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  1. Commonwealth or Westpac?

    Do they have a list or total of ATM's? I'd probably go with whichever one has more and charges a reasonable monthly fee. International transfers shouldn't be an issue if you use a for ex company. Some good ones around. We don't transfer between banks directly internationally but use a for ex. Works well, good rates.
  2. THE, best health service in the world.

    And yet your experiences there are what some have experienced in the UK IYKWIM. Personal experiences are just that and of course leave an impression, positive and negative. I grew up in the UK, many of my family and friends over many years have received NHS care. Each of them will tell a different story. Some wonderful, some touching. Some terrible to downright shocking and disturbing. Mental health care included there. I've also experienced care from 3 other health care systems on the list. And not just as a tourist but as a person living in those countries. You know what I don't do between them, I don't compare them side by side and feel one is worse or better than the other. I am happy with the care so far here and accept it's a different system so I have adapted to how things are done. Did the same for the other countries also. They are all of them different and to compare serves no purpose. The NHS is state run, free at point of access and medication and other things subsidised. Other countries don't operate in quite the same way. Standard of care is luck of the draw wherever you are. You hope you get the best, sometimes you don't or things get missed. It does not damn the entire health care service in my eyes though. The NHS is unique and a much loved institution and I am one of those that love it and support it. I won't however stop acknowledging it's faults, problems or having concerns for its future.
  3. THE, best health service in the world.

    It's an interesting article. 11 countries included in the report. I appreciate you have received brilliant care, I did too on a fair few occasions over the years. I have sung the praises of the NHS staff who helped me and will continue to do so. I also experienced shocking care, disappointing care and mediocre treatment. And a system that failed me. Not just once but repeatedly. I won't bash the NHS as such, what I do do is lament for the loss of it, the stripping away of it and the selling off to the highest bidder that will become more commonplace. The undoing of the NHS is what saddens me. What it has stood for all these years, what it was set up for and what it has achieved is amazing. Where it goes now is what worries me and what I fear for. There are some good plus points and some negatives there. The outcomes aspect is worrying as it was noted back in 2014 also and you'd hope to see a turnaround in that after a few years. I am a strong supporter of the NHS and think it is a wonderful thing but I don't deny it's in serious trouble in certain areas. The article covers some of those too. I hope it can withstand the coming years and remain a free at point of care and service system. I really do. Many in my family have worked in within the NHS and I've friends and family working within it now. Talking to them about it is pretty grim. Frontline staff some of them. Its a big picture thing and far more complex than our own personal experiences of the service. Bloody love the NHS. That is why I fear for its future.
  4. Oops, less than 6 months on passport...

    Also this from the airport page
  5. Oops, less than 6 months on passport... This explains about immigration clearance.
  6. Tricky situation

    I'm glad you have come to a decision of sorts and that your husband is slowly getting his head round things. He was probably all set in his mind that he was back home and you were on board with it and so finding out you are not happy and would like to go back to the UK was probably a bit hard to get to grips with. It can take people a little time to have the idea sit and form, to work through things. Its good he is sorting out his passport and things like that. Plus he is going to be a Dad and that can bring a lot of thoughts and worries in itself. I hope once you've actually set on a plan or way forward it'll help take the pressure off yourself and you'll feel a little more able to cope with things. As I said before, if you can work together, realise its give and take and that sometimes one is going to have to be the one to give far more on something, it should hopefully work. There is no crystal ball and as you say, you are going to have to trust your husband. I think its a big positive you feel you can and that he is not shutting the door on anything for you re a move to the UK for a while. If you ever want to talk, feel free to drop me a PM. Am always happy to listen.
  7. The real truth about spiders please!

    Its fine. Honestly, you shouldn't have any real issues. The fast moving ones and often pretty big are huntsman and they are pretty harmless. They eat other bugs and stuff so I leave them alone, even though I don't like fast moving spiders. But trying to catch them to put them outside is a far worse thing to attempt to do Red backs are pretty easy to spot and if they are indoors they get rehomed. Same with the white tails. Both of these can bite and so we don't like to leave them in the house if we find them. Neither are particularly quick moving. Then you have wolf spiders in the garden and again, just leave them alone and let them go on their way. In parts of NSW you have the funnel web and if you are really wanting to read up on that, go ahead. But please know its not a big thing to panic over. If you read up on the stats of how many people get bitten and how many actually die from spider bites, its not many. Just make yourself familiar with the native species that you need to be aware of and you'll be fine. We've been here almost 4 years now and have come across all sorts in and around the house, garden and when out. None of us have come to any harm. And think about it, your Aussie hubby grew up just fine, as did mine and many we know
  8. Shipping a few items

    Probably ship some boxes or use a small move cube. Plenty of companies around will ship boxes only. Seven Seas is one, they do the Movecube also but even a small one of those may be too big for the stuff you want to ship.
  9. Immigration Lawyer Assistance

    Any of the agents who post on here regularly would be a good starting point. @Alan Collett @wrussell @Raul Senise
  10. Just got PR - what next?

    You should look up on your state gov. website what to do about your driving licence. I am sure the info you require is there. Usually once PR is held you have a set amount of time in which to change your licence over. Its pretty simple to do and as I said, info easy to find online for your state and local office listing. Voting - not that I am aware of Some of the other things you are probably best to call or email and enquiry to see if there is anything required. If you already have an insurance policy then contact them and ask and see what they say. They may differ to another.
  11. Medicare or travel insurance?

    It's emergency reciprocal cover. When travelling I think having travel insurance is a good thing. It can cover luggage, personal effects, repatriation in event of accident or death and more. Plentt of good insurance to choose from.
  12. Grace period after WHV

    Never heard of that.
  13. Partner/De Facto Visa Advice NEEDED

    You need to read the partner visa PDF and fully understand what it entails. You can go to Aus on a WHV and clock up de facto time on that. But yes, you will have to ensure you can document and provide evidence for the time. Including things like paying rent, getting receipts for that (even if with family and its token rent, contributing towards bills etc), stat decs from the home owners to support this etc. Plus doing things like setting up a bank account with the address you are both living at. Or even better, a joint account. Or if not, one each and able to show money transferred between you both for rent, food, socialising etc. Car insurance, you as the named driver on his policy. Those sorts of things. What state are you going to be living in? If its one of the ones where you can register your relationship that will help a lot. How this works re the parter visa is explained in the PDF. Ensure you understand that as it could be a very important thing. You need 12 months de facto iirc and falling short of this could prove an issue otherwise. So ensure you can meet the partner visa requirements in full before you lodge. If that means you have to do your second year WHV and get 3 months regional work in to get the second year, then so be it. You can use that extra time for your de facto. If you can register your relationship in your state, great. Once you've lodged your partner visa, the bridging visa will only kick in once your current visa runs out. There is no bridging visa you can apply for. Thats not how they work. As I said, read the partner visa PDF, get your head round it and be up to speed and much of what you are asking is explained in there.
  14. Tricky situation

    If they long ago stopped renewing their passports then I would expect that UK immigration have guidelines for this. Have you read the gov website on it all. Its very wordy and can be a bit much to get your head round in one go but you can make sense of it in the end usually If not, email and enquire and see what comes back. Don't take it as gospel but it should at least give you a starting point and you can go from there.
  15. Tricky situation

    I'm guessing that's out of fear and uncertainty as it means he may have to face up to doing something he isn't really wanting to do. Before you moved to Aus with him, did you sit down and discuss the move properly together and were you happy to go and give it a try? Did you have a back up plan or talk about the what if of you not being happy? Perhaps both of you underestimated what it may mean and he is perhaps in a bit of denial.