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    1. snifter

      Refused Need Help

      Sorry to hear this. I find it strange that if you have two small children and are together that you don't have enough evidence. Can I ask what sort of things you submitted to support your application? Even if you have kids and are married they will still expect to see all the paper evidence to support this. Bills, wills, life insurance policy, named drivers on car insurance, names on lease agreement or mortgage, bank accounts naming you both and all of those things to the same address. So giving them a good clear picture you really do share a life together. Plus the stat decs from people who know you, can vouch for your relationship and of course your own supporting statements. You could try running this past some of the agents who post on here. @Raul Senise @wrussell @Alan Collett I don't know if any of them would take a case without payment but they could hopefully give you an assessment and a bit of advice on your case.
    2. So this is not a job offer that would come with a visa? As in company sponsored or some such? TBH your plan doesn't fill me with confidence. Nor would I want to even begin to take a go at giving you feedback as tbh its quite a tricky situation if you plan to return to the UK or not have your partner with you for a period of time. I'd talk to a reputable migration agent about the best way forward (and be sure to tell them the position offered etc as it could be the company can sponsor you and surely should be doing so if able). @wrussell @Raul Senise @Alan Collett are three that post on here regularly. We also have @Paul Hand and @Richard Gregan and one or two others.
    3. snifter

      Autism and Special Education Needs

      A friend who is currently trying to get her child a place at a senior school that can support his needs has been in dispute with the local authorities and is having to take their case to a tribunal. I read lots more replies when I came across this article from parents in a similar situation. Please be aware it does happen at senior school level and it isn’t always straightforward. I have friends who have also had to fight to get a place at a suitable primary school. https://www.independent.co.uk/news/education/education-news/councils-letter-damian-hinds-school-funding-children-special-needs-places-unions-a8403326.html If your child requires a high level of support or perhaps doesn’t cope in large group settings such as a class with 30 kids in it, ensure you research carefully the local authority areas and what options you will have school wise. I’m not saying support isn’t there, but it may not be straightforward to find the best place to suit your child’s needs.
    4. snifter

      Luggage allowance when immigrating

      If its of great sentimental value and it fits and is within the luggage allowance, I'd carry it in hand luggage. Check sendmybag website to see the ins and outs. And contact them to ask if you have any specific questions about what you can ship with them. They are best placed to know what they will accept or not. https://www.sendmybag.com/
    5. snifter

      Older Person Tax Rebate - Parent Visa 143

      You’d posted the same thing 3 times so I’ve removed the 2 without replies. Left this one.
    6. snifter

      Autism and Special Education Needs

      I'd get in touch with this organisation. They could be helpful and give you some advice and suggestions. https://www.autism.org.uk/ Get all the paperwork you have together. Everything from assessments here, to teachers reports, level of support etc. If you are considering a mainstream state school, you may need to look round a fair few to find one that could offer the level of support your child needs or to find the right one to suit your child. Some schools are large, noisy and perhaps not suited to your child or his needs. FWIW, I have friends with a child who need a fair amount of support (not quite at the level of support as your son and placed to start with in a class with 30 kids per class so very noisy and full one for the child who could not cope) and they really struggled to get access to their first choice of school and had to go through a fairly long drawn out process to enable them to change schools to one that was much better suited to their child and their needs. Once they changed schools, to a much quieter smaller school things improved. This site could also be helpful https://www.childautism.org.uk/ This site has some useful links and info https://www.scope.org.uk/support It also has an online community that could probably give you far more info and support specifically relating to autism and schooling etc.
    7. snifter

      I want to move back to the UK, fiance doesn't

      Lets try to keep this thread to help the OP If you want to carry on with the Brexit/pension chat, I can split that out to a new thread. TIA snifter
    8. snifter

      packing sea container experience

      Agree with the above. They will do their job, just give them clear instructions about any items you want them to take care over etc and on things you don't want packed and shipped (and better to put that in a separate room clearly marked) and let them get on with it. Offer them a coffee and just be around in case they need you. I really don't think you need anyone else with you on the day as they won't be able to do anything. Packers will pack, not you or any family.
    9. I’ve moved this to our Aussie chat section as it’s not a visa issue.
    10. snifter

      Dog Migration - Checkups on stop over & destination

      That sort of question is probably best answered by a pet shipper as tbh none of us really know exactly how it works in the stopovers. Contact Bob at Pet Air who can probably explain that part of the process to you properly. Here is a link to his section of the forum https://www.pomsinoz.com/forum/35-shipping-pets-ask-pet-air/ It’s an important matter, get it right and hear it from someone who is actually involved in the shipping side, not just an owner. It could be there are ways to inform those who will be handling the dog or some such. If there is, Bob will know.
    11. snifter

