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  1. jem32

    Trade Recognition Question

    Hi, Thanks for the advice. Jason
  2. Hi, I emailed TRA who emailed me back in a day. Why not email them and ask if you cant find it on their website. I have emailed and callled a few deartments in DIAC and also State Immi offices and TRA and all have been very helpful. Thanks Jem
  3. jem32

    Trade Recognition Question

    Hi Guys, I am a bit confused. I am about to apply for trade recognition for a Telecommunication Cable jointer 342412 the below is from DIAC website "This occupation has a level of skill commensurate with the qualifications and experience outlined below. In Australia: AQF Certificate III including at least two years of on-the-job training, or AQF Certificate IV (ANZSCO Skill Level 3)In New Zealand: NZ Register Level 4 qualification (ANZSCO Skill Level 3) At least three years of relevant experience may substitute for the formal qualifications listed above. In some instances relevant experience and/or on-the-job training may be required in addition to the formal qualification. Registration or licensing may be required" It states at least three years of relevant experiance may subsitute for the formal qualifications ect. I have a few relevant qualifications from Scotland ( SVQ and City and Guilds) and trade licence from Australia for this trade which was a week long training and exam in Australia in 2002 but just worried that my qualifications and trade licence dont equate to AQF lll as it states on TRA website that nothing substitues for the formal qualification (although cant find this just now). Anyone have some advice Thanks Jem .
  4. jem32

    TRA Process

    Hi, What do they do if the Employer has ceased trading I wonder. thanks Jason
  5. jem32

    TRA Process

    Hi, I am going to apply for trade recognition and was wondering if they contact your employer. if you send certified documents and wages slips and needed material do they contact your Employer direct. For obvious reasons I don't what this ( tipping them off that I'm thinking of departing) Do they contact anyone in the UK to check. thanks Jem32.
  6. Hi, yip your right. The numbers go up numerical then reset back down and start again. thats what happens when you don't read the full list thanks a lot Jason
  7. Hi, Asked a few questions on here and someone always knows the answer. i am going to applying for trade recognition as a Telecommunication Cable Jointer 342412. its on the Western Australia Skilled Occupation List and states TRA is the governing body to apply to for trade recognition. On the TRA website it has a document which states on paragraph 2.3 that your nominated skill for assessment must be listed in the Skill Occupation List or consolidated Sponsored Occupations Lost. I can can not see this occupation on these lists but it is on a few different territories Skills Occupation List for State Sponsorship. any one any idea what it means. the document link is http://www.tradesrecognitionaustralia.gov.au/Programs/Migration/Pages/Guidelines.aspx thanks in advance Jason
  8. Hi, looking to apply for recognition of sales experience and my degree certified for points needed to apply. Can anyone who has done this give me some tips please. either on sales recognition or getting a degree certified. Thanks Jason
  9. Hi Thanks for the reality check lol. I knew it would be difficult as I am in sales to just transfer but looking at the company I might go and work for they are advertising vacancies all over the world for the job I would be doing here in the UK. My question was how hard is it to transfer with a 457 Visa, do you still need you skills assessed as this has been my problem. No degree!!!! Left school at 15 and worked my way up in Telecoms and IT and moved into sales around 10 years ago. I started a Degree but doing that and a full time job was just too much as my job is full on in the hours respect. thanks Jason
  10. Hi, Thanks a lot everyone jason
  11. Hi thanks for your response. This is what I was wanting to hear. I don't have a degree and my wife struggled with the IELTS so I was looking for other options. we were about to emigrate when I took seriously ill but that was 2 years ago and I am now back to complete health and not really thinking about Australia then out the blue I have been offered a job as a security salesman for ADT TYCO who have loads of bases in Australia. thought I would check before going for the interview if I worked here for maybe 3 to 5 years if there was a possibility of going to Australia with them and if it was possible to get permanent Visa with that route. thanks for your response Jason
  12. I would not be self employed and its a multi national company with bases all over the world. I was just wondering if i took the job here in the uk how hard would it be to go and work for tvat company in Australia.
  13. Hey, i know there is more than likely an easy answer to this but I have not looked at moving to Oz in a while. I had given up on moving to Australia but out of know where a worldwide company has contacted me and I have an interview this week. Its a sales job and I had a look and they are advertising in Oz as well. If I worked here in the UK for them are you able to transfer into Australia with your own company and qualify for a Visa. Obviously its if there was a way to transfer internal. is there a visa route for that. Thanks in advance Jason.
  14. Hi, Sounds so unethical that a big company would get away with doing this but I am not that nieve to think its not happening day in day out. I work for a big company and that would never get past their HR and Legal department. Oh well back to the drawing board or jobsites as it is in this case Jem
  15. Hi, the job has been advertised on seek.com.au all over Australia for a multinational company in fact they are worldwide. Due to the nature of the job most people only last a short time. I have being doing this for almost 8 years in the UK. They are saying no. they wish they could offer me the job but cant as they need to have a look at someone first( i am not in australia) it is me who is trying to find an option for them to have a look at me in the field do to speak