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  1. Onshore partner visa

    I’d be clarifying with an agent your children are still dependant on you and they can go on your visa application. If they are not you could face difficulties trying to get them over later. I assume they are both in full time education? Really ensure you are fully informed about all this.
  2. Onshore partner visa

    No, off shore would mean no working rights till it was granted. On shore would only see the bridging visa kick in once the tourist visa expires. So you would still be unable to work till that point. If you are on a 3 month tourist visa it would be at the end of that time of you lodge onshore. Fwiw, it’s the Aus citizen who has to apply for the citizenship by descent and attend the passport interview. I don’t recall the non Australian having to do much other than sign a form or two. Certainly I didn’t need to attend the Aus high commission for our child’s passport interview.
  3. Onshore partner visa

    How is applying for citizenship an issue for your visa plans? If anything it makes it more straightforward IMHO. You should get the Aus citizenship by descent and Aus passport. It’s a perfectly normal thing to do for a child. Our son had his all sorted before he was a few months old. It won’t be an issue. If eligible it seems daft to not get it sorted. There is no need for the child to be included for a visa is there, they have a right to Aus citizenship from the off. I think you need to consult with a migration agent re your older children. I am not sure you can just add them to an application at a later date and there is the needing to prove dependency etc. Do they want to migrate to Australia with you? Tbh I see nothing wrong with applying on shore. It’s an option that Australia has and it’s not a no go to apply off the back of a tourist visa. Plenty do so. Just don’t rock up at the airport waving your evidence for your partner visa sort of thing. You could have it couriered over after you arrive and are certain you want to lodge an application.
  4. Can I take ......

    I’m not sure the range cooker is something you can take. You would need to research. As for the rest, up to you. We didn’t ship white goods or sofa, table chairs and kids bed and a fair few other things. We replaced those things this end over a year or two and made do with garage sales and FB buy and sell pages to find some stuff which as it turned out were great finds.
  5. Onshore partner visa

    Your child should have Aus citizenship by descent and therefore will have an Aus passport. So it’s only you needing to apply really. If your husband hasn’t got the citizenship and passport sorted yet, he needs to get on to it before you plan to travel. On shore should be ok but as has been said worse case scenario can happen re being denied entry. Many do go over on a tourist visa and apply onshore though. If you lodge onshore you can lodge anytime before the tourist visa expires. You don’t have to wait till near the end. Be aware onshore processing times are long and you would be on a bridging visa till it’s granted. If it would help you have a bit of peace of mind run your case past any of the agents on here to check it’s all possible You can also lodge off shore and processing times are quicker generally but it’s not a given. However don’t think it’s anywhere close to onshore timeframes. You could visit Aus on tourist visa while waiting for a grant the ln but would have to comply with the visa conditions and go off shore for a few days for the visa to be granted. Your CO would email you to arrange this when it’s due to be granted.
  6. Unmarried couple

    This application is for a skilled visa with the partner going on a dependant isn’t it? The requirements iirc I’ve already linked to in the OP’s other thread. I’m not sure you can claim defacto though. The lack of evidence of a shared life could be the stumbling block. Dating, being exclusive but living at home with your respective parents still doesn’t count as de facto as I understand it. Discuss with an agent perhaps.
  7. We used a forex company to a) aviod fees and b) get a better rate. Never had any issues.
  8. Visa landing question

    I would clarify with your CO. Reading up on it there are many contradicting replies out there on the internet. Some say even without visa conditions the main applicant has to be with you, others say not. I would seek to clarify it asap and get it in writing also. I'd also check with another migration agent if need be if you've had conflicting replies. Perhaps ask one of the agents who post on the forum?
  9. Exchanging money

    If you are talking some cash to take for incidentals and stuff when you arrive then I'd just change it via your bank or PO or some place before you leave. It'll be a crappy rate but smaller amounts usually are. If you are wanting cash to spend at airports in transit or some such they'll take £ or $ currency in notes and convert via the checkout and give you change back in the local currency. So £ would be fine when in transit. If you are talking a larger amount then I'd use a forex company and spend a bit of time familiarising yourself with how the rates work and the exchange process and decide when is the best time for you as and when. You generally get better rates than doing UK bank exchange into an Aus account plus no fees. On larger amounts it can really add up. Inform yourself and read up on how a forex system works. You will need am Aus and UK bank account. Certain Aus banks allow you to open an account from overseas so it's all set up waiting for you to activate once you arrive. We did this with Commonwealth without any issues. We've used a forex for years and get far better rates than banks offer. And as said, no fees.
  10. You may be better to run your case past a reputable migration agent.
  11. Unmarried couple

    You’ve posted this twice on the forum. I replied in your other thread. As above, think you’ll struggle to claim de facto.
  12. What visa exactly? And have you read this?
  13. Child visa (subclass 101)

    I think you really need to consult with a reputable migration agent. Any of those that post regularly on here would be a good starting point.
  14. AU 489 Visa correction

    Just bumping this for you.
  15. Shipping valuable small items

    What Scottiegirl said. Hand luggage and put stuff inside it. Tbh given its value I'd say bringing that with you over a spare shirt or two would be far wiser. It could go missing in shipping on a container. Also you can ship an extra holdall or case of clothes for not much money and have it arrive within a few days. You can always ship your extra clothes that way. We did. It was picked up the day before we flew out, arrived the day after we did. Cost about £120 4 years ago. I'd not put the teapot in that though. Defo hand luggage for it.