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  1. jamesnparry

    Advice for the rental process in SC

    Hi Maroochy River resort is ok, please do not get alarmed, but it is a large cluster of holiday style chalets, around a lake with a restaurant-bottle shop and about 3km from maroochyodre........if that is where you thinking of 3 month stay - would suggest you look at places which are central - so you can walk/cycle places..... as another posted said, it is now low season, and you can try to drive a bargain for a 3 month furnished to get you on your feet......gumtree is a good source for furniture and plenty of bargain shops to buy crockery and other items... another matter you need to consider is if your child is going to school - try to focus on somewhere not too far from school as others have said renting - can only be achieved by sucking up to the property agent.....if you have or are renting in uk, try to bring as many glowing references with you as possible...make sure you have emails address as that will be easy for them to then pass on a creditable 'renters' proposal to an owner.... the most you can pay up front is no more than 4 weeks rent......to help you prepare or become aware of rental matters check out Residential Tenancy Authority (RTA) we have been on sunny cost almost 4 yr.....winter ( now until 1st Sept) is a great time - warm days and fresh ( still double digits 12-15 degree) nights....and most of the tourist have gone, so locals spend time chatting at counters, or to checkout staff, so it may feel slow or laid back ......so enjoy it, as summers get warm and hummid, and tourist flock in .....and finding parking places gets fun.
  2. jamesnparry

    Secret Hideaway Sunshine coast

    Hi I work in Noosa and live a few minutes from Mooloolaba - Noosa is a great place for the family, hastings street is fantastic, and also gympie terrace area in noosaville .....with any accommodation, you are now going into low season, so try to book direct with the place your going to stay and try to be polite and ask for a deal, pushing a deal too much might get you the rock bottom room, so be fair, and being aware low season, and there is plenty to choose from, will help with any booking. agree for kids, to see auzzie zoo....but if your not staying in noosa, do drive up the sea road ( david low way) and see all the beaches as you drive up....i do it every day and still after 4 years its a like being on holiday the drive is fantastic who every said Noosa on the beach - thank you - I will mention it to the manager
  3. jamesnparry

    Regis aged care

    Hi My wife is a Clinical Manager for one of the regis facilities - recruited from UK and arrived in Nov 2012 pm us and I will ask her to reply
  4. jamesnparry

    Where to go in QLD in August?

    two areas to stay - Hastings st, ( for the beach and nice restaurants or gympie terrace - noosaville - for the inlet-estuary .....august is low season - so try to deal direct with the place rather than web sites......for 3 nights you should get a good deal......... before noosa you could consider mooloolaba - again try to deal direct with places to get best rates....if you want a swim in the sea - noosa would be good all the time, and if you really want to pack it in do a day trip up to fraser island with one of the tour 4x4 buses...
  5. jamesnparry

    What $700,000 buys you

    You say what could you buy for $700,000.00 can I sell my wife for that please ??????
  6. jamesnparry

    Noosa Trip Report with pics

    if i knew you were in town I would have met you for coffee, and try to cut you a deal on places.......on hasting and out riggers......my work involves the restaurants and resorts in noosa.......agree prices are out of control, but that's because of the scenery on the door step, and then the marketing. The walk along sunrise/sunshine beach and castaways is energizing !!!! - great pictures
  7. jamesnparry

    Any Poms at Sunshine Coast who want to go back to UK?

    There are plenty of poms on your door step to have a laugh and joke with...... we will hit 2 yrs here on sunny coast, and despite what other say - a place is the people you meet, the friendships you make, and the attitude you have.................but the scenery here is great, and every day is Paradise.......and again before others knock and attack, yes we as a family have lived in some amazing places....... as said, pm us, and lets have a laugh at the tourist sun bathing on the beach, while the locals are wearing fleeces and wearing hats as its only 23 degrees..................
  8. jamesnparry

    Buderim and bushfire risk

    we live in Buderim, and yes there are tree's there and also buildings, and cars, which are a fire risk also............if you discount Buderim, then you might as well discount the majority of places which has a tree or long grass. The fire dept and SES do back burning to reduce the "fuel which feeds fires"....and remember when it is hot here, it is also when it is the wettest ( summer is rain time), so people and buildings have been here for over 100 yrs plus.....fire dept have engines all near by, and you would be hard pushed - along with 1000's of other folks to have a fire nearby - without a rush of sirens and people putting things out. However there is always the possibility of some idiot starting things....and that could be any where. To be honest, live here, enjoy the relaxed and great location Buderim and surroundings are, fires should be the last thing to worry about - more like the price of second hand cars - and how to survive watching TV when there are 45,000 adverts every half hr
  9. jamesnparry

