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  1. Thanks fix, appreciate it! I know what you mean, my son looks and has no physical difficulties so people who don't know him don't ever notice there's anything wrong with him! Suz x
  2. e My partner and I don't get any benefits, by support I meant in schools, speech therapist, teaching strategies etc. (except DLA for our son). We own our own home and my partner has studied hard for his degree and has fufilled a construction site managers assistant job at the same time. I study nursing and get no financial help. we have family in Queensland and Victoria and are well aware of how tight your system is. We are purely looking for a netter quality of life for our family.
  3. Thanks everyone, i appreciate your advice! I must admit after researching and reading some posts on education/support for kids on autistic spectrum in australia, it isnt looking anywhere near as supportive/advanced as it is over here (UK).My sons needs will always come first. Suz
  4. Thanks shel, I hear the cost is $25000 for 5 yrs but there's telling how that cost of services is made up so I can't calculate! I am going to get in touch with a migration lawyer on mon, just sitting on my own right now and was looking for some instant support/advice! It's making me ill, I'm so upset and hardly sleeping : ( losing my family to Australia ( ain't got a big one at that) and we might never get to join them, it's madness!! Suz
  5. Hi all! Firstly i am new to this site and not sure how everything works yet, but here goes! I have joined this site as my partner and i decided we would love to make the move to australia. We are both mid 20's, i am studying nursing while my partner is in construction management. My partners little sister has recently gained residency in queensland and his parents are now planning to move over permanently also :shocked: My partner has informed me that an employer would sponser him for the move. We have 3 children, 9,5,4. I had my heart set on it all until through looking for info on visas i found this site and came across medical requirements for visa. This is where the nightmare (literally) started for me. My 9yr old has a diagnosis of ASD. After reading through posts/threads i realised it may be virtually impossible to gain a permanent visa with this diagnosis. Since he was diagnosed (aged 4) he has astonished health professionals by since gaining full speech (were told he would never speak) and understanding of language, he has no repetative tendancies, joins his mainstream class everyday as he asks to do so, is highly sociable, needs no assistance to self care, does not and never has been on any medication and has no physical difficulties. I am looking into migration experts but due to the anxiety and stress of learning about this i have made this my first port of call before i drown my sorrows with bottle of wine! Any advice/experience or information would be greatly appreciated. i am clinging onto any hope i have left. Thanks, Suz