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  1. young2682

    Bentleigh East???

    Hi Lynne, Its Capital SMART, my OH is a spray painter :-)
  2. young2682

    Anyone from Essex moving to Victoria ?

    Thanks Trudy, will have a look at those areas. We are going to do lots of research when we get there before we settle our children into schools so that we find the right area for us. We dont want to rent for long as we have heard it is very pricey! We also dont want to buy too quick either as we need to get it right first time! That climate sounds ideal really, we were initially looking at Perth but thought that maybe although it would be nice for a holiday, could we live in blistering heat all of the time. Especially when we will be coing from the UK where it is chilly most of the time!! We have just had an email from vetassess, next stage of my OH application, the practical exam! He is a vehicle painter and has to do so many assessments! But still, its the next stage so very exciting :-) Alex x
  3. young2682

    Anyone from Essex moving to Victoria ?

    Hi Trudy, Thanks so much for your reply, so interesting to read all about how you have settled in Oz, sounds like you have a really great outdoor life. I too am very interested about what you can get for your money, we will have a budget of around $400,000 and want a 4 bed, 2 living areas, 2 bathrooms - is this possible? Also do you pay a huge amount more to be nearer the sea etc? We are looking at the south east suburbs :-) What is the the weather like where you are now? Is it going into your autumn? Thanks for your replies so far! Alex x
  4. young2682

    Anyone from Essex moving to Victoria ?

    So did you go into rented and then start looking for work? Would you recommend the relocation services or did you do it alone? We have 2 young children so would have to look into schooling, my hubby is a car sprayer so obviously we would need to go where the work is but need to know that our budget would get us somewhere decent, I know that the dollar isnt as strong as it used to be so its all very hard to research where to start havng never been! Did you settle well in Oz? I feel that it is so long away so it doesnt seem real yet! Did you go out on a 175 visa? Sorry for all the questions!!
  5. young2682

    Anyone from Essex moving to Victoria ?

    Chippy how exciting for you! We may be going down that route for victoria, it looks amazing and now reading herbies story amd even more keen! Sounds perfect for the children and plenty to do! Herbies, how did you decide where in melbourne you wanted to live?
  6. young2682

    Anyone from Essex moving to Victoria ?

    Not a million miles from you, we live in Rayne which is about 10 mins from Stansted airport. My husband is a vehicle painter, trades like his, building, plumming, carpentry and electricians are all in demand down under. How far are you down the line of you visa app?
  7. young2682

    Anyone from Essex moving to Victoria ?

    Hi Chippy, We are from Essex and are planning to move to Perth (1st choice) and Victoria (2nd choice). We are at the beginning stages so are still unsure what visa we will end up with! Whereabouts in Essex are you?
  8. young2682

    Spray painter and VETASSESS

    Hi all, We are a young family hoping to move to Oz, we are using an agent who is dealing with everything. My oh is 32 and been in the car body repair business for 16 years as a paint sprayer, I am a beauty specialist and we have 2 children 2 and 4. We submitted my oh application to VETASSESS at the end Feb, we were told by our migration agent that they would receive the documents after 5 days or so and then take the payment 5-7 days after that. Well we are still waiting and are trying to keep the money in our account (you know how it is!) Has anyone else had experience with VETASSESS? We have to wait for them to approve our documents before my oh can take his practical exam, we need this test done before July because of the possible changes that may take place! Also my oh is taking his IELTS test on Saturday and is DREADING it to say the least, he has been holding a spray gun for the last 16 years not a pen! Its seems all very confusing because we cant seem to figure out whether he needs to get a 7 or a 6 in the IELTS exam. We attended the Australian expo in London yesterday and spoke to a few people who said he only needs a 6 as he holds a british passport?? Basically my brain is fried and feel MEGA stressed out with all the worry about paperwork, timelines, where to live in Oz etc...... Any advice or anyone having a similar experience we'd love to hear from you!
  9. young2682

    Taking a bulldog to Oz

    Snifter thank you so much for this info, I am holding back the tears at the thought of not being able to take her with us :-( she is like our 3rd child..... we are in contact with her breeder and they said they would have her back at any time if we needed her rehomed. We are looking at Tasmania at the moment. I cant believe we didnt know this at the time as we have only had her 6 months..... Really appreciate this info though Alex
  10. young2682

    Taking a bulldog to Oz

    Hi Rudi, Thanks for this link, I am hoping I can find an airline that will fly her out, we would be devestated to leave her behind! Alex
  11. young2682

    Taking a bulldog to Oz

    Hi, Thanks for the info, will contact the company you used. The guy from Transfur said that we can take our bulldog but Qantas dont fly them and he mentioned boxers as another breed he 'thought' they also dont fly, maybe he got that one wrong. What annoyed us is that he said 'well you will pay a lot of money to get her there, its not cheap'?? Why would he assume that we wouldnt pay as much as it takes to get her out there!! Thanks again for your reply, hope you are enjoying life in Oz, seems a millions years away for us..... :-) Alex
  12. young2682

    Family from Essex moving to Perth

    Hi all, We have just started our skilled independant visa process, is anyone also going through this and have any advice on time frames? We are being told 15-24 months..... seems like forever!! Thanks
  13. Hi, Wow that was quick! I guess it does take time to organise yourself. Good luck with everything and please do keep the forum updated with your move and how you're settling in etc! Ax
  14. Hi jmorris, So jealous that you are moving so soon, we are a family of 4, my husband (32) is a car paint sprayer and I am 29 and a beauty specialist, we have two children 4 and 2 and a half. We qualify for the skilled independant visa and our documents have all been sent, all we have now is a very very long wait, we are looking at 2 years (according to visa processing times) which is March/April 2013 if not longer!! Seems like it isnt real! Are you going to rent when you arrive in Perth? Whereabouts are you looking to go? A x