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  1. Hi all, I am 29 and Mum to a 3 year old boy and 5 year old girl. We moved over last week and are currently in Parkdale but are looking to move to Berwick (or closeby there) in 3 weeks. My husband works in Hallam and I take him so have the car every day. Would love to get to know people and chat about areas as I am getting really confused about where to look to live and what primary schools are good etc! Am feeling the strain of being home alone with two mischievous little ones and not knowing the areas it would be nice to meet and chat with grown ups (much as I love my kids they are driving me mental :arghh:!!!! Looking forward to hearing from you x
  2. Hi, We moved to Melbourne on Monday, we are currently staying in Parkdale but hoping to move to Berwick beginning Oct. I was chatting to a local yesterday who said my daughter will not be able to go to a kindergarten now as not long left of the term. She turns 5 in Jan (if in UK would have started big school yesterday!) and is in desperate need of mental and physical stimulation. We are obviously very VERY new to the area so havent sought out things to do with kids yet. We need to conserve as much money as possible so cant afford to pay out too much for childcare! My husband starts his job tomorrow and I will be all alone with my daughter and my 3 yar old son.......!!!!!! HELP!!!! :eek: Thank you in advance for any help you can give me :wubclub:
  3. Hi Gemma, Trying sending you a pm but it won't let me? Would love to meet up! We arrived yesterday morning and we are staying in parkdale until 3rd oct, then we want to move to Berwick. We are off to the estate agents tomorrow to try and arrange some viewings. We drove to Berwick today and it looks really lovely! My husband starts work thurs and am dreading him leaving me as gods knows how I am going to amuse my kids all day every day....! My email is alexandrayoung2682@gmail.com if you fancy chatting on there! X
  4. Hey all, we fly to melbourne tmw eve (omg!!!) and are going to be staying in temp accommodation in parkdale! After that we hope to move to Berwick area as my husband is working in hallam. Be great to meet up if anyone is in the area! I am 29, two children of 3 and 4.5 and loves socialising! Let me know x
  5. Thanks Kate, yes our iPhones are unlocked, we only have the iPhone 3G though. We do have an iPad but no sim, need to find out how I can use that on 3G as that may save too? Thanks for your help!
  6. Hi, Just wondered if anyone is flying to Melbourne tmw eve with Singapore? X
  7. young2682

    457 taking a long time

    We waited 5 weeks for our 457 visa, it can takes up to 8 weeks but the general time scale is 4-6 weeks, hang in there!!
  8. Thanks so much Kate! You might be able to answer another couple of questions I have if you don't mind? My husband and I have iPhones and plan to get an Aussie sim card to put into them when we arrive as we have been told it will cost us lots if we use our uk sims. Can you advise how we can get wifi or keep in touch with the cyber world such as poi and Facebook? Are there Internet cares around? Can we get wifi on our Aussie sims on pay and go? Also, my husbands company is providing the first weeks car hire, after that we are on our own so will have to carry on hiring.... They are charging $39 a day, is that about the going rate? When we move to Berwick he plans to cycle to Hallam as not too far until we can afford to buy a car! Any info would be gratefully received, I am SO nervous about this move! Esp the flight with two little ones!! X
  9. Hi all, We fly out to Melbourne on Saturday at 22.05 with Singapore. When I booked flights I was told to phone the airline to try and book our flight seats. When I phoned there were no seats left together on the 1st leg of flight and am really worried as we are two adults and two children aged 3 and 4..... has anyone experienced the same issue? I guess I just need some reassurance that we have chosen a good airline, I am a naturally anxious person and am already panicking at the thought of the long flight with two little ones!! Are there plenty of things to do for kids? Has anyone else gone through feeling this kind of worry or am I just being silly!?! Any words to boost my self asteem would be gratefully received! Thanks in advance! :eek:
  10. Hi, We are moving to the Hallam/Narre Warren/Berwick area in a couple of weeks. I have a 3 year old son and a daughter who turns 5 in January. Can anyone advise on whether or not they can go to kindy/what age they start etc, and also how much they cost? I am unsure as to whether I will be entitled to any funding on a 457 visa or not?? Any advice on the good kindys/schools would be gratefully received! Thanks :wubclub:
  11. young2682

    Visa granted woohoo! Just wanted to say...

    Thanks Bev and congratulations to you too! Exciting times for us all! x
  12. Hi all, After a gruelling 5 week wait we have finally been granted our 457 visa!! We fly out to Melbourne on Saturday...... feel more scared than excited at the moment! Have so much to think about I can hardly think (if that makes sense!) Anyway I wanted to say thank you for all your support on pio, it has all been a great help ever since our very first enquiry back in March.... Wishing all that are still waiting lots of luck! Thanks, Alex :jiggy::hug::wubclub:
  13. young2682

    Visa granted woohoo! Just wanted to say...

    He went through a recruitment and relocation specialist called Southern Cross Personnel. He tried applying direct but didnt have much luck, saying that some have got job offers that way but in my opinion its best to use a recruitment company because they can seek out the companies that are offering sponsorship. Good luck!
  14. young2682

    Visa granted woohoo! Just wanted to say...

    No his company did not require it as he is in the automotive trade, I think it depends on which sector you are applying for. I believe health care and people in IT etc have to take it but not 100%. It depends on points usually but on a 457 I don't think they always require it. also the rules for points changed in July so I don't know what they require now.
  15. young2682

    Visa granted woohoo! Just wanted to say...

