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  1. elderberry

    Citizenship Application + Passport

    I applied for citizenship and then sent off my UK passport for renewal. When the passport renewal came back I went back into my citizenship application and updated the passport number accordingly. In terms of photos for evidence I went to the post office and had to get two different sized photos taken in order to upload what was needed for the citizenship that was a different size to that needed to renew my uk passport. Since this was last year my UK passport took six months from application to return of the new passport. plus updated the immi details in relation to my current visa to new passport number
  2. elderberry


    Got my letter today for citizenship test and interview for 4th June, applied 24th May 2020 in Melbourne. Rescheduled to 19th April, Melbourne CBD office Finally some progress!
  3. elderberry


    Also applied in May and waiting, I know how you feel
  4. elderberry


    Oh how great it is to live in Melbourne! Dont seem to make any progress here. Seriously considering a move to Queensland
  5. elderberry


    Great to hear Nora!
  6. elderberry


    We are in a long queue pzuk. I applied end of May and no update yet. Also in Melbourne - don't think there are any test centres open yet due to our covid record
  7. elderberry

    Life in quarantine (Melbourne)

    Great News Lavers. First job I found wasn't paid too well either - about 1.5x in $ than in GBP, but that changed with time (and that thing they love here of local experience!). At 2x plus things get a lot easier I'd say - Just avoid doing the currency conversion too much when shopping as you'll only remember those that are much higher here! Glad your daughter is happy with the school, sounds good.
  8. elderberry

    Life in quarantine (Melbourne)

    Wow, you've done so well Lavers, it's like an episode of 'wanted down under' how positively it's gone! I had a rather longer road to where you are, so great work - particularly under current circumstances
  9. elderberry


    Please don't put any more wind into the sails of that petition. It landed up spamming every forum on citizenship. They won't start the tests if it is unsafe to do so, and quite frankly that situation is getting less rather than more certain at the moment. Just be patient, stay safe and be grateful to be in a country with such good healthcare and relatively low numbers at the moment. I'd suggest it is not a priority when we are fighting a battle to save lives, avoid transmission and ensure businesses can survive.
  10. elderberry

    Life in quarantine (Melbourne)

    Good for you Lavers, under the circumstances quite understandable.
  11. elderberry

    Life in quarantine (Melbourne)

    What are your escape plans now? You still hanging around this pariah state or are you exiting before they get the barbed wire out?
  12. I think I'd get out of Victoria as fast as my legs could take me! I reckon it's going to get worse rather than better. Hopefully you are gonna rent somewhere with a garden for your next 2 weeks iso in Adelaide (or anywhere else as long as you are the right side of the border), so you can at least get some fresh air. Then, finally you should be free!
  13. elderberry

    Life in quarantine (Melbourne)

    I agree, great choices
  14. elderberry

    Life in quarantine (Melbourne)

    Are you allowed an exemption Lavers? As in taxi straight from your airport hotel to Geelong knowing your final destination is South Australia? If so then (at the moment) you would be outside the lockdown zone by then. Seems the South Australian border is shut for Victorian residents now (except for essential travellers) but of course you're not a victorian. No one wants a Victorian, may as well cut us off and drift into the tasman.
  15. elderberry

    Life in quarantine (Melbourne)

    I'd forgotten about the secondary quarantine...yeah, I can understand spending a few days en route that being the case. Lorne is a really nice spot, Kennett River great to see koalas naturally in the trees. You could book hotels through the likes of booking.com with free cancellation, just a thought