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  1. tdk43

    Shocked at the drug use

    Slightly off topic, but what are the view/ stance on alcohol? Do they breathalise people before using machinery, driving the trucks? Donna x
  2. tdk43

    Bin shocker outrage

    I'm not so keen on it when I'm not asked and it's still during the week when I am still using it. Maybe when it's out at the kerb for emptying then it's fair game, but while I've not finished putting my own rubbish in it, it bugs me!
  3. tdk43

    data/fibre wage ???????

    I'm now told 35-40 dollars an hour for Perth! Only a bonus that I was wrong! Donna x -Just to add, although you might already know you require an ACMA cabling licence to work.
  4. tdk43

    data/fibre wage ???????

    Reckon maybe 30-35 dollars basic in Perth. Will confirm once my husband is home as he works in this field. Donna
  5. tdk43

    Moving States from Perth to Melbourne!

    Yeah, probably would be better to organise work then accommodation to a certain extent. Is there a good train/bus service into the city from the outer suburbs?
  6. tdk43

    Moving States from Perth to Melbourne!

    Thanks you for listing a few places. It feels so alien looking at another city with that total lost unfamiliar look! Quite a worry when it's big, and has so many places to choose! Having a look at the houses in both places! Donna x
  7. tdk43

    Moving States from Perth to Melbourne!

    Thanks for the reply. It's weird as getting here took over my life for about 18 months! And now I am feeling so unsure where we are going with our life! Keep trying to say its an adventure that we have been on, and lucky to have been able to try out Perth. We have a house rented till August, so gonna enjoy the summer and then make some plans. Donna x
  8. tdk43

    Moving States from Perth to Melbourne!

    Thank you all so much for taking the time to reply. I am very grateful. I'm pretty sure I'm not homesick as previous to our move here, I travelled with my husband and moved around for about 6 years. I think it's probably the geographic location that is the main issue, and also feeling there is not masses to do. Anything we do choose to do, the other thousands of perth people are doing too, so it's over crowded, and spoiling the enjoyment of the whole thing! I think we will need to find out more about Melbourne areas, to try and pin point where we would like to live. Donna x
  9. Hi Everyone, Looking for any advice, or if many people have made the move? We have been in Perth for 19 months, and am really not feeling the love for Perth! The original reasons I thought id love it, are the reasons that I am actually beginning to resent living here! I am finding the isolation from other cities probably the main reason. There are many many more things. We recently went on holiday to Indonesia, and met a lot of Australians who were from the eastern states, and were reassuring us that Perth is a very different entity than the eastern side of Australia. We had thought should we just pack up and return to UK, but obviously we have come all this way, so seems silly to give up before experiencing another part. The families we met had a lot of good things to say about Melbourne, its location is very appealing for visiting other places. So guess my questions are, if you've moved, how does it compare, a success move? The thought of beginning again is a bit daunting, making new friends, finding a nice area, but we have managed before so could do it again! Thanks, Donna x
  10. tdk43

    Selling imported cars.

    My car came under the personal import scheme. I sold within a month. You do pay taxes under the personal import scheme as well.
  11. tdk43

    Selling imported cars.

    We paid all the taxes at the port, your not exempt them.
  12. tdk43

    Selling imported cars.

    We shipped an AMG mercedes over and sold it within a month of it arriving from UK. Donna x
  13. You are still required to do a Police Clearance even although you were on the base. Donna x
  14. Hiya Jo, Have very recent experience of this. We booked a holiday to Bali, then the day checked passport and found my own passport only had 5 months on it! I went to the post office on Monday 2nd September, and it sent off that very day. My old one arrived wednesday 11th Sept, new one arrived Fri 13th. So all in all under two weeks! I had phoned the consulate worrying as thought it would take longer, and its easy to get an emergency travel document. I was scared to call as never thought a holiday was an emergency, but was told that emergency is a loose term! So hopefully all will be good! Donna x
  15. tdk43

    Settlement day.

    Hiya, Briefly skimmed through the thread so hope I am not writing things that have been said. We have recently bought and sold a house and our eyes were opened!! When we bought, the settlement date was one day late due to funds not been accepted by sellers bank, so we couldn't get into the house till the next day. On the selling side, we were very surprised, they were not ready to settle, and were informed they had three working days after the settlement date to actually get to settlement before any penatilies were going to be issued. We were told we could stay in the house till the next day after settlement too as we were owner occupiers. We had obviously organised other accommodation. So did not do that! The Western Australia commerce page has all the legal info on it, I'm sure I googled settlement in Australia and got all the info. Donna x