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  1. cheers everyone, sounds possible then!!! Dont fancy watching Aussie Rules!! :wink:
  2. I know this sounds a bit desperate but.... Will be missing my tv shows!! Watch loads on Sky atlantic, SKY one, BBC one, Premier league etc. I know foxtel gets some of these, but want to know what i can get!! I know theres more to do in oz and will be making the most of it..believe me, but will miss me shows!!!
  3. Hiya, Thanks for contacting me!. Will send you an email tonight! Steph
  4. Hi Cal, Thanks for the help, hope you are enjoying it over there! Steph x
  5. Hi, Im moving over in January and will need somewhere to stay for a few weeks, whilst I get settled. Does anyone have or know of any good short term places in the Peel/Mandurah or Bunbury/Busselton areas? Thanks Stephanie
  6. Hi, Im moving over in December/January and am looking for a butchers job. I have over 20 years experience and would be keen to chat to anyone, if theres an opportunity. I can email my CV if needed. Thanks Steph
  7. Hi Adona, Thanks for the reply. We will be able to save, just thought this might a good helping hand. We were going to pay for the loan while over there and rent our house out. Think we may just save though
  8. Thanks everyone. We know its going to be tough and wont take any risks. We dont have much now and arent moving to Oz for this amazing luxurious lifestyle, far from it. We expect to have no money and struggle, just an idea we were toying with to help fund the move and pay for the dog to be transported (ludicrous amount!!) Were being sensible and renting the house out, may as well keep it for now. Think were going to give ourselves 18 months to save as much as we can. Thanks for all the advice Steph
  9. Hi, Not for one minute did i think it was going to be easy. This wasnt to set us up and give us a "dream" lifestyle. Were under no illusions that it will be tough, this was just to help with moving costs
  10. Hiya, Im thinking of taking out secured loan to fund our move over and im worried about what happens to the secured loan in 2 years. Can i continue paying this from Australia, will the bank call this in?. Im concerned we wont be able to get a decent rate again in 2years or we wont be able to get anything at all, leaving us with a large debt to pay back asap...:arghh: Any help would be appreciated!!! Steph
  11. Hey there, Thanks for the help. Were really worried about bank accounts renting our house out..arrgghh!!!
  12. Hiya, Ive just applied for a basic account from Westpac, so we can start transfering money over and build a credit history and just had info from my migration agent, advising Commomwealth would be a good choice, as offices in the uk and cant sort credit cards, loans etc..... Im really stuck now, any help much appreciated!! Steph
  13. Hi, coming to WA for our reccie in August, got out visas and want to check out the area before we make the permanent move. We are looking at the Perth area, Mandurrah, Freemantle, Wheatbelt, anywhere round here with access to Perth CBD would be great!! Does anyone have any accommodation free or some good site to check out? Cheers Steph