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  1. elderberry

    Resident Return Visa - 1 Year (155)

    I was in a similar situation, arriving with just days left on my first Permanent Residence Visa. I arrived November and applied for an RRV the following June. My substantial ties was a job, I explained that although I didn't expect to have to travel any time soon I may need to (My father wasn't very well at the time). They issued a 1 year RRV a few days later. It wasn't immediate though, and I did send an email to ask if they needed anything else, it was issued a few hours later. After reaching the 2 years, I applied for another RRV, which was issued immediately for 5 years. In both instances this was onshore. I'm now in the process of applying for citizenship
  2. elderberry

    RRV with 2 years residency

    I validated my visa in 2012 on a reccie trip, which was the start of my PR, then left again. You are right, it's four years as a PR with max of 12 months not in australia, which will work out as Dec 2019.
  3. elderberry

    RRV with 2 years residency

    I will also take citizenship as soon as I am able, by my calculation I can apply Dec 2019. Unfortunately I arrived to stay only 4 days before my PR visa expired, so I've not been able to maintain the travel facility.
  4. elderberry

    RRV with 2 years residency

    Circumstances mean I cannot get an rrv that easily right now. Yes it's not the best, hence popping back very soon after reaching 2 years, and then plan to apply for citizenship 13 months from my return.
  5. elderberry

    RRV with 2 years residency

    Bit difficult to achieve if you are renting, on contract and had to arrive just as your last travel facility expires due to circumstances beyond your control, but I take your point.
  6. elderberry

    RRV with 2 years residency

    Thanks rammygirl, Yes they told me one year RRVs are currently taking 14 weeks as that is the delay in being dealt with by the processing officer. Terrible really, I can't imagine everyone has the foresight needed for this if there are urgent needs to go back to the UK (e.g. family emergency)
  7. elderberry

    RRV with 2 years residency

    Yes, I've already had a 1 year rrv. I activated the visa in April 2012, but returned to the UK, then came back for good in 2016. The 1 year Rrv took about 2 weeks last year. I've not got a perm job atm, so significant ties may be a little bit more difficult to prove. In any case 5 year rrv would be better. I rang up earlier, they said if my name hasn't changed, same passport and meet the 2 years residency it could be automatically produced.
  8. elderberry

    RRV with 2 years residency

    I hope all will be ok. I will apply on 20th November, I do fly on 24th November. Surely that can't be an issue when you have been here 2 years and meet the residency requirement? Fingers crossed all will be ok.
  9. elderberry

    RRV with 2 years residency

    My understanding you can leave without it being completed so long as visa in place when you return.
  10. elderberry

    RRV with 2 years residency

    I will apply 2 days before I leave, and I'm away for just over 2 weeks. At the point applying I will have 2 years residency as I've not left the country since I arrived. I was just trying to ask the current turnaround time as their website used to say 2 years residency should automatically be processed and now they've removed that.
  11. elderberry

    RRV with 2 years residency

    Thanks Babypom, yes I will have 2 years residency when I apply. As long as it comes back in 2 weeks I will be ok, thank you
  12. elderberry

    RRV with 2 years residency

    Hi. I got PR in 2012, so ran out in 2017 for travel facility
  13. elderberry

    RRV with 2 years residency

    Hi there. I've booked to go back to the UK two years 2 days after arriving here as a PR. Does anyone know the current turnaround for this visa please?
  14. elderberry

    Citizenship after 12 months ?

    My situation is similar to yours. I also activated my visa years before arriving. My understanding is that you have to be a PR for 4 years to apply for citizenship. That PR begins when you validate your visa. Therefore, you'd be able to apply 3 years after arrival - Nov 2019 for me, Dec 2020 for you, adding on any time you go on holiday outside of Australia during that period - so for example if you are away for 2 * 2 weeks from Nov 2017, you need to add 4 weeks to when you can apply.
  15. elderberry

    New changes! :-0 HELP!

    Although state sponsorship is by state things can change and once your visa is issued you can move. I'm in Vic now, moved for work but sponsored by nsw. Can you get ss from another state to get your points up?