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  1. hambagahle

    ENS (121/856 visa) Timeline

    sorry to hear about your pressures, just keep your eyes on the prize, 14th is Monday so it could be just another couple of days...
  2. hambagahle

    Skillselect ENS 186 Timeline

    Great news, enjoy. Good to see that Melbourne is processing August ENS applications!
  3. hambagahle

    Skillselect ENS 186 Timeline

    hi there, did you apply through Melbourne amstella? Me too 3aug but not drc... regards
  4. hambagahle

    ACS Result Timeframe

    Hi AhmedMine took just on four weeks. Good luck!Regards
  5. Hi folks Melbourne seems to be away behind the other offices in terms of processing, and some of the other threads report on Perth and Parramatta offices too. Would like to hear from other post 1July ENS applicants using the Melbourne office so we can share the misery :confused: and see if there is any movement there. I will start the ball rolling. Office: Melbs Visa: 186 DRC via a migration agent Occupation: IT Business Analyst 261111 Nomination and visa submitted: 2 August 2012 Acknowledgement received by email: 22 August 2012 Regards
  6. Hi all I know this is a long shot - but we're moving out there in April and we have an aspiration to live in ocean reef - largely school related. Searches of reiwa and the like reveal suitable properties but normally with very little notice - i.e. its available next week. Does anyone have any knowledge of any houses coming up beginning April or that you want to break lease on around this time? We're looking in the area bounded by Hodges drive, Marmion & Shenton aves and the ocean. Appreciate you reading this Regards