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    commuting to Freemantle

    Hi Suzanne you are very welcome. I noticed i said two children but gave three ages lol. We have three children. i will look forward to your email. x
  2. thornhilla

    commuting to Freemantle

    Hi Suzanne. congrats. We recently moved to Baldivis have two kids 7yrs 4yrs and 2yrs. Hubby works in Bibra lake (south fremantle area) We are right on the exit for the Kwinana freeway which is the main route to Fremantle. And it takes 30mins by car its not a bad drive at all. And Baldivis is lovely is a growing community whoch is good and the school is good and there is a new high school going up too. Hope this helps. email me if you would like any other info would be glad to help. thornhilla@hotmail.com
  3. thornhilla

    Who's living in Rockingham?

    Hi There, welcome we just recently moved to Baldivis and its a very up and coming Suburb we like it so far. Our Daughter (7) goes to Baldivis Primary School. Still early days but seems very good. We also have a 4 year old and a two year old. Hubby is a mechanic and works in Bibra Lake so a 30min drive up the freeway and its not a bad commute at all. Let me know if i can supply any extra info that may help. thornhilla@hotmail.com
  4. Hi Vicki, sounds great. I a mum of three recently moved from Southwest England. I am not sure how tp PM on here lol. perhaps you can PM me then i can reply? Ta
  5. thornhilla

    One way flights booked!

    Hello All, congrats on booking yours tickets. Could i please ask who you booked your tickets with and what sort of price deals did you manage to pick up? Im wanting to book for 4th of Jan 2 adults 3 kids from London to Perth. Ta
  6. Thanks fo rth einfo, im trying to get quotes too. I know this is not in the right post but could i ask who you booked ur flights with, what baggage allowance u have and what it cost. Thanks we hoping to fly in January with three young children.
  7. thornhilla

    176 lodged June 2011 Gang

    Hello all, I am new here. Just wanted to say hi and give in our timeline; Agent: 28/12/2010 Vetassess Theory Lodged: 05/04/2011 Passed: 10/05/2011 Vetassess Practical Done: 21/06/11 Passed: 07/06/2011 WA SS Lodged: 08/06/2011 Approved: 17/06/2011 DIAC Lodged: 23/06/2011 Have to now get PC from Zimbabwe (that should be fun) & SA then UK and our Medicals. Joe (40) Ashley (29) Kaleigh (6) Shalini (3) Jacob (14mths)
  8. thornhilla

    PLEASE HELP! Mechanics! im going out of my mind

    Hi Markandcat, thank you for your post. It is very reassuring knowing that we are not the only ones having to struggle though this and it also helps knowing i am not stupid LOL! I would be very appreciative if you could forward a copy of yours that would help so much just to see how you did it and what kind of detail you went into. Thats if you dont mind. Thank you again for your support and good luck with it all.
  9. Hi All, Please can you help us. OH is starrting the process of Vetassessment and we are using an Agent near London. We have had to write a statement outlining what he does work wise in detail. We have done it three times and the agent is still not happy and says we are not doing it right and putting the right info. Please help us we have little time on our side and i am now at my wits end and feel completely stupid and incapable. Hit a real low and only at the starting point. Hubby is a motor mechanic. please could you give us an idea or pm us what you wrote for your statements. Please please help!!:cry:
  10. Hi everyone, please could i ask for some advise and help. OH is currently trying to do his first part of the Vetassess process where you have to write statements and get current references from your employer. We are using an Agent near London but it seems we are not writing the statement the way he wants it or the way it should be. We have done it three times and now i am at my wits end and also now feel completely stupid. Please could any Motor Mechanics share what they wrote in their statements that you had to send off for the theory part of the process, we are running out of time and i just dont know what to do. Please help me!!!:cry:
  11. thornhilla

    WA Motor Mechanic Vetasses !!!

    Hi Majestic Ric, hope it all goes well for you, where in Oz are you planning on heading to? Hubby has not yet got a date we were hoping to be In for Feb but there was a problem with the TRA website and so have been delayed sti;; trying to get the theory in as hubby has no formals, had to do a massive affidavit but agent just called to say that he needs to chat to us this evening as Hubby has touched on other occupations and there is an issue with that. So very nervous now and just know the day is going to drag. Started considering a 457 in the meantime.
  12. thornhilla

    All Vehicle - Mechanics Thread

    Hi again, just seen your note on a Auz CV. Have you got a template as would be a good idea to get OH one in the right format. Thanks
  13. thornhilla

    WA Motor Mechanic Vetasses !!!

    Thanks Sharon we live in Somerset South west England. Where are you going to move to in Auz? Will keep u updated.
  14. thornhilla

    WA Motor Mechanic Vetasses !!!

    Thans so much Perth42 its so encouraging. I hate the waiting never been a patient person for thing i want an answer to now! lol. I have also been looking at properties in the North of Perth but been struggling to decide where is best i know we will move to where the jobs and schools are but to start off somewhere is difficult to pick. Hubby has been in the same job for last 8 years but not mutch of an education trail and also no formal qualifications but over 23 years experience in total. Grahame from Kent office is lovely and its also encouraging to know they woulndnt have taken the case if it was not promising. Please keep me informed how you get on and good luck hope it comes soon.
  15. thornhilla

    WA Motor Mechanic Vetasses !!!

    Hello all, i am very new to PIO and would love to hear any suggestions and personal experiances. We are a family of 5, OH and I two daughters almost 6 and 3 and a son 9months. We have only just begun out journey. It seems rather daunting at present but sure it will get worse. We are using an Agent "Concept Australia". OH has to do TRA/Vetassess for Motor Mechanics and then SS WA and the 175 visas. A long process, wish it were over already lol. Any ideas how long this could take? anyone just recently done this with SS and motor mechanics? We are thinking about renting north of Perth - any suggestions probably could not afford more than $300 a week at most till we are well settled. REally want to live in a lovely child friendly neighborhood with parks and schools close by possible walking distance. thanks for your time.