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  1. OK I found 2 links. The second one which says about possible changes makes no mention of the 4 years you write about, nor the big increase in fees. I do wonder if a financial aspect will play more of a part should they change the partner/PMV visa. http://www.sbs.com.au/yourlanguage/punjabi/en/article/2017/02/27/government-urged-plug-partner-visa-loopholes And this site (link to website) said 'One of the most significant changes in migration legislation in 2017 will most likely be the change to the concept of sponsorship for family visas. While it has been a requirement for there to be a sponsor when applying for a partner, parent, child or other family visa, the process has been part of the visa application. The sponsorship form is included with the visa application and it is assessed as part of the visa assessment. This will change soon with the first change occurring on 1 July 2017 with applications for partner visas. From this date, sponsors of partner visas will be required to apply for and be approved as a sponsor before the visa application is lodged. If the sponsor is found to not be of good character for example (it is not clear what the character test will involve as yet), then the sponsorship will be refused and the visa application will not be able to be made. There will also be obligations on the sponsor to notify of any changes in circumstances and failure to do this will most likely result in penalties. Given that the new arrangement will mean a delay in applying for a partner visa, we suggest that if you are considering applying for a partner visa and you are eligible now, you might like to get the process going before 1 July 2017. '
  2. The blog link says the same as you've posted here. Is it your own site you link to? Is there anything else to support your post here? Official links? News story outside of a blog post?
  3. We use HiFx. Tbh any of the reputable forex are fine and will do the job.
  4. Well they are citizens by descent if born in Aus. And only need a UK passport not a citizenship certificate then passport like Aus has. It can be questioned upon entering the UK as to their status and they would be on a 6 month tourist visa on their Aus passports. And yes, while your kids may be UK citizens, getting access to services and other things could be problematic. It shouldn't be but it could be. Honestly, I'd say to anyone with kids who are eligible for UK passports and who are planning on moving back to the UK, get them before you go. Its easy to do and costs the same as if in the UK applying.
  5. I'd perhaps have a good read of this and see if it sheds any light. https://www.fairwork.gov.au/how-we-will-help/templates-and-guides/fact-sheets/rights-and-obligations/457-visa-holders-workplace-rights-and-entitlements I did read elsewhere that the employer is under an obligation to pay your flights out of Aus (though they may not be the route/airline etc you might prefer, just whatever is available and so on) 'when the employment relationship ceases' but I've no idea if that would be the case if you were made redundant. I'd suggest professional advice from a decent agent perhaps.
  6. Is it just a holiday or are you moving back to the UK to live? if its a holiday, Aus passports will be fine. If you are moving back, UK passports would be easier ahead of time and entering on those as per the reasons Quoll gave above. Applying for UK passports is pretty straightforward to do from overseas. Costs the same as if in the UK and back within a few weeks usually.
  7. I would suggest contacting a migration agent that perhaps specialises in medical issues. If not, any of those who post here regularly would be also be worth running your case past.
  8. From what I recall.... Vehicle tax (tax disc) will, iirc vary depending on car type, emissions etc. Basically, so long as the car is taxed, has a valid MOT, you hold a valid licence and it is insured you can drive it. Oh, needing to notify the change of ownership at time of sale is important. It should fall on the seller to do this iirc. An MOT is not a sign of it being road worthy at time of sale however. Also keep in mind if it fails it's next MOT it will cost to repair to get it to pass the MOT. Outside of that, can't think of anything.
  9. Hence the RRV for travel overseas after a set period of time. Its pretty straightforward for people to apply for. Lets not make it seem like its a closed door for all on PR to travel once the 5 years is up. Its far from that. You are making it sound far worse than it actually is. Perhaps its terrible for you but from where I am sitting, I knew coming in what PR entailed, that a RRV would be required for overseas travel after X amount of time and that I could apply for citizenship well before this if I wished. It hasn't impacted on my life or jobs here one iota re eventually needing a RRV. I appreciate some who move over later in the 5 year window have less time and the RRV requirement kicks in before they have clocked up time to be able to apply for citizenship but people can find this all out going in, during and after the process.
