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  1. Hi Loretta Rebrol (Becky) lives in Emu Plains now just down the road from Leonay I live in Jordan Springs not that far away, I met Becky on pio 3 years ago and we have been friends since. We could arrange a meet up when you get here my mum and sister are also moving here in June i can't wait. You will be fine here on that wage me and my husband don't earn as much as that and we have 3 children (17,7 & 5)
  2. JoanneP

    Medicals at Bridgwater Hospital Manchester

    I had my medical with Dr Smith 3 years ago on St Johns street, I believe they have not long move to Bridgewater, he was excellent then ! I actually knew him from me working at Wythenshawe Hospital for 13 years. My sister has just booked her medical there she is also a nurse at Wythenshawe hosp, I'm hoping her visa will be granted soon after as i miss her and my mum like mad, and can't wait for them to get here, good luck with your move to Oz hope all goes well for you.
  3. My sister has applied for 176, in June 2012, she is a nurse, immigration have just requested her to get Police clearance and medical done, I know it is different for everybody but how long does it usually take after this for visa to be granted, to be honest we are surprised at this as we thought she would'nt be assigned a case officer until December . Would be grateful if anybody could give any indications or thoughts:biggrin:
  4. My husbands auntie lives in Denton, Highfield range, Debdale Park do you now it ? when are you moving over here ? we have been here 19 months my husband has lived here since he was 7.
  5. ha ha us mancunians are everywhere Becky, hope to meet you soon Carly !!!
  6. Hi We moved to Sydney in Feb 2010, my daughter was in the middle of year 10 back in Altrincham and had completed alot of her GCSE coursework, she started the beginning of year 10 here so went back 6 months but completed her school certificate and did really well, she applied to got to a selective school for years 11 and 12 and got in and started there in Jan this year. My daughter did find it hard to begin with but is loving her new school and is playing basket ball every week, she never did any sports in England at weekends she justr hung out with here friends in Manchester. I asked her if she is happy here and she said she wouldn't move back to the UK now !!! I'm not saying its all roses here I have found it difficult but have just started to make some nice friends, one of which I met on PIO. It is different for everybody and you just have to bite the bullet and do what is best for you and your family. Good luck in whatever you decide to do.
  7. Hi My sister applied to AHPRA in August and registration came through in December hope this helps.
  8. Partner visa subclass 100 - front loaded Australia House London received application 15/11/2009 Money taken 16/11/2009 17/11/2009 Received letter to say my Australian husband needed police checks from Uk and Oz as my daughter was moving with us and he was not biological father, laws had just changed. Visa granted 7/12/2009 Moved to Sydney Feb 8th 2010
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    Help i need advice

    Hi We moved here in Feb 2010, my eldest daughter was nearly 15 and we had the same problem, she has found it hard, but is settling, she is currently in the UK visiting her father and my mum and sister. I was worried about her going back for a month incase she didn't want to come back but luckily she wants to come back to Oz early phew she said she has missed us and the life here. Hope this makes you feel better she also said if she visits the Uk again it will only be for 2 weeks. Take care and I hope all goes well for you. Joanne
  10. Hi I live in Penrith, moved here feb 2010 and am from Manchester, I have a 15 year old girl, 5 year old boy and 3 year old girl would love to meet up i'm going stir crazy !! How long have you been in Blaxland for ? and where are you from in the UK ? are you enjoying the life ? What brought you to Oz ? anyway enough questions from me, Just let me know when is best for you. I will message you my number. Hope to hear soon Joanne
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    I hope soooo !!! Cheers
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    Hi Just joined poms in Oz beacause I am so lonely really, moved to Penrith NSW 11 months ago and am slowly going insane, I have 3 children 15, 5 & 3, and have tried my best to find friends, joined playgroups etc etc and have found they have been so clicky and not wanted to allow newcomers. I do really miss my family in Manchester and am hoping they will be here in the next year. My husbands mother and father live here, but don't seem to bother with us or the kids, and we feel we have no emotional support. I don't want to sound all woe is me , but anybody felt like this ??? any advice would be greatly appreciated, Thanks
  13. Hi Just to let you know Next now deliver to Oz yipee !!!! You can get good bargins here too and to be honest the wages are higher so pretty much brings everything onto line. I think nappies are much more expensive here and put bags and bags of them in our shipping but unfortunately ran out !!! Good luck in your forthcoming move to Oz