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    Have you flown with etihad??

    I flew Etihad on my way out here in 2008 and could speak more highly of the service on board and by the ground staff.
  2. robthomas821

    Onshore Partner Visa Application time frame

    Paperwork was automatically received approx 3 months before eligibility date. Once lodged (2 months before eligibility date) I received my visa 3 months after eligibility. When was your original application date? If it has been 22 months from that date, you can contact IMMI or look at the residence calculator on http://www.immi.gov.au/contacts/forms/partner/ and see if you are at the point you can submit the 801 docs
  3. robthomas821

    Onshore Partner Visa Application time frame

    Congrats guys!!!!! Onwards and upwards from here!!
  4. robthomas821

    Onshore Partner Visa Application time frame

    Good luck lucylou1 Hope you have a great surprise waiting for you!
  5. robthomas821

    IT Professional Can't find word in Perth

    And one in Canberra (with great contacts all over) Matthew Farnham <matthew.farnham@foreseeit.com.au>
  6. robthomas821

    Its all finished

    I am looking into going in as an SSO Pilot myself
  7. robthomas821

    Its all finished

    Hi All. It is all finished. 801 PR Visa granted on 27th Feb 2013 (eligibility date 14 December 2012). So happy, can get on with our lives properly now. 1 year to go until I can apply for Citizenship, which I will be doing as soon as I am eligible. To all out there awaiting your visa grants, keep your hopes up and I hope your visas get granted as soon as possible.
  8. robthomas821

    Onshore Partner Visa Application time frame

    2nd stage Docs received by IMMI - 25th October 2012 Eligibility date 801 - 14th December 2012 801 Visa Grant - 27th February 2013 Just checked VEVO (as I do a couple of times a day) and it had changed from 820 to 801 Such relief!!!!
  9. robthomas821

    Bulk bill doctors in canberra

    Here is a listing for you: http://www.doctors-4u.com/Canberra/cbbill.htm
  10. robthomas821

    Visa Granted

    Congratulations on your visa grant. Hope it bodes well for many others here
  11. robthomas821

    criminal record

    It seems when dealing with IMMI, sometimes what you are told doesn't always equate to what is actually correct. Can be a little hit and miss with the correct definitive information. It is dealt with on a case by case basis so can't really just say sorry your chances are stuffed, its not the case.
  12. robthomas821

    criminal record

    Well seansparkle, I have a couple of drink driving convictions from my earlier dumb years, and I was granted a visa. Sort of puts paid to that really
  13. robthomas821

    criminal record

    I certainly don't think this will disbar you from gaining a visa to Australia. If you are worried, contact a Registered Migration Agent to run your case through them.
  14. On Friday I emailed the standard vic ssp email address asking about changing our address as we are moving, received an email this morning from our Case Officer!!!! Seems we now have one. Hope it won't be too long.
  15. robthomas821

    Now in Canberra... problems problems problems...

    More than welcome. I am good friends with Matt and David and did their website for them. If they can help you out, they will. Good luck and let me know how you get on.