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  1. ok thanks, so whats the next best visa to go on? would realy like a permanent one
  2. are tiliers on the list? also has anyone out there been there seen it done it? really don't know where to start looked for visas thinking 457 is the way? need to source what sort of companys sponsor that would be the ideal way to come over do I use tra or vetassess? a little confused at the mo head going at 100 mph lots to take in any info would be greatly appricated :wink:
  3. leelee 18

    North lakes qld 4509

    Hi thanks pat If you can get me emails for those companys that would be great, I will message your friend sue and ask her what she thinks of north lakes. regards leelee
  4. Hiya my hubby is a floor & wall tiler & will need work when we finally get to perth, is there alot out there? Whats the rates? We are in the uk at the moment going thru our visa process etc.. Any help advice will be appricated ..
  5. Hi is there alot of building work in brisbane? my hubby a mulit trade, any help will be great. thanks
  6. leelee 18

    How bad r the creepy crawlies?

    may i ask where did u live in oz and why r u back in uk? lisa
  7. leelee 18

    How bad r the creepy crawlies?

    ah thanks, where do you live now? lisa
  8. leelee 18

    How bad r the creepy crawlies?

    Are the spiders and snakes really bad in oz? we are looking to either go Brisbane or Perth, any information will be great. thanks lisa
  9. does anyone know of any good big buildingin companies in PERTH, my hubby as been working within insurance claims for building for ex : fire & flood damage and also has a contract with b & q doin kitchen and bathroom intsallations, we are lookin to start a new life in Perth but ideally would like a job to go too. any help or info will be wicked! lisa
  10. leelee 18

    Plasterer moving to Brisbane/Gold Coast

    hiya my oh is a plasterer too did you have to get your skills assessed? if so with who where , costs etc ... we dnt know where to start, we are heading to perth. thanks lisa
  11. leelee 18

    Tiling in PERTH?

    Hi has anyone done the tiling test? what does it envolve? who with? really need some info for my brother he is a floor and wall tiler and looking to go perth too, any help info would be greatly appricated.... many thanks lisa
  12. leelee 18

    Carpentry in perth

    Hello has anyone got any info ? this rates etc? can you take ur tools with ya? who did you do skills test with? costs etc ......
  13. leelee 18

    Wall and Floor Tiler Pay Day

    Hi can you pls advise me what skills test did ur oh take? my hubby is a tiler and we are just starting out our journey with all this... what does the test involve? costs? where can you get in touch with them? thanks lisa
  14. leelee 18

    Carpenters - Vetassess!

    congrats on passin, my oh is a chippy and we too r from essex lookin to get out to perth, may i ask do you have a mail for vetassess or tel as we need to find out what to do first, how many parts to the test are there? i would be soooo grateful for any help or info you may have to help me. regards lisa
  15. leelee 18

    Carpenters - Vetassess!

    Are you in oz yet? have you done ur carpentry thru trs or vetassess?