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    To go or not to go???

    I went on my own in 2004 and it was the best thing I ever did. I had a brilliant time and made so many friends, you'd be amazed how many people are in the same boat. The advice above about staying in mixed dorms is spot on. Force yourself to mix with people at first then it just becomes second nature. I can vividly remember my first night (flew into Darwin), I rang home in a panic and after a pep talk from my parents, I hit the hostel bar and never looked back! I also met my now husband whilst backpacking, and with one child and one on the way later, we are desperately trying to get a permanent visa to go back. Good luck, go for it!!
  2. boardie

    Employer sponsored visa advice

    To be honest, I have no idea. A good friend of my husband, who is Aussie, works in the mines doing fifo. He is back from his latest shift at the weekend so we should know more then. It all came about very suddenly although we have been researching moving to oz for over a year.
  3. boardie

    Employer sponsored visa advice

    Thanks...but now i'm all confused after reading up about it. It would appear that excavator operator comes under exceptional appointments and isn't as straight forward as I'd hoped. Think I need to speak to a migration agent...
  4. boardie

    RSMS timeline

    Sorry to hijack but as you are all quite a way down the line, have any of you had any experience with an exceptional appointment when applying for an RSMS visa? Thanks Boardie
  5. Hi all I recently posted on here explaining that my husband has a job offer as a Machine Operator in WA. The company are happy to sponsor us and thanks to another poster on here, it would seem that the RSMS 119 Visa is probably our only option. However, in the visa process tradition of one step forward, three steps back, whilst reading Booklet 5, I have since discovered the following on page 23: EXCEPTIONAL APPOINTMENTS The department uses the Australian and New Zealand Standard Classification of Occupations (ANZSCO), published by the Australian Bureau of Statistics, to identify the level of skill and qualifications that are required to completely perform the tasks of occupations in Australia. Under ANZSCO: • Skill level 1 and 2 occupations require a diploma level or higher qualification and are normally approved as a normal appointment; • Skill level 3 and 4 occupations do not generally require a diploma and can only be approved under exceptional appointment provisions; • Skill level 5 occupations do not always require formal qualifications and are not considered to be skilled occupations for the RSMS. If a nominated occupation does not require the qualifications specified in ANZSCO then it is possible that the duties related to a lower skilled occupation. Skill level 3 and 4 occupations are included in the following occupation groups: • Group 3 – Technician and trades workers • Group 4 – Community and personal service workers • Group 5 – Clerical and administrative workers • Group 6 – Sales workers • Group 7 – Machine operators and drivers • Group 8 – Labourers. If employers are seeking approval for occupations within skill levels 3–4, that are not within ‘Group 3 – Technicians and trades workers’, they must provide a detailed submission explaining why they believe the appointment should be approved as exceptional (see Exceptional appointments – RSMS on page 25). Where the appointment is to be considered exceptional, and the occupation is not within ‘Group 3 – Technicians and trades workers’, the nomination can be approved only where it is in regard to a position currently occupied by the nominee who is the holder of a subclass 457 visa, and has been in that position for at least a period of 2 years prior to the lodgement of the nomination. Can anybody help me with this please? Neither of us have a skill that is on the SOL so this is our only option. The job of Machine Operator is classified under Group 7 of Level 4. Are our dreams over before they've started? (dramatic, moi?) Many thanks and apologies for the lengthy post.
  6. boardie

    Employer sponsored visa advice

    Thanks both, VERY exciting! Everything I was reading kept referring me back to the SOL. Looks like our dream will be possible after all.
  7. boardie

    Employer sponsored visa advice

    By the way, job is excavator driver.
  8. boardie

    Employer sponsored visa advice

    My husband has been offered a job in WA for a job that isn't on either the general or state skill lists. Am I right in thinking we wouldn't qualify for a visa even though the company is happy to sponsor us? I'd appreciate any advice, I'm going round in circles here! Thanks
  9. boardie

    AQF III assessment

    Evening all Has anybody been assessed for an AQF in pipelaying? or studied for one? thanks
  10. boardie

    Drainer Assessment

    Hi, first time posting so please be gentle! My husband is a Groundworker in the UK. His job covers all of the skills under Drainer on the SOL. Unfortunately as he has no formal qualifications (other than machine licences) we are unable to get a TRA assessment. TRA have told me our best option is for him to obtain an AQF III certificate, however the highest you can go is AQF II for Drainer and I can't for the life of me find anybody who will assess him based on 20 years experience. He's not a plumber so not sure a plumbing AQF assessment would be of any use (he'd probably fail). Is anybody else in the same position as us? I've read a few posts on here about this but nothing too recent... Be very grateful for any advice. many thanks Alex