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    pregnancy care and birthing cost etc.

    i looked at that site and it did imply that you would be covered for healthcare but wasnt sure if that meant pregnancy care too. will have to do some more searching i think.
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    not really that important as if we decided to stay we would all apply for residency at some point. but good to know thanks.
  3. gasmainlayer

    pregnancy care and birthing cost etc.

    can anyone tell me the cost that i might have if i was to give birth in Oz, my hubby and i may be moving over for a 6 month period initially during which time i would be giving birth to my second child. I dont know if i will be eligiable for medicare and was wondering how expensive it would work out to be. I have looked at the medicare site but it doesnt say much about birthing costs, antenatal and post natal care. Any information would be gratefully received as it may be that this is a deciding factor in whether we go over or not.
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    would it really be that expensive. i guess the good thing would be that the baby would be dual nationality.
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    Thanks so much to you all for your replies. :smile:
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    JK2510 - only 17 weeks gone at the moment. so should be ok to fly. not sure what the costs of antenatal and postnatal care are though. So would need to look into this further.
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    yeh thats what we had originally planned (176/175)and have started the process of trade recognition as my hubby is a gas main layer however its rare to find a job so tailored to his job here in the uk over in Oz. It would appear from the conversation yesterday that after 6 months they will decide whether to keep u and then assist with PR.
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    not completley sure but guessing it would be before tax. my hubby still needs to confirm these details once a firm offer has been made or during the interview i guess.
  9. gasmainlayer


    can someone PLEASE give me some advice. My husband and i had been discussing moving to OZ for ages however on discovering that we were once again expecting, we decided to wait for a couple of years and see how we felt once the new baby was a little older. therefore i had completley moved it to the back of my mind and was starting to plan things here in the uk. Yesterday however my husband found an advert for his job in the national newspaper and sent of his CV (having discussed it with me first). we thought that seeing as it was something we had been looking for whilst we had been searching previously that it would be a wasted opportunity and that we would see if he heard back (i never thought he would if i am honest). Today he received a phone call from the company stating that they feel his qualifications etc would be widely needed in Oz (Perth) and that they would like to give him an interview, etc. This has therefore thrown me into turmoil, it is a 6 month contract initially with the company then deciding if they want to keep you on for a permanent basis. My dilemma therefore is what should we do, do we all go out together, give birth out there and then return if he is not kept on, or does my husband go out there alone for 6 months whilst i stay home with the kids? They have said that he would be on roughly 300AUS dollars a day, is that a good wage??? sounds it. Is this an opportubity that we have to grab with both hands and see if we like it. in one way it would be ideal as it would give us that 6 month period to see if it was for us without committing too much. Any comments would be grateful, i feel so confused and i dont think my hormones are helping. sorry its such a long post.:confused::confused:
  10. gasmainlayer

    New TV Show - Poms In Paradise ITV

    agree, doesn't appear to show what it would be like for a 'norma'l family, appear to have a very good life over there. not sure it will show me what i was hoping for
  11. gasmainlayer

    Goldfields & Esperance area

    Firstly thanks to everyone who commented on our previous post asking for info on Kalgoorlie. i am expecting a call from a company over the weekend with job opportunities in kalgoorlie and the goldfields and esperance area. we have had some post from people and have decided that Kalgoolie would not be the best place for us as a family. We would however like some feedback from people who know and live in the Goldfields and Esperance area. Would it be suitable for a young family. It sure looks lovely from the pics i have seen on the net however we would love to know what it is like as a place to live and work. My wife works in mental health in the UK, would there be opportunities for her to work full or part time in mental health in this area? Any info would be greatfully received. Cheers Lee
  12. gasmainlayer

    can anyone give us info on Kalgoorie?

    thanks for all your replys. deffo not the type of place that would suit us. the other areas that they state on the job advert are Goldfields & Esperance. Anyone know anything about this areas. this looks nice from the pics on net but is it a place you would wanna live?
  13. my wife and i are wondering if anyone can tell us any info about Kalgoorlie. i am waiting to speak to a company there (De Watering Services) about a possible job opportunity. Any info that you can share with us would be most appreciated. We have a two and a half year old son so would need good childcare and amenities. Cheers Lee and Lindsay:biggrin:
  14. hi chubbs my name is lee im in the uk at the moment just started the visa process and work in the gas industry (distribution) im trained and qualified in track butt fusion machines T500 and the T900 mcelroy trackstar machines and electrofusion trained also friatec couplers diameter of pipes im trained in range from 63mm upto 630mm also have excavator tickets and deep excavation trench support (timber,steel,hydraulic) and confined spaces trained. feel free to contact me
  15. gasmainlayer

    Excavator operator

    hi stephen hope you dont mind but sent you a pm lee