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  1. Heya PIOs!


    Hope all guys are awesome as ever finding the best way to get down under... It has been a long overdue since I wanted to thank this wonderful & awesome website (pomsinoz.com) that did helped me to change my life completely.:notworthy:


    I was just another guy working in a multinational in my country. Someone gave me an idea to move down under. I went through the process and after all that grilling process I think it’s worth putting all your money and effort. To be true my life has changed completely and you can say it’s like taking a big U turn.


    After 6 months of arriving in Australia I think this country is awesome. My excitement for my visa grant was that as if I have achieved some olympic gold and I booked my ticket after few weeks.I became panicky as my plane landed in Adelaide airport and had one question in my mind. Now what?


    I changed 3 cities in 6 months and think that there is no place good or bad but every place has its own pros and cons. To keep it straight, everyplace is special. "Gumtree" is your best pal to find a place and before you land it’s a very good idea to call couple of friends to accommodate you for few days. Believe me its useful not to find you a shed but also they educate you about the place. After relocating to new place another phase started of my life in Australia, "job hunting. Better to say I "Sprayed and Prayed" my resume across all job websites in Australia.Beleive me you will get calls and don't expect to get a job right away after landoing.Its a very good idea to prepare your mind for a break/no work for few weeks...blah blah..Blah...Another thing is to make sure to let your recruiter know that you are flexible to do something new. After talking to some hundred consultants and busy talking on phone all day long (9-5 even in loo) for 4 weeks I finally got a job! Exactly after 4 weeks of landing. Whoa! Now what...Since I had to relocate to a new city (My 3rd one) I had to start the whole gumtree process again...anxious of joining the new workplace in a new country. Believe me or not, I found the best ever workplace environment I have worked in and I kind of love it. Weekends is all about partying, barbeque, biking or surf around the best beaches in the world.

    And yes after 6 months here in Australia I can say " I am living the Aussie dream ":biggrin:and just want to say to everyone here who are in a grilling process of applying, applied or in a thinking of applying, It’s worth it!:yes:





    Big Bob

  2. Hi Mates,

    How are you all doing?

    Just wanted to inform you guys that Big Bob has finally cracked a job before Christmas as planned with biggest Australian telecommunication provider.

    I wish all the best for all the people who are planning to arrive and all others whom I missed to congratulate, Rest all who are still in application process God is with you ;)



  3. Hi Mates,

    How are you all doing?

    Just wanted to inform you guys that Big Bob has finally cracked a job before Christmas as planned with biggest Australian telecommunication provider.

    I wish all the best for all the people who are planning to arrive and all others whom I missed to congratulate, Rest all who are still in application process God is with you ;)



  4. Hey Mates!


    Long time...Apologies for delay in updating the tracker but I have another week more to fly to Canberra...Hope I am justifying myself fair:biggrin:

    Congratulations on your visa grant PlannerOH and lebourvellec....Congratulations_Comment_10.gif

    Luckylady..I have turned you pink...lols..:cute: Jane and Bingo...I have you both orange....Rest anyone missed please do let me know... Wish you all a best of BLUE...



  5. Hi Bob, personally I'm chomping at the but for the allocations date page to update!! I'm hoping for tomorrow as we're well over two weeks now!!




    I am here: http://maps.google.com/maps?ll=52.266878,-0.889465

    Hi dale/jane

    I agree that CO allocation is a bit slow now....So better be prepared with rest of your docs...All the best hun..:biggrin:

    hi bob thanks for adding me to the sept 2011, spoke to my agent today because on the diac application status page they have my sons birthday wrong and when our agent sent us a copy of the trn number through she missed the z of the end of the trn so my hubby sent the trn with the z what was missing through to wa hope it doesnt confuse the situation lol x hoping get a case officer sooo0000n weve booked meds for the 27th of 0ct0ber just in case we here we can always move them back if we dont here anything and weve sent off pcc because thats not a massive expense if push come to shove my son is insulin dependent so i think he has got have a extra blood test done so fingers croosed we get a case officer soon and well done to you hunxx

    Don't worry, All will be allrighty....tc


  6. Hi Neil,

    We are sorting our Police stuff now and have booked our meds for the 11th of Nov, we applied on th 28th.

    As far as i can see the only the reason they tell you to wait for these is because when the visas were being processed slowly your checks could be virtually out of date when you visa was granted. So i can't see any reason to wait, as long as your case isn't really complicated.

    Look at Bobs case 3 weeks from start to finish, if he hadn't have been sorted prior to applying never would have been that quick i imagine.

    You are absolutely right Dale/Jane... You are on a right track ....Its better you clear all the PCC and med stuff by the time CO is allocated...When he checks your case and find everything on the platter...He will just ask you any forms required or anything...Once your meds are finalised...You get the golden ticket...All in all you are basically making your CO's jobs easy...One more thing....I had kinda an idea when my CO will be allocated so I did all that immediately after lodging my visa...I was blessed because as soon my CO was allocated... I had my meds PCC everything in place......you now know my three week recipe...I am impressed :yes::cute:

    Bob you are a PIO legend!!

    Do you know about the meds and Police checks?

    I'm being told that I should order the police checks and the meds now, is this right? I do want to try and push the application along as we are heading out end Nov so it would be nice to have the option to stay.

    Cheers for the advise pal.



    Wrap them up as quick as you can. If you have any missing docs...etc. get them done...Upload everything according to 176 check list and if you aren't sure on anything...Go ahead and upload it...More docs make your case strong...All the best :hug:



  7. Hi Bob

    We are currently progressing through the 176 visa route. Here is our route so far:

    Vetassess Passed - 10 May 2010 (General Electrician)

    IELTS grade 9 - June 2010

    SS applied for SA - 31st July 2011

    Documents Recieved by SA - 15th Aug 2011

    SS Granted - 26th Sept 2011

    176 Visa App Lodged - 28th Sept 2011

    C/O assigned - ?

