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  1. westernbrit

    Hello, booked and counting down

    Well ben. Your uncle made the move over 5 years ago and has never looked back. Im sure you'll want to stay for more than a year, when you see our lifestyle. steve
  2. westernbrit

    Perth single friends wanted ;)

    Hi mate. I'm not single but there's a few of us lads go out drinking, in and around perth. Its usualy on a fri night but some weeks a sat too, every other week. Were all in our 30's and from the uk and like to enjoy a social drink. If u fancy join us one weedend. pm me and we'll sort it out. Steve
  3. westernbrit

    Looking for city slickers

    Hi there. Were a couple in our 30's and like you think the city lifestyle is better for us. Not many people do as they have children to think about or theyre trying to live the dream near then beach. we have a few friends who all live not far from the city and were often in the bars, going to gigs, watching sports etc. so if you fancy catching up for a drink or 2 sometime, feel free to get in touch Steve
  4. Hi there. Looks like youve picked a few good suburbs there. scarbs is a bit out of the way for getting into the city and down to freo. and i dont think youll get much of a place in cott for your budget. Subi would be the place to go for me, if you can find a nice place for the price.Its nice and central with decent bars and good transport. If you fancy goin out for a drink or 2 your wellcome to join me and a few other brits, we usually go out in or around city on a fri or sat night, Pm me if you want and ill give you my number. Steve
  5. westernbrit

    20's in Perth

    hi Mark How you settling in in our little city? im from your neck of the woods back home been out here a few years now and loving it. If you fancy coming out for a drink or 3 on a weekend with me and a few other lads your wellcome to join us. Were not in our 20's mainly in our early to mid 30's, but were not agest so get in touch if you fancy it steve
  6. westernbrit

    diesel fitter in the mines

    HI Donna Your hubby should have no probs getting a job over here doing the same work as in the uk. lots of truck places over here wanting good mechanics with european vechile experiance. I know of a M.A.N garage thats always short of mechanics, if your Oh wants to look them up theyre called A.V trucks on great eastern highway. Steve
  7. Hi there. The Mrs and myself have been in Perth a while now, but always up to meet new people. Were both in our 30's and living in the western suburbs, so can get into the city easy if you fancy a drink sometime.
  8. hi Adam give me a shoot when you get here and we'll meet up for a drink and ill try and help you find your way about if you want. Steve
  9. westernbrit

    Friends in Perth

    Hi alL Well its day 3 back on our visit back to yorkshire after over 2 years of being away. Not much seems to have changed, its rained for 3 days. what a supprise usual english summer. No wonder the people dont look happy, how do the people cope seeing days like this when its suppossed to be the middle of summer. Had a bbq planned for yesterday, was cancelled as usual. least in perth you can plan to have one and know the weather will let you have it. Ive also noticed everything looks better in the sun, thats why most people seem happy back in perth. Anyway enough of all this moaning its meant to get sunnier by the end of the week. Lets hope and pray as im freezing my nuts off. To all the people coming to Perth from wakefield, you may miss your friends/family when you get there and moan about this and that. but all i can say is come with an opern mind and give it time. Take it one day at a time and perth will reward you with a happier, sunnier and healthier way of living. Steve
  10. westernbrit

    Uk photo licence

    You can use your paper licence to get a wa licence. I used mine earlier this year and had no problems. Just make sure you take your passport for photo proof.
  11. westernbrit

    drinks in perth

    Hi Any lads fancy a few beers on friday night in Perths cbd bars. Nothing too heavy just a few social hours out of the house. Thanks Steve.
  12. westernbrit

    Advice from HGV fitters please!

    Hi What info do you want to know? Plenty of work over here in WA for mechanics have a look on seek.com.au and send out a few cv's
  13. westernbrit

    Friends in Perth

    Hi Tracey & Darren I hope wakey is sunnyish as were coming home for a visit in a few weeks. Not been back for over 2 years but im sure not much will have changed. Steve
  14. westernbrit

    Friends in Perth

    Hi all The mrs and myself with a few others are thinking about having a bit of a social drinking session next sat afternoon down in freo. Probably meet in little creatures early afternoon and see where the day takes us. It should be a mixture of single and couples, but not sure as yet. So any of you already in perth, that feel like joining us for a few hours. please get in touch and ill let you know the details. Steve
  15. westernbrit

    Friends in Perth

    Hi Sarah. If you want get in touch when you get here and im sure the mrs will meet up with you for a few drinks and try and help you out. were both in our 30's live near perth city but both from near wakefield. Weve been out here a few years so nicely settlled in now. If you need any help or questions answering i do my best. Steve and vicky