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  1. Simonr

    New cycling rules in NSW

    I received the email below from Bicycle Network yesterday. They are changing the rules for cycling, in particular rules about ID. You can carry your NSW driving licence, but if you don't drive, or you are from outside the state, you need to buy an official I'd. It also means I would have to stuff my wallet in my Lycra shorts! Is this the cycling gestapo just getting their (Lycra) knickers in a twist over nothing that car drivers already do, or is it the progressive erosion of the freedom and benefits of cycling? Simon Quote email:- Turn the tide on rider ID Having overcome the shock of yesterday's announcement that adults will need to carry a government issued photo ID card when riding a bike in NSW, it's time to turn the outrage into action. By making the announcement just before Christmas the government was probably hoping the news would slip through while we were all busy shopping and roasting turkeys. Let's show them that bike riders actually matter. See the comments we made yesterday about why it matters. The announcement was truly a shocker. It included: All adult bike riders must carry an official government photo ID card A 500% increase in fines for bike riders, while at the same time lowering the fine for drivers driving too close to a bike rider The cost of the card for people without a NSW drivers licence is $51. If you lose it you are up for $24 for a replacement. If you change address you have to notify authorities within 14 days or face fines up to $2200. But the good news is that these oppressive regulations won’t hit until 1 March 2016. They can be challenged in Parliament and in the Courts. And in the court of public opinion. If enough bike riders show their displeasure, we may just stop this discrimination and draconian restriction to freedom. We know the new government doesn't care about bike riders. But we do know two things it does care about: votes and money. We need to show the government that its voting citizens are unhappy and that those outside NSW will spend their tourist dollars elsewhere. So here's what you can do: If you live in NSW, ring your local member of parliament and make an appointment to see them to discuss these laws Wherever you live write to Premier Baird and let him know that this is wrong If you live outside NSW, write to Premier Baird and Tourism Minister Stuart Ayers and tell them you won't be coming to visit NSW if these anti-bike laws are not changed Also, spread the word. Ask your friends in NSW who ride to act. Ask your friends overseas to write. This will get things started. We all know by working together bike riders are an unstoppable force. Of course, there will be more to do but for the moment, let's get cracking on showing the decision makers that bike riders are worth caring about. Best wishes, Craig Richards Cheif Executive Office, Bicycle Network Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Simonr

    Who to use?

    We used crown. Chose them because, as well as being competitive on price, they were also friendly and helpful. Made us feel like more than just another client. More important than all that though, everything was very well packed. Nothing damaged in transit, kept us up to date throuout the voyage, and delivery went well. Everything reassembled in record time and unpacked. Boxes taken away etc. I would happily recommend them.
  3. Simonr

    didnt cancel child benefit

    We had a bit of trouble stopping ours. We phoned, only to get an automatic message saying they were busy so call back later, then it hung up! Can't leave a message or anything. We eventually managed to send an email to them. Payments seem to have stopped now, but we received no communications from them to confirm it. As far as paying it back, I think we read somewhere you can still claim if you are out of the country for up to 2 months. Best check on that though.
  4. Simonr

    Primary School Information

    This looks quite useful information, even if there are some (minor) errors as mentioned by others. A couple of questions on your research:- Where did you find the class size information? Is this on the school website? Is this figure fairly up to date? Also, could the class size be an indication that there is space in the school? For example, Aspendale Gardens has a class size of 23, would the limit be 30, therefore meaning there are 7 spaces in the average class? Or does the class size limit vary between schools?
  5. Don't worry too much about it. One of us was suffering with depression, taking medication and seeing a psychiatrist etc at the time of the medical. We took along a letter from one of the many consultants, plus a personal statement giving background and why we felt we were over the worst. Our medicals were cleared in a few weeks! Easy! Although at the time, with all the worrying that goes on, it felt pretty difficult.
  6. Simonr

    Immigration Agency

    We used Ian Harrop. We contacted a few, including Go Matilda. Prices were all pretty similar, but just got a good feeling about Ian Harrops. I would certainly recommend them. You could try doing it yourself, but sometimes it's less stressful having people help that know the system
  7. We have booked flights to Perth, with the intention of buying a car and caravan and travelling for a few weeks before settling in Melbourne. When we arrive, and for several weeks after, we won't have a proper address. As far as I understand, we need an address in order to register the car (and caravan?). What's the best way of doing this without an address? Can I use a PO box or something? Or a hotel address? Thanks
  8. We are looking at trying this when we book flights. Singapore standard allowance is 30 kg, I have read in a few places that with an invalidated visa, they will double it, so for us, as a family of 5, that's a massive 300 kg. some other airlines do similar deals - apparently.
  9. Hi all. We are looking at moving over to Melbourne in March/April next year. We are just starting to look at what to take, and what to sell/chuck. We have a fairly decent piano. It's an upright piano, worth about £1200. Has anyone shipped a piano before? Is it worth it? I don't want to spend 5k on shipping it over. Thanks in advance.
  10. Simonr

    Credit card merchant fees to be charged by DIBP

    So how much are the charges going to be? Anyone heard yet? There's nothing quoted on the website yet.
  11. Simonr

    Delays with VETASSESS

    Apparently the professional skills are running around 15 - 18 weeks at the moment. Mine took 16 weeks. This link (if it works) gives an idea of some processing times:- https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/lv?key=0ApZ6naPS8hJ8dGgtZHBES2oyOU53YXA5VXdNUEt0WEE&usp=sharing&pli=1
  12. Simonr

    Family dilemma

    For many years I have wanted to move to Australia. I am now in a position where that may be possible. The only problem is my parents! Our kids are their only grandchildren. So taking them to the other side of the world would upset them a lot. To add to this, my parents do not fly, and never will. That means the only time they will see them is when we visit the UK, or on Skype. But I do not want to stay just for my parents. I would regret not going. But I may also regret going! has anyone else been in a similar situation? How did you manage this? ​any advice or experiences would be appreciated.
  13. Is there a route to permanent residency from the 457 temp sponsored visa? I haven't found any clear guidance on this route. Would I have to apply for a different visa first, or is there a more direct route?
  14. We are looking to apply for a visa. We are expecting a new baby in sept, and want to know if this could affect anything. I don't know the name, DOB or even sex of all the applicants. Can I add a new baby onto the application when it arrives?