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    189 Query

    Sorry, to add Id be applying as Electronic Instrument Trades Worker (General) 342314, as I am an Instrumentation Technician in the Oil & Gas Industry.
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    189 Query

    Hi all, looking into going down the long and potentially painful route of applying for a 189 visa myself!! I have a question to begin however, and I wanted to confirm that I would meet the required points requirements if you could help? Age, at time of invitation 18-24 (inclusive) 25 points 25-32 (inclusive) 30 points - Ill be 25 at time of application. 33-39 (inclusive) 25 points 40-44 (inclusive) 15 points 45-49 (inclusive) 0 points English language competency level, at time of invitation Competent English - IELTS 6 / OET B 0 points Proficient English - IELTS 7 / OET B 10 points English language competency level, at time of invitation Superior English - IELTS 8 / OET A 20 points - Im hoping to secure an 8 score, for the 20 points. Overseas skilled employment in nominated skilled occupation or a closely related skilled occupation, at time of invitation: At least eight and up to 10 years (of past 10 years) 20 points At least one but less than three years (of past 10 years) 5 points At least three but less than five years (of past 10 years) 10 points - I potentially may be able to apply for this, however I have been an apprentice since September 2012. At college one day per week, working full-time doing the role? At least five but less than eight years (of past 10 years) 15 points Australian skilled employment in nominated skilled occupation or a closely related skilled occupation, at time of invitation (max points awarded for any combination of overseas and Australian skilled employment is 20 points) At least eight and up to 10 years (of past ten years) 20 points At least one but less than three years (of past 10 years) 5 points At least three but less than five years (of past 10 years) 10 points At least five but less than eight years (of past 10 years) 15 points - None Educational qualifications, at time of invitation. Doctorate from an Australian educational institution or other Doctorate of a recognised standard 20 points At least a Bachelor degree, including a Bachelor degree with Honours or Masters, from an Australian educational institution or other degree of a recognised standard 15 points Diploma completed in Australia, trade qualification completed in Australia, or qualification or award of recognised standard 10 points - HNC due to gained on May/June 2016 (just waiting for graduation), also have a BTEC Level 3 Advanced Diploma and NVQ3. Other factors, at time of invitation Credentialled community language qualifications 5 points Study in regional Australia or in a low population growth metropolitan area (excluding distance education) 5 points Partner skill qualifications 5 points Professional Year completion, for a period of at least 12 months in the four year period immediately before the day on which the invitation was issued 5 points Nomination/Sponsorship, at time of invitation Nomination by State or Territory government (visa subclass 190 only) 5 points Nomination by State or Territory government or sponsorship by an eligible family member, for residing and working in a specified/designated area (visa subclass 489 only) 10 points -None, have family living in Perth for last 25+ years willing to sponsor, doubt this does much these days? From what Ive worked out, Ill have 60 points by gaining IELTS 8 (hard I know) if they don't count my work experience. (I got my NVQ3 in December 2014). Either way Ill definelty have one years experience post NVQ3. However I truly have been working and doing the role for the past 3-4 years? Where do I stand on this? I asked a migration expert and he said its a MINIMUM to have three years experience post qualification EVEN if you meet 60 points elsewhere and are qualified? Really confused, help appreciated!!
  3. READ31

    Australian Diploma or trade qualification

    Thanks for your reply, I'll make sure to check what your saying. An agent has said to me that I need to have a minimum of three years experience after I gained the NVQ3. am I right in saying that experience gained before or during study for, a qualification, are irrelevant? Thanks
  4. Hi all, quick question. Im looking to apply for a visa for myself and my wife/child to move to Australia. I am an Instrument Technician and am looking to apply under the section of Electronic Instrument Trades Worker (General) The section that Im struggling with is what denotes an Australian Diploma with UK qualifications. I have an BTEC Extended Level 3 Diploma and an NVQ3 in Engineering, is this enough to gain the 10 points needed for that section ( I am 25 and have three years experience and good English skills)? Im currently studying for my HNC (Level 4) which Ill complete in June 2016, so if not I know this will be enough, Im more wanting to check if I can apply now and by the time Ive attained my HNC, Ill hopefully be all set to go?! If the Level 3 quals aren't enough, can I apply now and get as much done as possible whilst waiting for my HNC to come through, or is that not allowed? Thanks again,
  5. hi mate know this is an old thread but just wondering how you got on as ill be in the same boat? cheers
  6. READ31

