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    Woodvale Pub/ Looking for Someone

    i'm on the case, Apparently, Storm left the Woodvale and fell pregnant and move out of the area that's where the trail ends so far, but i will keep asking. i didn't know her personally but i am a regular at the Woodvale and a lot of people remember her.
  2. greensinperth

    Calling All Air Conditioning Engineers

    If you go on Seek there are about 40 jobs in WA for AC & Refrigeration Techs. average wage is about $35 an hour.
  3. greensinperth

    Calling All Air Conditioning Engineers

    Hi, I am an AC Tech living in Perth, i'm from Birmingham in the UK and i've been here 6 Months. I got a job after 6 days of being here but couldn't start it for 6 weeks because the energy safety office is a pile of Sh*t, i took my application for my Restricted Electrical License in person to try and speed the process up, it took exactly 28 days for the letter to come through, the letter you need from them is not to work but to apply to do the training for your Australian qualifications, you cannot get your Restricted Electrical License until you have completed your training as they need a copy of your Australian certificate 3 in Refrigeration and Air Conditioning when you then apply for a Restricted Electrical License. It is an absolute minefield. i asked at the time if i could have done anything in the UK to speed the process up and they said no, you must be here to do it. Also it is illegal for you to be employed and for someone to employ you without the correct qualifications. To me it wasn't worth the risk of trying to blag it. You just have to bite the bullet and get on with it. All the time you have to live. I'm not gonna lie it was hard but we did it. I have to say i was annoyed with Vettasess and immigration, as i contacted Vettasess and i told them i had done my Asessment in London and they basically told me it wasn't worth the paper it's written on it is for visa application purposes only. Hope this clears a few things up. let me know if you need any more info i am a wealth of useless knowledge.
  4. greensinperth

    Changing plugs

    i went to Bunnings and bought 20 plugs and i fitted them myself, the chances of the electrical police coming round is pretty much non existent, in fact i would say it's not going to happen.
  5. greensinperth

    Exchange of UK Driving License in Perth

    Hi, you will need to go in person to one of the driver licensing center's in WA and have your photo taken and do an eye test, pay your money and they will send your license in the post. you will have to go yourself though.
  6. greensinperth

    Shipping spices?!?

    no you cant bring in food of any description, if you shop around you can pickup some great spices at a reasonable price.
  7. greensinperth

    Moving to Australia

    i dont see a problem mate, i'm a air con technician aged 38, wife is a stay at home mom 43 and we breezed it on a 176 visa to WA, we used an agent, good luck
  8. greensinperth

    Anyone been snubbed for work by applying from the UK?

    don't be too disgruntled, i applied for a few jobs from the uk and didn't get much feedback, i arrived in Perth on a Friday arvo and had a look on seek, Monday morning i phoned the company got an interview on the Wednesday and they offered me the job. I think they want to see the person and get a feel for you, which is quite understandable. i wouldn't give someone i had never met a job in my company. by the way i'm loving it lol.
  9. greensinperth

    Husband in London for vetassess practical.....

    congrats to all, i passed vettasses feb 2011 got my visa sept 2011, we arrived in perth 30th march and i got a job after 6 days but i couldn,t start till monday 7th may and even now i shouldn't be working in my trade, the reason being is i am waiting to do my restricted electrical licence, i am an air con engineer, the reason i'm posting is because like so many people i thought once you pass the uk vettasses you can come to oz on your 176 and work, how wrong i was, i spoke to TRA when i arrived in perth and they told me the vettasse cert does not allow you to work in oz, any electrical trade will need to apply to energy safety for a permit to apply for an electrical licence, my permit took 4 weeks and then you have to enrol at the polytechnic for your licence, they will relieve you of nigh on a thousand dollars for the pleasure, the licence from energy safety is another $400, on top of that you need to live, this will set you back at around $1000 a week. it is everything we wanted and more but just be prepeared for people not returning calls and playing the waiting game. really sorry to be doom & gloom, but i;m only speaking from my experiences.
  10. Hi, We are moving to Perth N.O.R on March 29th 2012 and i was wandering if there are any fridge guys who had made the move so i can pick your brains with regards to licences and stuff. thanks in advance. Kev
  11. greensinperth

    Reccie to Perth.

    Hi, we did a reccie in 2009, we had a look round at places we would like to live ( N.O.R ), i am an air con engineer and i just dropped in on a few companys and found them all very receptive and helpful. We went shopping at woolworths to compare food prices and selection mainly, we loved Drovers food market, went to the CBD, and kings park, looked at loads of houses, if i had to do it again i would probably not do so much house hunting as the market changes so much it is defo something to do when you are there to live. We fly out on March 29th and we have a furnished holiday rental for 5 weeks while we look for an unfurnished rental for a couple of years, i wish everyone the best of luck!, it has been a long journey but now our wait is finally over. Kev
  12. greensinperth

    176 lodged June 2011 Gang

    got our visa's this morning, lodged 3rd june 2011
  13. greensinperth

    Got our visas

    Woop Woop got confirmation of our visas today, now the hard work starts, looking to go next march if we can wait that long. house sold already and money sent over to our oz account. so if anyone knows where any jobs going for air con / refrigeration engineer let me know. best of luck to all those waiting to hear. Kev (38), Sharon (42), Dan (13), Lewis (4), Jessica (4 months). Vettassess passed feb 2011, 176 Application lodged 3rd June 2011, medicals 12th July 2011, Police checks 15th July 2011, 176 Visa Granted 05 September 2011.
  14. If you ring them and say youve had a cheaper quote they usually match it. we had a quote for £ 3600 for a 20ft container. might be worth ringing them and doing a bit of good old fashion bartering.
  15. greensinperth

    medicals in birmingham

    the results are sent directly to oz via UPS, they give you a tracking number so you can check it every 5 minutes as my wife did, quite funny though it was shipped around germany for a couple of days before being delivered to oz. Kev