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    Skype Interviews, do they really work?

    I got my job out here via Skype. Only thing I would add is that you have to be a bit more disciplined in waiting for the other person to finish before you start answering compared with a face to face. I "drive a desk" for a living and normally wear a suit. I had an interview at midnight (my time) and wore my suit and tie. The interviewer who is now my boss was surprised but I would rather have been over dressed than under dressed as impressions count and bad impressions count more....
  2. Bythesea

    coeliac disease

    The Leader of the Opposition is a coeliac and Melbourne is very friendly on the GF front. We live near a Gluten Free bakery which is great - they also supply cafes and restaurants. Our local Thai has a menu with all the GF stuff marked on it. Etc etc You do have to watch out though as some products do contain gluten where in the UK they don't eg mass produced ice cream..... But that isn't too much of a hardship as the gelato shops here are superb eg Davey Macs near us and very GF aware. In general there is far more awareness and even that great Melbourne dish the Parma sometimes comes in a GF version I was told that the reason for this was that there were more coeliac s in Aus was that the wheat here is harsher than in Europe. That might be cobblers though.....
  3. As you say, they are 'Merkins but they can almost be forgiven as they did a fantastic collaboration with Neil Young on Rockin in the Free World. I am sure someone, with more skills than I, can link to a video of it. Superb song.
  4. Ooh, and another thing... Sarah McLachlan is a great singer - check out Posession on her live album Mirrorball
  5. Canadian music - wot, no mention of Rush.......? Hemispheres is one of the greatest Prog Rock albums of all time. But then again, it probably says more about me and my age
  6. Bythesea

    Working class!

    Oops, wrong thread....
  7. Bythesea

    Australian authors/books of interest

    On the fiction side, Tom Keneally; he of Schindler's Ark fame. Lots of great novels about Australia and far wider. Am currently reading The Tyrant's Novel - set in Arabia but with the unusual but in this instance clever device of characters having "Western" names. The question being asked is; what you would do. Once I've finished it back to the library to get another.
  8. Bythesea

    Do you wee in your wetsuit?

    Nothing wrong with the Old Suit Warmer
  9. Bythesea

    Letton Percival vs insure-your-move.com

    By the way we used insure your move and made a claim which we were satisfied with after negotiation. But in the end they are a broker and you end up dealing with the insurance company behind them.
  10. Bythesea

    Letton Percival vs insure-your-move.com

    Not answering your question directly but really the question about insurance should be not what the premium is but what people's experience is on making a claim. You may get a cheap premium but if they are tighter than a gnatt's chuff when it comes to pay out you lose out big time. Not trying to be a smart arse but it is not about price but about value.
  11. We shipped about 6 with no problems. Some from UK and some we had originally bought in NZ. Some had stamps on, some didn't and we had no problems. We declared them on our packing lists.
  12. Bythesea

    Storage in West Midlands???

    Thanks for both the repsosnes - much appreciated. BTS
  13. That's an intersting one. Am still in the UK with my old man overseas/ UK and technology has certainly improved our relationship. Whereas we probably only phoned each other 4 times a year and caught up f2f once a year, with Skype etc we talk at least once a fortnight. He really is the tech-savy one with Pads & Pods coming out of his ears and I am the laggard.... So yes, although the miles can be further, it can be easier for relationships, IMHO. BTS
  14. Hi hopefully someone can give us some recommendations....when we move to Oz we are looking at moving about 2/3rds of our stuff over and storing 1/3 in blighty. We are West Midlands based so if any one has any recommendations for storage companies we would be very grateful to hear about them. We are looking at long term humidity controlled storage and we will not need access to our stuff during the time it remains in the UK. Cheers BTS
  15. Bythesea

    What's Brazil Doing Right?

    I guess I was exaggerating to make a point, but having visited many parts of the States, I aint far wrong - one you leave the west and east seaboards you are not in the same country. No, not done on a quality basis - our factories in Brazil are top quality, just getting more and more expensive year on year as their economy booms.