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  1. AndyW

    RSPCA Kills Healthy Dogs

    Wasnt this one of the reasons behind the whistleblowing? Animals getting put down for no reason. Along with them not using enough resources in trying to rehome,and just trying to prosecute people willy nilly?
  2. AndyW


    I open the youtube video and press share,press embed,copy and paste in between the two brackets and this is what happens: [YOUTUBE]<iframe width="640" height="480" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/SQIdXKz4sE8" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>[/YOUTUBE] :eek:
  3. AndyW


    Nope cant do it.:eek:
  4. AndyW


    How do people embed video instead of linking? Cheers in advance
  5. AndyW

    This is a record!

    Roxanne-The Police(1978) :xmas25: Merry Christmas :xmas18:
  6. AndyW

    Flying with Emirates - Any Good?

    Im flying with Emirates in Jan. I was more concerned with flight times so I picked this one,the flight is 25 hours. The fact that its Emirates is a bonus.
  7. AndyW

    An update on life down under

    Darling fiance eh? Get out of it,cant be! Can it?:wub:
  8. AndyW

    An update on life down under

    Maybe its because I have not long got out of my pit but what is a 'df'?:rolleyes: I mean,what does is stand for? Ta
  9. Here's one. I moved to oz to live and work having never visited(partner had seven times). I have bought a property and have been in full time employment since landing. BUT I know Australia is just not for me. I would much rather prefer living and working in the uk. Unfortunately the work isnt there in the uk and neither is my immediate family. Dont get me wrong im not unhappy(though I was for at least the first six months) I just think the uk is a much nicer place to live in many different ways. Also having said all that,we will probably end up living in oz the rest of our lives. **** happens!
  10. AndyW

    beautiful birthing experience

    Watching childbirth was THE worst experience of my life. Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwww:nah:
  11. AndyW

    Worth the risk?

    A subject I hate giving a yay or nay on BUT I wholeheartedly agree with Quoll and Ali's posts.
  12. AndyW


    Hahahaha..........pack it in,my dreams are fading quickly!:wacko:
  13. AndyW

    Worth the risk?

    Jesus why dont you bite his head off whilst your at it,its only his opinion,no biggy.
  14. AndyW

    whats your style or what do you like?

    Cant beat a good quality shirt.