      Money advice please

      I’d use a for ex that doesn’t charge fees and offers a decent rate. Good options out there. I’d not go through the bank as usually poor rate plus fees. Fwiw we use HIFX
    12. snifter

      I want to move back to the UK, fiance doesn't

      What Quoll said. I have always maintained that if a couple from different countries and one or both of you living outside your own, you have to love where you live. If not love it, at least like it a great deal and be able to make friends, build a life there and be happy living it. If you honestly don't like it, then chances are its not going to work long term. Also if the pull of family and so on is digging on you now, it isn't going to go away magically or even with counselling or therapy. I could ramble on about your situation, how to cope and deal with the long term in Aus, but the reality is, if you are struggling now, before marriage and kids, the chances are its only going to get worse once those things happen. And then you really are stuck if your husband doesn't want to budge in the slightest. You are young, 27 is not old. I met my now husband when I was 31 and we married when I was 35, I had a baby at 37. I broke up with my long term partner (had been living overseas in a European country for quite a lot of years in my 20's) when I was 27. I returned to the UK a year or so later for personal reasons (not for family or homesickness). However, I did miss the country, the place I had lived all those years a great deal but realised life moves on and not always quite how you had thought it might pan out. To this day I still have a hankering to live back there (over the UK or anywhere else tbh) but its not the place I left and I could never recreate what I had there. It had its time and place and I am thankful I got to experience it all when I did. I'd stick with going back on your own, seeing how you go and being open to the possibility that you are happier there with or without your partner than you are in Aus with him.
    13. snifter

      Shipping - where to start??

      Google for shipping companies in the UK. There are probably about 6 or 7 main ones, lots of other smaller more local companies also. Call them up, see if they come out to quote and if so, book a few of them in. Once they have come out and given you a quote, see what one you prefer and go with it. Have a clear out of stuff you don't want to take and a good idea of what you do want to ship for when they come out to quote. Pointless shipping stuff you don't want or use or having them quote for it and will only throw away or rehome once in Aus. Don't pay to ship those things, recycle or sell them before you leave. Ask the shipping company the sort of things you can't take. You can ship most household furniture/belongings but for some items a treatment fee will be charged if customs in Aus decides it needs it. And expect to pay a lot of even a small item if that is the case. TBH its mostly common sense and if you have a house full of standard stuff bought from stores, it should be fine. If you have a house filled with one off artefacts from Africa or South America you may want to double check those. If you are shipping bikes or garden stuff, you will need to clean and disinfect fully before shipping. Shipping companies usually pack for you. Expect them to perhaps only half fill boxes and the volume to increase therefore over what you may yourself pack. FWIW, we sold most of our furniture and only shipped personal effects, our bed, a blanket box, desk and a chair. Didn't ship white goods, other furniture. Did ship all my kitchen ware, crockery, pans, cutlery and everything else. Its taken me 25 years to accumulate all that stuff and no way could I replace it in a few weeks. Shipping the kitchen stuff was an absolute must for me. Other end we hit a few op shops and Ikea for some kitchen stuff to tide us over till our belongings arrived. We really didn't need much tbh and made do those first few weeks. Bought things we could use for camping, picnics and outdoor use once our things arrived. Furniture we bought as and when we found something we liked and then if we wanted to we upgraded to something better quality at a later point (did this with our sofas, bought an Ikea one to get us going, then a full suite for the living room once we bought our house. Ikea sofa now in family room for kids). Other stuff we bought from Gumtree locally once here (Welsh dresser, dining table and chairs for example, still have them 5 years later). One thing I will say is get an independent shipping insurance with either Letton Perciaval or IYM. Don't use the shipping companies own. Time and time again people struggle to get a claim sorted when using the shipping companies own insurance and often find they don't get decent compensation or are waiting many months and the case is being argued. An independent insurance will settle the claim quickly and properly. You can read no end of sob stories on here from people who had to make claims from their shippers and are unhappy or having to argue their claim for weeks/months. I've yet to read one bad review for the independents, they always get good feedback. Shipping companies will of course try to talk you into using their own. You don't have to and an independent can be sought out.
    14. snifter

      1000 questions.

      If you are planning on claiming certain benefits, then you'll need to prove habitual residency. https://www.citizensadvice.org.uk/benefits/coming-from-abroad-and-claiming-benefits-the-habitual-residence-test/the-habitual-residence-test-an-introduction/what-is-the-habitual-residence-test-EWSNI/ Get back on the electoral roll, register with a GP and dentist, dig out your N.I number and go from there.
    15. snifter

      PR to Citizenship