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  1. Pom on the move

    Help - costly flights home!

    I just had a look through loads of airlines & I can not find anything under $2000 most $2500. I wish you luck, sometimes buying well in advance is the best thing. (no use to you now I know but maybe something for the future if this is an ongoing thing) Best of Luck
  2. Pom on the move

    Best places to live in Perth?

    Hi there, Perth is full of great places to live. You need to write yourselves a list to decide what is the most important thing you want then go from there. Also you need to have an idea on how much you will be able to afford to rent? This will be another factor for where you can move to. All the suburbs around Perth are more expensive. Take a look at some of these links to give you ideas on areas and message me if you would like any more info http://www.cityofperth.wa.gov.au/ http://www.subiaco.wa.gov.au/ http://www.joondalup.wa.gov.au/Homepage.aspx http://www.southperth.wa.gov.au/ http://www.fremantle.wa.gov.au/home Good Luck
  3. Pom on the move

    Hi all from a newcomer

    Hi there, Just wanted to wish you luck, your are right there is loads to do when you move anywhere let alone overseas. Paperwork and more paperwork but all worth it. If there is anything I can help with please let me know
  4. Pom on the move

    Nice break or straight to school?

    We arrived in Perth on Sept 7th, & decided to wait till the start of term 4 So in this time you can check out where you will be living the nearest schools etc & go from there I think if you wait till Jan you & they will go stir crazy. Term 3 here they do sports day & swimming etc so you could looking into the schools see how long you will have left of term 3, Children are best to get settled & straight into it I think, but you know your children. I know I had to pick the right school from the start as I didn't want to have to move them in a year or 2 down the line, we are now looking for houses around their school rather then moving them again. Best to get them in either T3 or T4 as they then have 6-7 weeks summer & if they have made some friends you can meet up with them over the holidays. It will also help you start getting to know people then when they go for term 1 things wont be as hard. Good Luck & hope it all goes well
  5. Pom on the move

    anyone moving in april 13?

    Hi all just wanted to say hope your all getting sorted & looking forward to your move. We love Perth & WA, best choice we made. The moving bit & the first few weeks are stressful while you are getting straight but this is the same even if you move in the same country. Remember Live the Life :-) Good Luck All of you, If there is anything I can help you with Please ask :-)
  6. Hi there I'm not much help re the information but wanted to wish you luck & remember an informal chat is just that, they want to get an idea of you as a person, It might be good if you familiarise yourself with medicare as that is the government Health Service here. If you want to come & live & work here just be yourself, my husband had an informal chat with his now boss when we were in uk they just had a chat to see how they got on & this is just as important they will then go from there, they must have all your details to want to chat to you. They should outline what they do & how things work. So try not to stress this moving thing is hard work but defo pays off Good Luck
  7. Pom on the move

    Hi all. looking for some advice..perth or caloundra qld

    Hi guys we live in WA about 15mins from Hillarys we earn no more than $75.000 we have 2 children & spend a lot less than the average family. I cook all meals & we dont eat crap, we spend loads of time at the beach (free) the parks (free) & eat out or pay to go out some where now & again only tough & limited as trying to save for a house as well but we live fine & are careful. we dont have the aircon on much dont have cable & watch what electrical stuff we use. We rent a 3x1 for $410 a week (hard to find much for less that is livable ) & have a $2000 credit card which we use each month & pay off at the end of the month. I dont want to tell you, you will be fine & to leave what you have, just wanted to know it is possible if you look after your money. I have never been to QLD so can't help there. The Rental market is high now & there are lots of people looking so $450 is more likely somewhere nice. I hope this is of some help, we Love Life & Hope you make the right decision if there is anything else I can help you with let me know. Gemma
  8. Hi there not too sure on where you are want to live but here in WA we pay $400 a week rent, the rates are paid by the landlord but if you exceed the water limit your given, then you will be asked to pay the extra. ie $200 for 6 months. We pay electric - our overall cost for last year $2310 = just under $5 a day, we pay monthly. so just go easy on what you use :-) Phone/internet - our overall cost for last year = $908 Then you have you food bills this can vary on the amount of people in your house etc but looking at $200-$300 a week Then you have your car/transport costs. Hope that is of some help Good Luck with your new adventure
  9. Pom on the move

    Visa Granted!! Need guidance.

    Hi there, Big move ahead :-) You will be wanting to know loads of info right now, just remember to do one thing at a time as it can be a little over whelming. You need to have a look if there is an area in where you want to live & go from there as there are so many good nice place to be. Do you have jobs lined up where are they etc how far do you want to be from them? This will help you decide where to get accommodation in the first place & work on things from there. If I can be of any help please ask. Mum of 2 that has also made the move. ;-)
  10. Pom on the move

    Perth for Singletons?

