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  1. Hi all, my visa has been granted last week and this week I received envelop with my medical results. What should I do with this envelop? Do I have to send it to IMMI or put it in trash? Thanks
  2. Merxi

    189 Visa Lodged Gang

    Finally my visa has been granted. Firstly I was applying for ENS direct entry stream, after 6 months of waiting I gave up and apply for 189. This visa are super fast. There is my timeline. Analyst Programmer EOI made 15/04/13 Invitation to apply 22/04/13 Applied for 189 23/04/13 Granted 7/05/2013 Woooh, now is time celebrate!!!
  3. Merxi

    189 Visa Lodged Gang

    That is really quick. I got similar timeline. EOI made 15/04/13. Invitation to apply 22/04/13. Applied for 189 23/04/13 I'm with Adelaide office. Hopefully I can hear some news soon.
  4. Merxi

    Wrong list of medical clinics

    Hi, I got same problem. They have bug in system. I live in Sydney and I got list of clinics in Japan. And I'm from Europe. So I booked without over their website.
  5. Hi, I have police clearance from December 2010 from my country. I was there in 2011 for 3 weeks. Do I need new one or can I still use this old one from 2010? Thanks
  6. Should I submit Medical and Police check with visa application for 189 visa or is it better to wait for CO request?
  7. Merxi

    EOI date

    I'm looking for next date of EOI. Does anybody know when is next date? Thanks
  8. Merxi

    Can i get pregnant on a 457 as the de facto?!!

    Hi, the big difference is when you are on 457 that you don't have medicare. You have just some private insurance which usually doesn't cover pregnancy. So is very expensive on the end.
  9. Merxi

    Partner skills and IELTS - still confused!

    Just with this assessment. Partner needs positive results or he/she must be just on same list? Thanks
  10. Merxi

    Health Check from previous Application

    For how long is valid?I had my 10 months ago. Now I want to apply for different visa.
  11. Merxi

    189 or 190?

    Do you have to pay for state sponsorship? I found it on NSW website a fee of $330.
  12. Merxi

    ACS assessment

    I got positive assessment for 261212 web developer but because this position is not on skill list I can not apply for PR. Can I do new assessment for 261312 Developer Programmer?
  13. Merxi

    Skillselect ENS 186 Timeline

    I have same timeline as you. I sent DRC 4/11 and I wait for nomination results before I apply for visa. There is always some risk that you can lose money and have in history that your visa has been refused.
  14. Merxi

    Skillselect ENS 186 Timeline

    Hi Banana707, did you apply for Transition stream from 457 or direct entry? Thanks
  15. Merxi

    ACS assessment

    Hi all, I need some brain storming about assessment. I did assessment with ACS 1,5 year ago for first time. I apply for position as Developer Programmer and I got negative assessment with results that my UNI is as minor in IT and they recognize my experience as 5 years and 2 months. For positive assessment with minor in IT is minimum 6 years required. I waited to have 6 years of experience and my agent recommend me do assessment for different potion as Web Developer. And they recognize my UNI as Major in IT and they didn't recognize some of my experience as before. But my assessment was Positive because of UNI as Major. My position from previous job was Developer. So it's something between Developer Programmer and Web Developer. What do you think can I try to apply again for Developer Programmer with 6 years of experience? I need assessment for this position because of new state sponsorship. I don't want to upset ACS and have some trouble that one I applied for one position and after for other. Both of them are really close. Thanks for your ideas and tips. :xmas3: