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    457 - Current processing times

    hi guys, if my brother (who is a cook) finds an employer willing to sponsor him for a 457 visa, will he need a skills assessment to apply? thanks much.
  2. Was just on the phone with a toyota dealer this morning and got offered a 5.85% interest rate for a new prado. I've worked out pretty much how their "toyota access" works but was just looking around for anyone who's had experience with it. What are the advantages it has over a normal loan or over a novated lease? :wink:
  3. Cheers, thanks everyone. Now looking at getting him to do the IELTS again untill he gets that required mark and get additional points.:smile:
  4. Thanks wrussell, i guess it's not possible to establish that legal relationship as he is my first cousin "once removed" and not a first cousin as it is. :no:
  5. Good point. I guess there's no harm in trying. He's got all his requirements ready anyway, if things don't work out then he'll have to work out that IELTS mark to get more points! :daydreaming:
  6. Same here, :yes: My uncle's a few weeks away from putting in an EOI and i hope someone in the room with a similar tale will share and spare us all the trouble finding out whether or not.....:angel_happy_face_ha
  7. Hi all, I want to sponsor my uncle (my father's first cousin) for a 489 visa but I am not sure if DIAC will recognize our family ties, uncle-nephew. Now, on the immi website, it says that nephews can sponsor uncles and vice versa, however it did not specify the extent at which the statement applies to. Obviously, an uncle would be one's father's/mother's brother. But an uncle is also one's father's/mother's cousin (i am referring to first cousin) and this is true (in most cultures anyway, and confirmed by good ol' Google). I called the immi dept yesterday to inquire and the lady just pointed me to the same website i've been trying to figure out, after patiently waiting on hold :SLEEP:. Anyone out there with a successful outcome sponsoring their uncle/aunt (who is their father's/mother's cousin) for a 489 visa, please share your experience :smile: My uncle is currently on a 457 visa and has done his assessment. Due to his IELTS score, he has very limited options, only one option as a matter of fact :sad:
  8. Hi, I have a positive vetassess assessment outcome as Diesel Motor Mechanic and it was what I used for my 457 visa application 9 months ago. I am now working in WA and planning to apply for PR as my company doesn't have any plans of sponsoring me for a PR visa in near future. Question is, can I use my vetassess outcome letter in applying for a PR visa (190)? Has anyone ever tried this path? thank you much!
  9. ethanjacob

    online applications

    got it. thanks dragonz, i guess we'll just have to wait for our CO's to comment then. good luck to both of us.
  10. ethanjacob

    online applications

    so you uploaded the same documents but with the correct file-naming format? have you considered clicking on the "cancel form" and uploading the documents all over? i am not sure where that button will lead to. i am afraid i might not be able to upload any documents at all once i click it..
  11. hi, is there any way that i can edit the uploaded documents? i made a mistake by having spaces on the file names of some uploaded documents, i want to rename the files and upload them again.... thanks...
  12. ethanjacob

    online applications

    hi everyone, please help. i've already lodged my application online and started attaching the required documents...before i opened up a link about file naming. it said not to include spaces and other symbols in the file names (e.g.&,#,") but i already uploaded my files which included spaces in the filenames and there seems to be no way of editing uploaded files... would that be a big deal? i hope not.. any similar experience guys? thanks...
  13. ethanjacob

    Online applications

    that was a quick help! thanks much!
  14. ethanjacob

    Online applications

    hi everyone, i just found out that i have entered one wrong detail in my online application (175 visa). i have downloaded form 1023 (notification for incorrect info...). my question is, where do i send the form? can i scan it and attach it along with the other documents? (got no CO yet-just lodged Feb. 13,2011). any help would be appreciated.... thanks...
  15. ethanjacob

    how did you upload your photos?

    hi, just a question, what's the size of the passport photos and what is the required background color? thanks