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  1. Hi Dave, we are also down in Bonbeach (as are a lot of other expats). Happy to meet up.
  2. DanUK

    What to do..........

    It might not be quite the same but there is a Disney in Hong Kong too - maybe you could do that as a stop over on the way out here.
  3. DanUK

    What to do..........

    Completely agree with you its a big move and not one to be taken lightly. But for us when we came out here, it was a matter of trying it and if it didnt work out at least we would have had the experience and would know one way or the other. Admittely I was sponsored out here so didnt have the same expense in terms of visas and shipping but the fact we had not placed ourselves in a situation where anything but absolute aussie assimilation would have felt a failure is very liberating. We have been here 2.5 years now, are PR and plan to take citizenship when eligible but even then would not say we are 100% committed to being here forever. The fact we are comfortable leaving if we want to actually increases the chances we will stay. The OP expresses a desire to give it a try but with the friction he knows it will cause, saying the move is only temporary at first should make the whole process less stressful for everyone involved. Maybe they can rent the house instead of sell, bring over only what they really need and tell family it is just for 2 years to begin with (and even look at getting a sponsored temporary business visa rather whilst the regional sponsored PR goes through). Either way, it always seems unnecessary to me to say a move anywhere is forever - you wouldnt say that if you moved towns in the UK, so why when you move countries. Things change and to paint yourself into a corner is just adding more pressure to an already stressful time. Just my thoughts and not criticising anyone else.
  4. DanUK

    What to do..........

    Hello. I don't really agree that you cannot have doubts about a move or that you must commit to it being permanent for it to be successful. There is nothing to stop you going for a couple years and returning, or trying somewhere else, if you don't like it in Australia. Kids under 8 are not going to be too disrupted and treating it as an temporary thing takes the pressure off everyone making it easier. At least that way if it isn't for you, you will know and not be left wondering.
  5. DanUK

    457 to PR... Easy?? How Long...?

    Fragomen handled my 457 and ENS 856. Slightly different experience as I didn't get notification of a CO and I handled the visa evidencing myself but the same result. 856 was lodged on 7th Jan 11 in Sydney and was granted on the 14th. Fragomen said it would take 5-7 months when I asked but the employer sponsored decision ready applications are usually no brainers and seem to sail through.
  6. DanUK

    Family Sponsor

    Whilst it is not a guaranteed route, it does allow people to essentially try before they buy. A 457 allows people to try Australia to ensure it is right for them before investing a lot of money. The fact you can live and work in Australia also allows you to gain Australian work experience and in the case of the OP access to employers her husband would otherwise not have with the potential to gain sponsorship ( or not ). This might make the difference between gaining a permanent visa in the future or not. It is also worth mentioning there is absolutely nothing to stop someone from lodging an independent visa application, or state sponsored the minute they arrive in Australia or at some point in the future if employee sponsorship is not available. Yes a 457 has risks but it also has rewards.
  7. DanUK

    Family Sponsor

    If your job is in demand can you not try for sponsorship under 457? that would get you out here and would enable your husband to work (in accordance to the conditions of your 457). That might allow him to join the Police here who after a couple years might be prepared to sponsor for PR. Not sure if this will work but could be an option you have not considered.
  8. DanUK

    Which Health insurance?

    The Medicare reciprocal agreement covers British citizens for basic health care and satisfies the medical insurance requirement. If you are not eligible for that, I believe medibank is one of the more competitive for hospital cover. Your husbands employer may well have a corporate plan which usually works out cheaper. Be aware you will generally pay more for the same cover on a 457 as you do not have full Medicare cover. I paid $380 for a family of 5, hospital and extras on a corporate plan. I now pay $120 less for almost top cover as a permanent resident.
  9. DanUK

    Confused :/

    wow! That seems very unreasonable. A 457 is probably the cheapest visa you can get so for a company to hold that over your head for 4 years is pretty poor. Essentially you will be tied to them, on a potentially unlivable salary in no position to negotiate or leave. Most employers seek to recover some of the costs ( especially if they offer relocation assistance) but only in the first 6 - 12. At least that is my experience. Alarm bells would be ringing for me at this point if I were you.
  10. DanUK

    Confused :/

    ..... so pretty much the lowest they can get away with factoring in Super
  11. DanUK

    Confused :/

    The Min Salary Levels are as follows Subclass 457 – Market Salary Rates Because the occupation is not IT related, the threshold is lower. My reading of the information is the applicable MSL for Graphic Design would be $47,480
  12. DanUK

    Visa and company Sponsorship

    Short answer is yes. Getting a company to sponsor you on a 457 means you are essentailly looking at weeks to gain your visa (depending on employer, job etc) rather than months or even years. It also means you have immediate employment when you get to Australia so you do not need to worry about finding a job which is far less stressful. For me I was in Melbourne a little over 2 months after being offered a job. It can be quicker than that or it could take longer but 2 - 4 months is certainly achievable. A 457 is also not points tested and you do not have to undergo the same level of scrutiny you do for other visas (so less extensive medicals, less paper work and usually no Police Check, all of which speeds the process up). There are of course several major down sides to a 457. Firstly you have to find an employer willing and able to sponsor you (and for that nomination to be approved). Secondly you are bound to that employer and if you employment ends so does your visa. Finally you have no guaranteed path to PR at the end of it all.
  13. DanUK

    457 visa police checks......

    From memory you do not have to undergo a police check for a 457 visa (unless requested) although you are asked to declare convictions. The best option is to declare the caution and submit a statement explaining what happened, it was a one off and out of character etc. You could also interpret the requirement as only needing to declare convictions and omit the caution if you felt comfortable with that. The Character requirement is detailed here Character Requirement - Applications & Forms but in general a caution from 5 years ago would not be deemed reason to deny a visa. Given your partner has already obtained his Police Cerfiticate was it something that was requested?
  14. DanUK

    Confused :/

    My mistake. Private Medical insurance was a condition of my employment when I came out on a 457 (as a British Citizen) but that was 26 months ago and I believe the rules changed in 2009. Either way, Private Medical insurance is good to have if you can include in the terms of the contract at the negotiation stage.