    Meds & PCC - ?

    Visa Granted - ?

    Do you have details of what we need to do next? I have uploaded all of the required documentation but I can't seem to find a reference to request the form to be sent from SA to diac, should I have this and if so any ideas where I can find it from?

    I'm assuming that I should just wait now until request the meds and police checks? Also do you know if this is done after we are assigned a case officer?

    We already have tickets booked to go out to oz on holiday at the end of November you see, if we get our visa granted before the end of Nov we are seriously considering staying.

    Cheers for any advise


    Hi Neil,

    Welcome to PIA...For SA go to this link....http://www.immigration.sa.gov.au/applyonline/skilled/index.php

    Login with your details...SA Application ID and Last name ...Browse to Form 1100 generation...You can automatically generate Form-1100 yourself...You don't need to mail Immi SA for that...when you login they show you instructions how to generate Form-1100 online...All the best!:wubclub:


  8. Hi Big Bob,

    We've finally got our visa submitted :)

    Thanks for all the advice from everyone!!

    Dale & Jane


    Hi Bob,

    Could you add my details, please?


    Dale, Jane and Robyn,

    Welcome to PIO Aug Sep Visa thread....:wubclub:...Wish you good luck for your visa application... I have updated your details right away!:wink:


    lebourvellec,luckylady, chchaplin, IZA

    Great going guys! Few weeks to get blue !:cute:



  9. Hi Big Bob,


    Firstly a big thanks for your extremely helpful and informative threads. Here's my status:


    Name: WinTheAshes

    Visa Applied : 17 September 2011

    Trade/Profession: Market Research Analyst

    Visa type: 176 ACT Sponsored

    Form 1100 Uploaded: 20 September 2011

    Case Officer Allocated:

    Meds Received:

    PCC Finalised:

    Form 80 submitted:

    Meds Finalised:

    Visa Granted:

    Hopefully not long before I turn orange. Once again a big thank you for this and your ACT threads.

    Hi WinTheAshes,

    Welcome to PIA ...:wubclub: Yes won't take long to get a CO....You are welcome and wish you good luck :) I will update your details right away...All the best ...



  10. Morning All,


    Hope you are all well this fine morning - had a busy weekend :wacko:


    OH has flights booked for 14th October & is being put up by some friends in Perth for a few weeks. All going so quickly I feel as if my head is constantly spinning :spinny:

    Now I just have to ask my work if I can tweak my hours so I do nursery drop off & pick up - not sure how that is going to go down :confused: Wish me luck!!!!



    Big Bob

  11. BELATED HEARTIEST CONGRATULATIONS BOB ! Would say well deserved :notworthy: You don't know how happy I am for you...Guys this guy is just awesome...Standing applause to you my friend...right from Victoria thread contributions to Caberra thread and now to this 176 thread and selflessly helping people...You are doing good work mate..Bless you with awesome life in OZ...

    Thanks man :biggrin::hug:...Wish you good luck too...


    Big Bob

  12. Thanks Bob,

    I live in the UK, so the most straightforward and cheapest way to get certified copies is at the Post Office, I believe. At one time they were doing some kind of deal if you ordered in bulk, or something like that...

    I see you are wasting no time from your visa grant to your arrival date. Turning it around in 2 months is some good going. By the way, what is the maximum amount of time allowed from the issue of a 176 visa and arrival in OZ?

    Good luck in your new life.


    Hi Rick

    Great! Go ahead and get them done right away from PO.DIAC gives you 1 year to validate your visa. Counter starts from Day 1 of grant..I had to wait a month as I have to serve 1 month notice period in my current company.I will be relieved by Nov 1.So week later I booked my golden ticket.Good luck for your state sponsorship :wubclub:& thanks for your wishes mate.Appreciate that :biggrin:


    Big Bob

  13. Hello Everyone,

    I apologise for asking a really basic question and hope it hasn't been asked before....

    The hard documentation ACT requires: are photocopies acceptable or do I need to submit the original documents? Do I need certified copies? How about the bank statements, should these be photocopied too?

    Congratulations to all those who have received their sponsorship and good luck to those still waiting.



    No apologies here Rick. You all documents should be a certified true copy/xeroxed from public notary etc. or whosoever is responsible for attesting your docs to be "certified true copies".

    That should be good enough. Make sure you dont get your resume attested :laugh: kidding..



  14. Hi,

    I lodged my application to DIAC on 3rd of March 2011 for 176 state sponsorship visa. Can anybody have idea what are processing times now a days required for this visa? As i did not hear anything from case officer except documents and payment receipt.

    DIAC website shows 176 is priority 3 and has low & high risk durations

    Can anybody tell if at High risk ( my country NOT on ETA) it takes 24 months?????

    Hi Faisal,

    Welcome to the thread...HR countries take more time and there is a status called "internal checks" which might take more than an year or so for countries like Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan,Pakistan,Sudan etc. Security checks are the main reason behind this " internal checking" thing.


    Big Bob

  15. was it the ACRO forms you sent for police checks?? do you need form 80 too???

    we have CO this morning and email asks for police checks and meds which i have booked for monday! But not a clear direction as to what forms needed for PCC

    collette xx

    Check out the original thread where ya asked hun... I have pasted links to download all the forms and process.:biggrin:



  16. sorry big bob. for the police clearance what form ??? i have downloaded the one from the link titled "police certificate application" and iphoned the ACRO and lady said it is what i need but the form that they sent in email just directs me to my local police station!!! medicals booked for monday 26th!! so stressed!!!!

    There you go Hon :)






    Big Bob