    Hi, My husband got the job offer from Oz whilst here in the UK, he had a skype interview and had to do a skills test at a UK test centre (but arranged in Oz) and it went from there!
  16. young2682

    Help with kindergartens Berwick/Narre warren

    Hi Danny, I am not sure what is available for my 3year old yet!? Here in the uk he went to pre school 3 mornings a week. Not sure what the equivalent is there or how much it costs to send him!
  17. young2682

    Now in the east, help needed!

    :wubclub: Hey all, My were meant to be staying in the western suburbs (my hubby was originally going to be working in sunshine) but now he has been transferred to Hallam on the East side! We will probably stay there to begin with to save money as he can cycle to work but long term we are looking at Berwick, does anyone have any advice/info on this area or similar? We are a young family with 2 children (3 & 4.5) so want plenty to do and good schools etc Any advice would be gratefully received! Many thanks :wub:
  18. young2682

    Now in the east, help needed!

    Ha ha ha ha thats hilarious! Thanks for the post though, we are liking the look of that area, just need to find out more about kindergartens, I have a 3 year old and a 4.5 year old, I am not sure whether I am entitled to anything whilst on a 457 visa or not, dont suppose you know anything about that?? thanks in advance :-)
  19. young2682

    Rambling Update - Five Months in Melbourne...

    Hi, Its nice to hear some positivity! So many people (especially here in the UK) say - i've heard Aus is really expensive'!! I think they are forgetting that the UK is one of the most expensive places you can live! We know a few people in Upwey, Traraglon and Glen Waverly who all say that it is swings and roundabouts but cheaper overall and above all is a better way of life to include being able to do more with kids and not having to pay through the nose. Today for example, wet, grey, cloudy, 14deg (at its best) so not warm at all.... its August and yet we are stuck indoors with kids and are bored stiff as if we went out it would cost a fortune! We are waiting for our 457 visa (due any day) and we plan to come over asap. I wondered if you might be able to help me with a couple of things? We too are renting our property out here in the UK and plan to rent in Aus. We have 4 weeks accomm sorted for when we arrive which my husbands new company are providing. We are struggling to figure out how we can buy a car (without financing it) as I guess most places wouldnt give us credit straight away.... all our money is tied up in our property so we are coming out on a shoestring budget and would not have enough to buy a car for cash..... Without a car I know that I will feel isolated with two children under 5 and also we wouldnt be able to view rentals properties! Also, do you know what you need in the way of paperwork to be able to rent a property in Aus? I am being told we need references but we have never rented, we've always had mortgages! Any advice on this would be gratefully received! Thanks, Alexandra
  20. young2682

    Sunshine and surrounding suburbs

    Hi all, My hubby is starting a job based in sunshine at end July, before today we thought we were going to be elsewhere so now having to start research again! We have two young children not yet at school so any advice/info on nice suburbs surrounding sunshine would be gratefully received. Thanks in advance, Alex :wacko:
  21. young2682

    Some help with western suburbs??!!

    Thanks for the info, it gives a really good idea of areas. There doesn't seem to be much rental coming up in yaraville, only bringing up Maidstone etc? I guess our best bet would be to register with an agent when we arrive and tell them our preferences. We need to build up as much money as possible for at least the 6months or so and then we could consider moving. I know it's not the be all and end all but it would be nice to live somewhere bigger than what we have here!! But I guess we can have that in the longer term. The worry is definitely about getting around with no car!! We just sold our lovely Volvo jeep here that would have been worth loads over there but what with renting out our house and paying to ship a few bits out etc we didn't have enough money (£3000 to ship car) as all ur money is tied up in our house! I have spoken to enough people that have come out to Oz on a shoestring budget but it's kind of scary! I am nervous about being isolated without use of a car! I used to work in London years ago and obviously commuted on trains then but that was pre kids so the thought of public transport just to go and do the shopping terrifies me! Mind you, it's said to be better than the uk so that's good. Not long now...... We are still waiting for our 457 visa, it's been 3 long weeks.... Hoping not too much longer, should be there by beginning sept! Thanks all for taking the time to help with my research x
  22. young2682

    Some help with western suburbs??!!

    Thanks for all the info, I guess really we have to seek out where is best for us, so many mixed reviews its hard to determine! We are also looking at point cook and sanctury lakes, it is important that my husband is close to his job but is as important that myself and my children arent stranded! I want to try and meet as many people as possible and be close to amenities etc! What a stressful job research is! :-)
  23. young2682

    Some help with western suburbs??!!

    Oh god now I am worried......!!
  24. young2682

    Bentleigh East???

    Hi all, My OH has just had a job interview offering sponsorship! The company is in Bentleigh East. If my OH gets the job he will be fast tracked and out there by July, myself and our children would join him in a few months. Can anyone recommend any nice suburbs surrounding that area? Looking on a map we cannot figure out distances! Seems a very expensive area!! Any help on this would be greatly appreciated! Alex :smile:
  25. Hi all, My hubby has an automotive paint spray skills test at Thatcham in Berkshire on wednesday, his company who are sponsiring him to go out on a 457 visa require this and I just wondered if anyone had been/going to this day course?? Any light shed on this would be great, he is panicking as hates the pressure of exams even though he is a confident and experienced painter! Thanks :unsure: