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  1. Teri32

    Diploma nurse advice

    You will probably have to come on student visas and do the bridging course. The cost is around $12000 though.
  2. Teri32

    Moving to Melbourne

    We are flyin with Singapore airline as well, on Monday evening from Heathrow. My hubby got a job, we are staying in a hotel in centre of Melbourne and hoping to find something more permanent then. I know how you feel. Just be strong and look forward to new beginning. We are trying to do the same lol.
  3. Teri32

    Moving to Melbourne

    Hey, I know how you are feeling. We are flying out on Monday too. Sold car today, missing it like my old friend lol. Goodbye party on Saturday. What are you flying with?
  4. Teri32

    Moving to Victoria 2011?

    Hello everyone, flying out on 31st Oct with Singapore Airlines at 22.05 Heathrow to Melbourne. Anyone on the same flight? I'm sooooo excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Teri32

    Official nurses thread!

    Hi, we are travelling end of October to Melbourne and hubby who is a nurse starts his job on the 7th November, before he starts he has to go to one of these APHRA offices and they said the registration is done straight away. So we hope so. Just wanted to find out, if hubby is in 70 000 a year, that's before any unsocial hours, how much would he bring home monthly after tax? And can we survive on his income only? We have a 2 year old son. Thanks
  6. Teri32

    Coming to Melbourne with young baby

    Thank you so much, it' s also very scary lol. So much to sort out now... OMGGGGGGGG
  7. Teri32

    457 processing times

    OMG what a nonsence did I type???? Out of the excitement lol lol. Here we go again: Visa launched 17th June 2011 Medicals done 17th June 2011, high blood pressure detected Further info requested 21st June 2011 Then every three weeks at the GP with high blood pressure and waiting for report reagrding this Report finally done by the GP 28th August 2011 Medicals received in Sydney 2nd of September 2011 Medicals referred 6th of September 2011 Visa granted 8th of September Sorry for the mix up.
  8. Teri32

    457 processing times

    I know, Our visa approved early this morning!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We launched visa 17 June, more info requested on the 21st of June, medicals done 17th June, then every three weeks at the GP with high blood pressure, medicals received in Sydney Friday 2nd, medicals reffered on the 6th of June, visa granted 8th June. So pretty straightforward (ish) lol. Scary though as well.
  9. Teri32

    Coming to Melbourne with young baby

    Hello ladies, our visa were approved!!!!!!!!!!!!! Moving second week of November hurrraaaaayyyy!!!!!!!!!
  10. Teri32

    Coming to Melbourne with young baby

    Hello mummies, can I join please? We should be arriving in Melbourne by ned of November hopefully. Visas are now in process. We have 2 year old boy and hubby got a job in Fairfiled, so not sure where to look for rental as yet. It would be lovely to meet up with all of you
  11. Teri32

    Medicals - Chest X-Ray results

    No it doesn't have to be nominated specialist. Our GP made the report himself, then sent it to the panel doctor.
  12. Teri32

    Medicals - Chest X-Ray results

    Doh, poor you. As for timeline, one can't tell, it all depends on how quick you get an appointment with the specialist. I'm sure all they need is a report about their finds. And if the doctor says it's nothing to worry about, just trust him. I believe they do chest x Rays mainly for TBC reasons. We had a hiccup as well/ My hubby has high blood pressure which was discovered at his medicals. From then on he had to visit our GP every 3 weeks, trying on medication and after 2 months the GP finnaly gave him the report which was sent back to the hospital where they did our medicals and they sent it to the immigration now. Waiting for visa as we speak. Try not to worry. Just push for quick appointment.
  13. Teri32

    457 processing times

    Off to Melbourne too !!!! Good luck
  14. Teri32

    457 processing times

    Hi everyone. Job offer in Jan 2011, visa lodged in June 2011, medicals done in June 2011, high blood pressure (not surprised lol), GP assessments took 2 months grrrr, medicals sent off yesterday, now just waiting !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. Teri32

    Mental Health Nurse in Melbourne

    Hello everyone. my hubby got a job in Melbourne in Thomas Embling Hospital. We are just waiting for a GP report since my hubby has high BP, then should be sent to the medicals and hopefully getting visa soon. Even we have a house dilemma. We can't sell, because we are in negative equity so have to find tenant. At the moment my hubby works in Forensic mental health hospital as a ward manager and there are seclusion rooms and locked doors too lol. He has to step down to band 5 though. We are hoping to be there by November.