    Well I would like to be different and say Life is what you make it !!! Yes I am married with 2 young children, we could stay indoors all the time and play on the computers etc & do nothing else but we dont we are out and about most of the time there are loads of place to visit that cost nothing. I have been here before 10 years a go and did the whole back packing thing. I stayed in the City when to Northbridge, clubs, pubs, Friends houses, Drive in movies, Joined fit clubs in the park. There are meet up groups for all different types of people weather you are into photography, football, running, over 40 over 50 social groups you name it you can find it. Yes Perth is a bit behind on things but this can be a good thing I feel safer here than UK, We don't work all hours to pay for a house we cant afford & people still have time to get together. If there is something you really want to do organise it & invite people. Sydney is great for young people bars clubs etc but Being young and single comes to an end at some point & you need to think ahead too. Anyway good luck with what you decide. Remember Life is what you make it as you only have one chance :-)
  11. Pom on the move

    How far do you travel to work in WA???

    Hi there, Finding somewhere to live is a nightmare even worst when you are looking from the other side of the world :-) Traveling distance is up to you, employers don't mind as long as you turn up for work :-) It sounds like you are thinking of coming over a buying a house straight away. This again is a personal choice, but I know of people that have done this as they think it will save money in the long run, yes this is possible but your families happiness is more important. An idea is to try and rent for 6-12 months to allow you time to look into areas, there is nothing worse than moving all this way to find you have bought a house where there isnt much to do etc. It will also be hotter there as it is more in land. Look at the school/s in the area first & what is about if you are happy with all of this then go for it, just don't rush into buying something you may find hard to re sell. All the best with your journey x
  12. Pom on the move

    School not accepting!

    I had to look this up after reading your situation. I do feel for you, but this is something that should have been looked into before you came, I can image your stress at this time. It is now going to be hard to get hold of anyone at the schools as it is now the summer holidays. On the educational site is states [h=4]Conditions of Enrolment[/h] Enrolment will be at the discretion of the Principal. Principals have the right to refuse enrolments if it is considered it would be detrimental to particular programs operating within the school or to class dynamics or because of the imminent closure of the school year or because there is no spare capacity. So I think the best thing to do is contact http://www.eti.wa.edu.au/contact-education-and-training-international.html because they need to help you. Here are a few schools I have found so check out their websites Peter moyes Anglican Community School Mindarie Senior College Belridge Senior High School Woodvale Secondary College Padbury Senior School Wanneroo Senior High School Have a look at them then contact the education department & find out if there are available spaces at any & go from there. I wish you all the best
  13. Pom on the move

    Should I bring my dishwasher and fridge freezer????

    We left all this stuff at home, We picked all white goods up 2nd hand. You need to remember if you ship them they wont be here when you get here so you will need to think is the place you are staying has everything you need. Unfurnished Rentals don't come with any white goods so you may have a few weeks with out it. Also depends how much you want to pay on shipping as it will take your costs up. Yes things here are not cheap but bargains can be found. we paid $400 for a 2nd hand 6ft Fridge & a 6ft Freezer so not bad. I think like most people have written if it breaks down or gets damaged in transit you may to get another one anyway. Good Luck & Safe travels
  14. Pom on the move

    When does feeling homesick stop being homesickness......

    How long have you been here? Have had this feeling since you have been here or Has it just started? Things are always going to be different from when you have come for, it's all about trying to start again, The more effort you put in the better the results. Do you have children? I know it is realy hard & have met many people who have made the move & some will say there wont make any effort to enjoying it as the OH has said if they don't like it after 2 years they can go home. I think this is a bit selfish, why spend 2 years of your life sad. I have been here with my husband and 2 young children for just over a year now & we totally love it. We know we were doing the right thing before we even left the UK. We didn't really have any help there so it hasn't made much difference to us, if you are close to you family etc it will be harder. I know feel I have some good friends here, most through doing things with my kids. I was hard the first week I probably cried more than ever it was more shock than anything else, worry, stress makes your mind think of all the bad things you don't normally give 2 mins for. I hope you feel better but if life is really getting you down & you feel you have really tried your best then maybe its time to head back. Wish you lots of luck with your decision.
  15. Pom on the move

    Houses seem horrible...

    I know that hence the reason we pay $390 . The lady put she wanted a 2 story house and not what budget she had just didn't want to pay $800 ! http://www.domain.com.au/Property/For-Rent/Townhouse/WA/Kingsley/?adid=6410632 This is a link for a 2 story town house in Kingsley $450 a week ! I would just say you cant have everything something has to give, set your budget & then look on all the real estates and pick the best of the bunch, you will only know when you view them which you prefer