    Sunshine coast recommendations

    Hi as the other person says, stick with Mooloolaba, as Auz zoo is easy access from there. its nice beach, and everything around you, sunshine plaza, kawana, easy to go to maleny and montville, and the a good walk along the beach - and still takes my breath away - walk on sun shine and sunrise beach before go to noosa heads, and stroll along Hasting st. Not knocking twin waters, but it is bit noisy with the planes overhead, and also you need to go out to see the real sunny coast, so yes stick with Mooloolaba, and listen to the accents when you have a coffee at the surf club, alot of poms. If you still have some jet lag, get up early ( 5-5.15am) and go for a stroll along the beach front, and you come across walkers rush hour, amazing how hectic the walk ways get with strutt your stuff oldies..... but yeah you will see the daily life on the coast starts at 5am - and its a nice time to have a coffee and watch life unwind... please be prepared as so many say - its expensive.....so don't be shy to bring pack lunches to the beach or auz zoo.....what ever you do ......do it slowly as that is the pace, having a million places to see will mean you will miss the spirit of the place
  10. jamesnparry

    Bond & Rental Amount In GC/Queensland?

    don't want to up set folks, but bond is the bond, and as reference by others under QLD legislation you can not charge more the 4 weeks rent as a bond, and that bond is then forwarded and held by the RTA. http://www.rta.qld.gov.au/Renting/Moving-in/Rental-bond-deposits-and-utilities with paying up front, try to stick to the normal - either 1 week 2 week or monthly. I appreciate that it is sometimes hard to secure, but please consider - either a the up front is sometimes held in the "trust account" of the real estate agent, and not passed on to the landlord, or is in fact passed on to the landlord and then the power balance is the favour of the landlord, and you might decide the house or neighbours, or other matters do not work out for you, and then your money is tied up - and not easily accessible. The advice is not throw money at trying to secure, but rather build a relationship, visit 2 or three agents in person, on a dily basis if need be, and be polite, "just popped in " wonder if anything new on the books etc etc... we secured - with bringing in a Latte - and said ohh sorry the girl made too many and gave this one to me at half price, and wondered if you needed a refreshment......so for $2.00 we had a call a few hours later saying got a place for you - come back complete forms and you have first rights before anyone else.... so yes so an interest, and be polite....and keep the money close to you - you might need it and yes i have been a landlord, a renter, real estate lettings ( both sides of the water) and now for my sins I have ended up in the world of Body Corporate hope the guidance helps
  11. jamesnparry

    Help with areas on Sunshine Coast

    we live in buderim, yes most things here to keep everyone happy, view, cafe cult.ure, beach 5 mins down the road - mooloolaba/alex headland/cotton tree, great shopping sunshine plaza/kawana, or go 10 mins in to hinterland palmwoods/maleny/monteville, further up the road is noosa, or Coolum, yes great - no matter what your looking for. HOWEVER - the commute to brizzy, umm thats going to be a bind, and if there is an accident, then its comparision is like the M25 or M6 at rush hour. and the evening before a bank holiday.......so to be honest, if your working in or around sunny coast, great, but brizzy......think the minimum your be is Caloundra, if not Landsborough or Beerwah. Your could always think about deception bay.
  12. jamesnparry

    Renting when we arrive - references?

    sorry to a damper on things, under QLD tenancy law, an agent or landlord can not take more than 4 weeks bond, and four weeks rent in advance if the rent is $700 per week or less. If it is above that - then it is by negotiation. Please check out http://www.rta.qld.gov.au . You can understand that if you part with money, and then the landlord is not actually the landlord, ( could actually be the current tenants) thats a lot of money to part with. I would advise that bring personal references, and pictures of your house, and how well kept you have it etc.....the more "visual" stuff and support you have the more the agents will give you a break. As the other person said, you might have to see a few and put in applications on more than one, to get a house/unit. We rent, and had friends references, and photos of our house in uk before moving, and also build a "relationship" with more that 3 agents. we managed to secure a property with in 2 weeks of arriving. We moved after the 6 months was up, and have been in this one for 15 months, and its still about been building a relationship with our letting agent when he/she inspects, and payment on time, and keep it clean etc It is a roller coaster to get the first rental, but after that, it becomes easier and you then have better "credentials" for the next one.
  13. jamesnparry

    WANT A GREAT CURRY.....Like home

    tried it, and sadly disappointed, over spiced, and lacking in meat ( chicken marsala ordered) - :arghh:
  14. jamesnparry

    More Poms on the Move to the Sunshine State in Queensland

    work in noosa, live in buderim, go through Perigean every day, what do want to know ?
  15. where is your job area going to be....so many places, from noosa, to maroochydore, to caloundra, to beerwah and caboolture....so the place of work for both you and your partner is going to get the best response to help with areas.....rental as alot have said before, if you have rented in uk, get as many glowing references as possible, or copies of money you have available. You can only give one months bond, ( so if agents see you have enough money in an account to cover 3 or 6 months rent that will get you an upper hand). It is a dog fight to get the nice rental, and have the agents on your side, so be prepared to move fast once u see what you want, and put in application within a few hours. However agents to hold on, until at least 4 good applications, then ring landlord or email details to them, for them to say who he/she prefer. More than happy to help if you pm -