  10. Generally, most people are not applying for jobs that will take them outside of Australia on a regular or even semi regular basis. Sure some will do FIFO or need to travel and I can appreciate if they intend to remain living in Aus that they would seek to apply for citizenship when they are able rather than delay. However, until the travel period on the visa is up or due to expire soon it really isn't an issue for most. And given many then go for citizenship anyways, it doesn't become a problem for those people. Of course, you are welcome to do as you do and inform employers at the start of the process. I think you seem to be over doing it but given the nature of your employment and that is of course important to you, I can understand that. The reality for most is its really not something to worry about or tell an employer nor will it have any bearing on their employment. As to if they choose to opt for a RRV when needed or citizenship, each to their own
  11. Pretty much that above IIRC. Although when we bought you could use it for an older already lived in house. TBH its was a pretty rubbish amount given the whack of stamp duty we had to pay and the grant was a faction of that, 5K total as it was per house, not per person. Still I guess every bit helps I'd rather they do away with stamp duty for first time buyers but not a hope of that I don't think
  12. Mother's day is on the right date for Australia And most other countries in the world that celebrate it usually do so on the same date as Aus. Its only the UK, Ireland and one or two other places that celebrate it that fourth Sunday in Lent. I've found you can buy Mother's day cards all year round in most card shops and have never had a problem being able to send one to the UK in time for Mother's day there. Or I just buy a couple when they are in the shops in April here in Aus and hold on to them to send the following UK Mother's Day. Re cards, Hallmark cards are pricey wherever in the world you buy them I find. I've found lots of cheaper options for birthdays and other occasions when needed here. Either Kmart, Target or some such or shops in malls where they have a dollar stand. Don't send Christmas cards so not on my radar. I know you can buy cheap bulk buys from Target etc and in supermarkets. I prefer to donate the cash to charity instead these days though
  13. 330K won't get you far round that part of the world. Not a 4 bed detached anyways. Though there are some to be had. I had a quick look on rightmove and found a few. Not big gardens and 70's style mostly for that price. http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/find.html?locationIdentifier=REGION^17849&index=24 And a five mile radius for up to £350,000 http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/find.html?locationIdentifier=REGION^17849&maxPrice=350000&radius=5.0 Shepton Mallet does have some cheaper newer houses http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/find.html?locationIdentifier=REGION^1198&maxPrice=350000 I guess it being that bit farther away from Bristol probably plays a part. In Aus living happily now. Grew up in the Bristol area and moved away as a teen, moved back years later because of a job. Had never planned to live back that way but there you go, funny how things turn out. Its a lovely part of the world and I like the access to the south west, London and north from Bristol way. Overall we were very happy living round there for a few years but long term it probably would have worn me down. I did like being able to hop on a train and be in the city centre within 15 minutes, in London within 2.5 hours. That was the appeal for us being there, not being too far away from the actual city and we made good use of it and all it has to offer past the odd day trip on the weekend. As it was we were doing stuff there most weekends, evenings out and so on. And then, total oppostite, able to be out in the countryside within minutes of walking out our front door. Does come at a cost though. I prefer more rural living although husband's job meant that was not going to be an option in the UK for us again alas. And once you have to factor in schools and so on its a whole other ball game.
  14. Hello and welcome. I've moved your post to our UK section of the forum as it was in the Aus migration area. Re your move, read the requirements for taking your pets to the UK. It can be found on here https://www.gov.uk/take-pet-abroad/pet-passport Get to grips with what will be required. Then contact some of the pet shippers here in Aus for quotes etc. IIRC pets don't usually fly on same flight as you. There are reasons for this. But they can go around the same time so as to be with you when you move. That is usually the norm. As to what you ship, entirely up to you. Price up how much it will cost to ship everything you want to take, consider houses are generally smaller in the UK and some items may be rather large for a home you set up there?
  15. Depends on the area, if zones are applied and if places are available. Usually reception places are allocated earlier in the previous academic year after applications are made by parents (usually a pick 3 and hopefully get one of those type lotteries). Just because a school is your closest doesn't mean your child is going to get a place. So many other factors also. Once the intake is allocated, if you apply for a place after, it could be you are directed to another school if no places available in reception or Y1 at your preferred school. Often then there can be a wait list and if a child leaves or moves in the meantime and doesn't take their place in the school it is allocated to someone else on the wait list. However, if wanting places for 2 children in different year groups that could mean waiting longer. It's really hard to know as each area and school has different policies. I know when we moved to Aus my child's Y1 place in his UK school was filled the day after he left by a child who had been on the wait list for a place since reception. The family had moved into the area and had to go to another school but transferred over when that place was freed up my child leaving. This was mid term to boot.