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  1. A Brisbane based commercial & domestic installation company is looking for good quality floor layers. The successful applicants will be strong, fit and motivated. You will need to be fully experienced in the installation of all commercial carpets and vinyls as well as being competent in the preparation of subfloors with prior or present flooring history required. We are a registered 457 Employer Sponsor and are offering floor layers a chance to come to Australia on a 4 year sponsored visa with the option of applying for permanent residency during the 4 year 457 visa term. The base salary is $52,500, for the trial period which will be reviewed yearly during the 4 year period. Overtime will be available and you will also be entitled to 4 weeks annual leave, sick pay and 9.5% superannuation. You will be provided with a fully maintained work van, tools, and uniform. If interested please private message me here or contact me at prestigefloorcover@yahoo.com
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    Skillselect ENS 186 Timeline

    No we received absolutely nothing and I did ring my agent up chasing it a few times but was told he had not heard anything and if he was to chase up that we would receive a standard letter stating it was still within the 6 month timeframe, it's so worrying hearing nothing at all but such a relief to know it can just come through like that.
  3. cjmwlove

    Skillselect ENS 186 Timeline

    Hey guys just an update, we got granted PR today :biggrin: Our visa was lodged on the 28th June the temporary transition scheme and with our medicals and police checks already done beforehand. We did it through a migrant agent and with the employers nomination going in on the same date, it wasn't sent in as decision ready and it was sent to the Paramatta office. We also wasn't notified of a case officer being allocated we just received the phonecall from our migrant agent at 5.05pm tonight wahoo best phone call to end the day. Good luck to everyone waiting & hope you receive it very soon!
  4. cjmwlove

    Skillselect ENS 186 Timeline

    Hi Guys, for those still waiting too like ourselves whats taking them so long?? Our application has been in since the 26th June 2013 medicals etc had already been done previously in the year and we have still not heard a thing, no case officer yet either, im worrying now as everyone seems to be getting theirs granted and they submitted their applications later I think ours is being dealth with by the Paramatta office too. Fingers crossed it is soon its killing me everyday waiting.
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    Last to post in this thread WINS!

    haha me me me
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    Thinking ahead about Permanent residency!!

    Thankyou for confirming that for me, his occupation is currently on the ENSOL list but not on the SOL list but employer wants to wait 2 years but i dont as i want security for my kids and dont like the idea of it being removed and we have to go home. His job is not in a regional area and if he was to get a RSMS visa doesnt he still have to have a employer willing to take him on with a minimum timescale of 2 years again? Ideally he would like to become self employed but seems to me as if he will have to be employed for quite a number of years before he can do this, am i right?
  7. Hi, im just thinking ahead here and want to know if im right or wrong in what im thinking. My partner is currently being sponsored on a 457 visa and has been since the beginning of this year, his occupation is not on the general skilled migration list so therfore we cannot apply for PR this way. On a 457 after 2 years you can apply for PR i believe without having to have skills assessed, does this have to be a employer sponsored PR if the occupation is still not on the general skilled list? Also what if the 2 years is up and in the meantime his occupation is removed from the employer sponsored list and also the general skilled list what happens then, does this mean we cannot apply for anything and have to go home. We have spoken to his employer and they seem reluctant to sponsor for PR just yet and have said after 2 years as they have mentioned the fact we could just leave anytime we wanted if they sponsored us for PR now, we wouldnt do that and have stated there has to be a contract with a period of time my partner will stay but they dont seem to want to budge. Please can someone help me as to what will happen if his occupation is removed off the lists mentioned above. Thanks:unsure:
  8. Hi, just to let you knoe they found a cash buyer, it was updated a couple of pages back.
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    me too please!
  10. Hi! I moved to Brisbane the beginning of this year with my boyfriend, and we're currently here on a 457 visa but looking to stay permantly. I'm 25, and i'm a stay at home mum for now looking after my twin girls which are 17 months, and my boyfriend is also 25. Its quite frustrating that we haven't made as many friends as i thought we would over here but im finding it hard to meet people. I don't really meet anyone as im at home and not in a job, i do go shopping and to the park but it seems everybody already has friends and aren't looking for any more. It can be lonely as my partner works all day and i'm used to meeting up with my friends, and i know that my fella wants some guys to hang out with other than who he works with aswell. I just wondered if there is anyone in Brisbane (were currently south east side in Rochedale South) who could do with a new friend? Any girls who might like to go shopping, or for dinner or even hang out at the beach sometime, if you have kids or no kids or if there is any guys who would like to go surfing, golf, fishing, football, boxing drinks with my fella, or if you're in the same boat as us, Id love to hear from you! Thanks. :laugh:
  11. cjmwlove

    Living in the rochedale brisbane

    Hi, Me and my partner have just recently moved to Rochedale South with our twin daughters. I find it a nice area its very quiet and we have had no problems at all. Im Just finding it difficult to make new friends at the moment as i dont really know anyone an due to being at home with my daughters i dont currently work. If anyone would like to meet up or just chat feel free to message me.
  12. cjmwlove

    Hi all, please help me out!

    i have done this but still nothing. thanks anyway
  13. cjmwlove

    Hi all, please help me out!

    I posted a thread about applying for a permanent visa but have not had any replies. My partner has NVQ qualifications in his job as a floor finisher and we are currently here on a 457 visa but want to stay for good so want to get moving with the independent visa application or anyone that doesn't require a sponsor, but was wondering if we could do this so soon with us only being here 1 month on a sponsored visa???? We have been over here before and know it is what we want to give ourselves and our children better lives. Please help me any help will do! Thanks
  14. cjmwlove

    Help on 457 visa to 176

    Hi i am just wondering how and if we could go about applying for PR as we are currently on a 457 visa and my partner is the one being sponsored as his trade was on the wanted list. We arrived in Brisbane at the begining of Jan 2011 on a 457 but really want to be PR without being sponsored as my partner would like to work for himself eventually, can we do this with only being here less than a month? Also how long does ths process take to get PR from a 457 Visa. My partner has all his qualifications in his trade and for the 457 we didnt have to have police checks or medicals do we have to have these done before applying for PR? Any help would be appreciated.:smile: