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  1. Bpremji

    Changing Uk drivers licence to WA licence

    Hi Chris, I have just changed my UK licence to a WA one and I had one of the older licences one too. From what I gather and don't take this as gospel but with your car licence you are only allowed to drive anything up to 4.5 tonnes. Hope that helps
  2. Bpremji

    Any 175ers still awaiting a CO?

    Guys, Just to emphasize the point, if you can i would seriously think about getting the visa label put in your passport. I have been here 4 weeks now and it makes life so much easier when you open your bank account, register for Medicare, register with employment agencies....theres no delay in them checking with DIAC about your visa...
  3. Bpremji

    The IT field Thread

    Guys, I landed in Perth last week (14th Aug) and having done quite a bit of legwork while in the UK (see my post on Page 2) I met with 2 recruitment agencies, the ones who seem serious in representing you will want to meet you (from my experience anyway). One of them set me up with an interview a few days later and I found out today they I have got the job, its only a 3 month contract but with possibilities of an extension. So from my point of view, the market seems good
  4. Bpremji

    IELTS results online

    Hate to be the bearer of bad news but you need 8 points in each band to get 20 points.
  5. Bpremji

    When do you have to pay shippers ??

    Hi mate, We are using Robinsons, who are coming on the 1st August, they said they will call 7 days before for full payment.
  6. Bpremji

    The IT field Thread

    Hi, Im a CRM Dynamics Developer, been doing that for about 2 years, prior to that I have 10 years experience with SQL databases and MS Access, I have also in the past few years done some BI work with SSRS and SSIS. Currently based in the Midlands but moving to Perth in August on a 175. Have been looking on Seek.com.au for jobs and contacting the recruiters through LinkedIn, had some positive replies from them but they all say it would be easier when Im in Perth or re-contact them about 4 weeks before Im due to arrive. If anyone has any suggestions/contacts I would be grateful if you could pass them on. Regards Bharat
  7. Bpremji


    Hi all, Tapatalk is currently 69p in the Apple App Store if anyone is interested...
  8. Bpremji

    Question re charges for shipped bags

    Dave, Have you tried these guys: http://www.sevenseasworldwide.com/ I am shipping 2 boxes across approx 60cm x 50cm x 40cm with a weight allowance of 40kg per box for £100 + $99 Aus Charges
  9. Guys, We are moving to Perth in August and are going with Robinsons....got them down to £3575 for 845 cubic feet and sole use of a 20ft container and also got them down to 1.5% for the insurance. Also, if anyone is interested in the quote, pm me. Bharat
  10. Bpremji

    New Cat 4 July 1st 2011

    No mate, haven't found anything yet, still hunting, been in touch with some agencies via LinkedIn, sounds promising but nothing set in stone yet. Think we won't based far from you, looking at Hocking area initially.
  11. Bpremji

    New Cat 4 July 1st 2011

    No mate, this ones the big move over... Will defo give you a call when I arrive...what area are you in, we are looking NOR
  12. Bpremji

    New Cat 4 July 1st 2011

    Hi mate, Im still here, don't post much but keeping an eye on the thread. Im moving over to Perth on the 14th August, just in the process of tying up all the loose ends here in the UK. Hope all is well with you? Gotta agree with you, SHANDGH doing a wonderful job of keeping the thread going.
  13. Bpremji

    Converting 175 to 176

    Someone with a bit more knowledge will hopefully answer this for you properly but I thought this wasn't possible anymore.
  14. Not sure if this will help you but the domain.com.au Ipad is brilliant, you can scan to the area you are interested using a map view and it will show you the properties that are for sale/rent in that area.
  15. Bpremji

    can vodafone transfer our contract to VF australia?

    Hi mate, Im just moving to PAYG for the last couple of months as I want to start cancelling direct debits and monthly commitments and by moving to PAYG I get to keep my number if I ever have to move back to the UK. Also this way it stops Vodafone taking money from my account when I do move over to Oz.