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    Removal Companies : Australia to UK

    Ouch ! Maybe the winds are stronger going that way ?
  2. B2ENG

    Removal Companies : Australia to UK

    @ Millers Please don't get me wrong, I am only going back for personal reasons ! If it wasn't for that I could quite happily remain here till I pop my clogs ! I guess you have to pay what you have to pay ! I just don't like being ripped off... Can you explain the price difference ?
  3. B2ENG

    Removal Companies : Australia to UK

    Thank you Julz, I have found the invoice for my move out here (UK to Sydney) using Pickfords & sharing a container it was £1595 ! June 2011 The quote I have just received from Pickfords (Sydney to UK) is .............. wait for it ............................£3665 ! April 2012 Although I love this country, it has to be said it is an absolute rip off ! every thing you buy over here seems to be at least 30% more than what you would pay in the UK ! Can anyone think why shipping back to the UK is more than double the price ? I've tried hard... errrmmm maybe the tides are stronger that way around ! ?
  4. Hi All, I am moving back to the UK soon, does anyone know who the top 4 removal companies are for shipping house contents back ?? I have a quote from Pickfords but it seems excessively high and would like to compare quotes. I shall post my findings on here for anyone else thinking about returning home....
  5. Save yourself the stress and sell it, then buy another out here ! http://www.sydneycitymotorcycles.com.au/ they are a little more expensive but it's a much simpler way !!
  6. Hi Woodster, I'm an Avionics Engineer ( Licensed full B2 ) and have struggled to find a company who sponsor so I'm quite interested in how you get on... best of luck !
  7. Great links Furkew ! I'm hoping to be out in Perth this year and sell or ship is a dilema ! I have an 08 R1 probably valued at £6500 if I'm lucky ! Looking at the links you posted, a similar model would cost eqiv. £7500-£8500 A$ Up-to-date shipping UK-OZ costing £1300-£1500. So I question whether it's worth the paperwork ? Another angle: 2010 R1 UK= £13,500 - £14,000 or 2010 R1 OZ £10,500 - £11,500 Answering my own question I would be selling and buying new with a lot less paperwork ! It would be nice to see a Motorcycle Forum on here !
  8. B2ENG

    Brisbane or Perth - Dilema!!

    Much appreciated Linzie, And back to your thread, the feedback I'm getting from friends out there is that Perth is quiet and family orientated, weather extremely hot and sometimes windy. East has more to offer if your single etc but generally more expensive to live there. This is second hand info and I can't comment personally. I would like to hear more on the subject too !
  9. B2ENG

    Brisbane or Perth - Dilema!!

    Mainly Boeing 737/757 but that doesn't seem to be of interest !
  10. B2ENG

    Brisbane or Perth - Dilema!!

    Hi Linzie24 I have been reading stuff on here for a couple of months now and after reading your thread I decided to join ! Like your partner, I am an aircraft engineer but have not been so lucky in finding a job... Any tips or advice would be greatly appreciated !