    When to go?! HELP

    Thanks, it would be me and my partner, who currently works as a bank manager. My role is probably more E&I and having a quick look it looks like there are a few roles out there, so I am optimistic, ideally I would rather commute to my job, however I would do FIFO if required as I currently work in the oil and gas sector. Ideally I would like to progress up the career chain and become an engineer, how are the degrees rated in Oz? Just as good as UK? Im thinking I would rather just make the move and take my chance there, do you have any idea of the average E&I technician salary in WA? Thanks again for all your help!
  7. READ31

    When to go?! HELP

    Hi just have a quick question and hoping for some help! I am 23 and am an Instrumentation Technician currently studying for my HNC. Ultimately my aim is to move to Perth, where I have family. Now I will be able to (I think) move out to Perth with my HNC and 3 years experiance on a skilled visa when I am 25. However if I wait till I'm 30, I will have a degree in this field. What would you all do? Is the earning difference vast that males it worth grinning and bearing it here? Or just do a degree in Oz? Is it better to move younger or does it not make much difference. I also have a little girl who is 2 currently so obviously guessing it would be better to make the move before she's settled in a uk school? really confused so all help/opinions/personal experiences valued!!
  8. READ31

    New points system questions

    What would happen if the degree was completed part time, say at night school? You would still be working so surely that would mean that the work history would be allowed in the 12 out of last 24 months or no?
  9. READ31

    Education Query

    Bump? Sorry i realise that sounded stupid above...so if i want to qualify as a welfare worker or a recruitment consultant, can i do a degree in business & management and it still count as 15 points to my 65? By the time i finish it I will also have 5 years experiance in this field, surely this is enough to get me out there??? Thanks guys
  10. READ31

    Education Query

    Hi all and firstly thanks for reading, Currently after a lot of soul searching Ive realised that Im going to have to bite the bullet and get a degree if I want to move to Oz (Ithink?) Im currently 21 and work for the government helping people back to work, an employment consultant. Im thinking that this can be derived as either being a welfare worker or recruitment consultant. Ive already been to oz on a WHV and loved it and want to move permanently to perth. Ive done my current job for the last 18 months and only have 10 GCSE's which are all A-C. However iv recently been looking into doing a foundation degree part time for 3 years in FdA Business and Management, and then doing the 1 year top up course to turn this into BA (Hons) Leadership Business and Management. I feel this could relate well to my current line of work and really interests me however, my question is that it says on the visa site that qualification wise you need a minimum of an bachelor degree...obviously this is an honours? Now I know I sound think but is this good enough education wise that they will accept? Any help is brilliant, thank you for the brilliant forum guys Matt
  11. READ31

    Visa Help needed - WA

    Thanks for your help mate, just seen your currently in fareham, im from portsmouth looking to make the leap to perth!! Iv had a look at that skills test, going through it quickly I could only manage 55 points..so im done im guessing ! I spoke to a lady who is an agent a few weeks back and she said i would need a degree to go over to australia in my field, however reading things on here etc i dont think this is the case...really confused as to whether there is any point in applying to try and get WA SS if i cant even get 65 points.
  12. READ31

    Visa Help needed - WA

    Bump? Hoping someones has some info about whether I stand a chance...thanks
  13. READ31

    Visa Help needed - WA

    Hi all, I am a recruitment consultant with over 3 years experience, i don't have any qualifications in the area however I have seen there is State Sponsorship offered for WA in my job, and it only says 3 years needed. Just need some help if i were to apply and have some questions. My family in Perth have said there is loads of recruitment work, so once I have received state sponsorship, (if i get it) whats next? Do i need more experience, to apply for next stage, am very confused. Is it only 3 years i need?? Also am trying to take the VETASSESS test to begin the state sponsorship process, how do i even find my job? I can't seem to find the right area to take my specific test!! Thanks to all,
  14. Hi can you please email me details also as i cannot PM, My email is READ117@gmail.com, i really feel I am perfect for this job. Cheers Matt
  15. READ31

    sales staff wanted in Perth

    Hi there, is there any opportunities for sponsorship within your company? Thanks Matt