may be just over the cut off. Might need to look at a bank loan, what way did you pay your fees? Any advise or info on this topic is appreciated. Thanks
  2. gincom11

    14 year old moving to Gold Coast!

    Hi, I'm just wondering are you still in Pacific Pines? I am planning on moving there in the next few months, I have a 16 year old daughter in year 11, we are up in Brisbane at the moment but not settling here, spend most of our time down the Gold Coast. Can I ask how you are finding living there, what's the school like..for real now :-) and do the teenagers hang out around Pacific Pines or go to the beach/ theme parks together at the weekends. My daughter is finding that part here the toughest she was used to doing so much with her mates at home but her new friends here don't do much at all. Thanks Gina.
  3. gincom11

    Irish People Perth Bound!!!!

    Hi, I'm already in oz but planning on relocating to Perth jan/feb next year. I have 3 daughters 5 7 and 16..You won't regret moving over it's a different world :biggrin:
  4. gincom11

    Brisbane or Perth?????

    your post made me laugh..say it as it is :biggrin: I do regret not going to Perth. Hopefully we will be able to get over, hoping to get a work relocation package as it will cost a small fortune to ship over and flights. We only arrived in oz in Jan so building our savings up again. Will you go back over to Perth?
  5. gincom11

    Brisbane or Perth?????

    Hi, Just reading through these posts, WE (A FAMILY OF 5) initially were going to Perth, in the end we decided on Brisbane and suprise suprise we are now thinking of going to Perth. Like a previous post said Brisbane is very rough. It wasn't what I was expecting at all. Another big thing that we feel is missing is the beach. We are in Springfield Lakes and it's lovely but feel we are miles from everywhere. If Perth doesn't go through we will def be moving to the Bayside. We too felt that there was more to do over this side such as theme parks etc and again thats what we do as a family. We bought a yearly pass and use it often. We go to the Gold Coast quite often and would have settled there but there wasn't much work there for us. Apart from the isolation not many people have bad complaints about Perth. I know a lot of people over there and they all love it. It is a lot to think about, good luck with your decision.
  6. gincom11

    Springfield Lakes

    Hey Cal this looks great, what area of Springfield lakes is this? Didn't see this on any of my searches....Gina
  7. gincom11

    Advice on South of Brisbane..please

    Thanks for this, these are the area's my OH was looking at earlier..I will get back on and try arrange a few viewings, wasn't sure myself...thanks again
  8. Hi, My OH has been offered 2 jobs in Acacia Ridge area. We are currently in the Gold Coast and love Pacific Pines. Wondering is there any similar area's like this close to Acacia Ridge. Looking for an area with schools, restaurants, community spirit, parks playgrounds, shops etc and modern houses...Am I asking for too much :unsure: I have been on the internet all morning but going around in circles :arghh:. I have 2 young children and 1 teenager so trying to accommodate everyone...any advice is appreciated..thanks Gina.
  9. <p><p>hi, said I would private mail you instead of posting it public, its a very small world I was living in Aylesbury for the last 8 years and am originally from Homelawn road, whats your name mine is gina o brien, after i saw your post yesterday I saw your wife's post and private mailed her (hope it was her) i'm turning into a stalker, we don't know anyone over here so trying to find out as much as possible before we rent a house..we are staying in a holiday village for 1 month in the gold coast</p></p>

  10. gincom11

    Irish in Brisbane

    Hi I am also from Tallaght, staying in the Gold Coast at the moment but looking at moving closer to Brisbane, Coomera looks lovely, is there an area that the Irish live in Brisbane?
  11. gincom11

    One Year Update - Brisbane - long thread!

    I feel it for you, sick of hearing the same story from people, it does cost so much to relocate and set up over there, it will clean us out of our savings but hopefully we will be able to build it back up in the first few years... I have a few friends that went without furniture and just bought cheap stuff, she said people have garage sales and they picked up most of their stuff there. I'm a firm beleiver of if theres a will theres a way.... I really hope you can sort out a way to get over, it's such a long process getting the visa for you not to go in the end.. Best of luck xx
  12. gincom11

    One Year Update - Brisbane - long thread!

    Hi sorry I'm only getting back to you now, I havn't been on this in a while. We wanted to stay in the Brisbane Holiday Village but it was booked out for the dates we wanted so had to go with Ashmore. We are booked in there for 28 nights $395 a week which is a bargain. We used McGimpsey Brothers(Removals) for the shipping, the cost for a 20 ft container was £3800, we only needed 620 sq ft which was £2800. Flights came in at €3150 for the 5 of us 3 adults and 2 children with Cathy Pacific airways, we fly over the 4th of jan :jiggy: When are you heading over? What area are you hoping to settle in? We are renting our house out and need certs for everything so I'm so stressed now trying to pull everything together but the thought of being there is getting me through it...
  13. Hi I also got a quote from a few companies and found one really good one "McGimpsey Brothers(Removals)Limited".They came out and estimated my stuff at 620 cubic foot, the price for this is £2745, this is just over half of a 20 ft container and £3845 for sole use of a 20ft container. They are based in Northern Ireland. I was really impressed with them, ill let you all know how I get on in the next few weeks.
  14. gincom11

    One Year Update - Brisbane - long thread!

    Hi there, I read the reviews on the realestate.com.au website..the reviews were fairly mixed but the bad reports were of groups of young people moving into one house, having very late night parties, youngsters driving fast through the area with those noisy things over their exhaust's mainly stuff like that, others said they loved it, lived there years without any trouble. I suppose once you go to view the house you can get a good idea yourself... When are you heading over. I am trying to organise everything now, wondering whether to ship or not, trying to organise short term accom. that doesnt cost a fortune, I am currently looking at ashmore holiday park, that is the best I have seen so far, anyone have any other suggestions please. There is five of us so it is working out quite expensive.
  15. gincom11

    One Year Update - Brisbane - long thread!

    Just reading through these posts, they have answered most of my questions, thank you.... we are also looking at Bracken Ridge and hoping to arrive in November. I have e-mailed Bracken Ridge High school for my 15 year old, they informed me once I arrive or have a date set they will arrange an interview with us and we will be able to get a place for her...delighted with this but wondering has anyone any experience with this school? I also mailed Norris Roadfor my younger two but awaiting a reply from them. I was a little worried about the area as I read a few bad reviews. I will avoid the north side when I start house hunting. Thanks everyone for all your helpful posts