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  1. atlime

    New system

    I will do a check on how many points my wife would get for Solicitor and then start hunting for an expert to approach.. Does anyone recommend any?
  2. atlime

    New system

    Thanks for this...Im starting to agree that it could be easier with my wife as main applicant..its just if she is up for doing the required conversion exams to AU law.
  3. atlime

    New system

    No repsonse thought it would be a simple enough questions.
  4. atlime

    New system

    Hi everyone. I hope everyone is well and getting along with their applications without to much trouble :smile: im hoping that someone can help me as im a little confused as to whether I qualify for a visa with the new system. I am a Painter by trade and have over 10 years recent experience. ------------------------------------------- aged 39 years. (25 Points) ------------------------------------------ English language ability (10 points) Assuming I get 7 overall. ----------------------------------------- Skilled employment within Australia* I dont have any work experience in Australia so (0 points) ------------------------------------------------- I have over 8 years overseas experience so should I get the 20 points or 15 points ? Skilled employment overseas* (Maximum 15 points) I have worked in my nominated occupation or a closely related occupation for at least 3 years (10 points)I have worked in my nominated occupation or a closely related occupation for at least 5 years (15 points)I have worked in my nominated occupation or a closely related occupation for at least 8 years (20 points) --------------------------------------------------- Would I get the 10 points for below quaestion if I was to complete the AQF111 Cert?Qualifications* (Maximum 2 points) I hold an Australian Diploma or trade qualification (10 points)I hold an award or qualification recognised by the assessing authority in assessment of my nominated skilled occupation (10 points)I hold at least an Undergraduate Degree (15 points)I hold a Doctorate Degree (20 points)None of above (0 points) ------------------------------------------- Could I claim 5 points for my wife as she is a Solicitor in the UK? (aged 35) Application with your spouse* (Maximum 5 points) Can you claim 5 points on joint application with your spouse?* -------------------------------------------- I hope someone can help as I get more confused everytime I read it. If I dont get enough points it will have to be employer sponsership but im not hopfull that way as most people in the trade seem to be self-employed. Thanks for anyone who has read this. Jason
  5. atlime

    AQF111 do they count July??

    Is there any point now? Just started my aQF111 with asa but will it even count come July ? Or would I still need it if I was to get an employer to sponsor me?
  6. From what I have read in the past they assess the cost of health issues against your expected contributions by tax Think that was something like what I read but someone will confirm soon I'm sure I wouldn't imagine short episodes of depression would be a problem I hope not as I had 2 weeks off last year ! There are more people than you think that suffer at some point in their life. I have 5 friends that spring to mind without even thinking about it! Best of luck with your plans
  7. atlime

    So scared about 1st July changes!

    I've had to accept I won't have time. Only just started my AQF and then I need skills with TRA then SS then visa! Not a chance really Then to top it off I won't have enough points after July changes Only option for me now is go over and look for employer to sponsor me Gutted to say the least ;(
  8. atlime

    Ielts test for more points

    After looking at what seems to be all the options I'm now wondering if I should take ielts test in the hope I can reach overall 7 for the extra 25 points At the moment I am 5 points short for 175 visa so would need to go for 176 but as I don't have skills assessed yet I won't have time before July changes So.. What if I go for ielts? Would an English UK passport holder reach 7? If I do I can then apply for 175 and failing that I will need overall 8 to get enough points after July I'm 38, married, 1 infant, painter and decorator (last 4 years with 13 years previous) just applying for aqf111cert, gets me 110 points I think so ielts 7 proficient english would give me extra 10? Whats everyone think?
  9. Anyone know if there are any states that allow you to apply for SS before you have a positive skills Assesment ? I know vic do but they don't require painters I'm up against the July changes so thought I would ask
  10. Im currently trying to do trade evidence for Painting & Decorating but finding it very hard. Need to document every job for the past 4 years! I can barely remember last week never mind jobs and address! arrghh! My boss agreed to do me a reference but is not keen on trowling through paper work to see what jobs I have done(told me to sod off..lol) Cant blame him though as im sure he has enough on his plate At the moment im just having a best guess on dates for jobs and putting the town in as dont know the ful address :wacko: hope thats enough
  11. OH BUM :frown: Never mind...thanks for putting us out our missery anyway :smile:
  12. Yes maybe worth asking diac
  13. Just a thought as I am in the same position Is it possible to apply for state sponsor then shortly after (couple of weeks maybe) apply for visa. Then upload sponser once it arrives (if) as you have 28 days to upload everything? (is that correct?) Would it still count as having visa application in before changes even though it's not all uploaded?
  14. atlime

    where to get skills assessed?

    I have just signed up with asa as I was advised it's either them or acts who charge quite a but more I think I Read something last week that if you have a nvq you can use that for tra Assesment. ? If no nvq I spotted something today that you can get a work place Assesment which costs £1000 if you are an experienced painter. That was nvq 2 I believe so you would need to check if that's ok for TRA Assesment Worth looking into as would save some cash
  15. atlime

    no proof of work

    It's easy to make judgement but very often it's done when we dont have all the facts! There could be lots of reasons why work was done cash in hand, some could be down to your employer not wanting to employ you officially! I don't have any answers unfortunately but hopefully someone will come along soon. Best of luck mate