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  1. Also thanks for such quick and helpful answers! This forum never ceases to amaze me.
  2. Thanks, that makes things clearer. I guess I should start the ball rolling with the Skills Assessment then. One more question then, how long does a Skills Assessment remain valid for?
  3. Hello all I have just completed a PGCE in ICT Secondary Teaching. I want to apply for PR as a Skilled Migrant as a Secondary School teacher. Under the previous (before 1st July 2012) system I believe you had to have 1 year experience before you could apply. I have now got a job (starting in September) so I was going to wait until I had the required experience before I applied. However, looking at the new system (post 1st July) it does not seem to say anywhere that you need this experience. My occupation is on the SOL1 list and I have the required points to make an EOI. Could I apply after 1st July 2012? Do I need to get all my checks and skill assessments done before I make an EOI? Is it better to apply for a state sponsored visa, if so, how do I go about getting state sponsorship? Thanks in advance to all you kind kind people :biggrin::biggrin::biggrin::smile::smile::smile: Phil
  4. filthyphil

    Migration Agent

    Hello all Is there anywhere on this site to find a list of migration agents? Can anyone recommend one? All this visa stuff is getting very confusing! Cheers Phil
  5. filthyphil

    Sponsored visa's

    What would be the best way for someone with a full PGCE then?
  6. thanks for the info! very promising!
  7. Hello all I've just completed my PGCE in Secondary ICT and have got a job at an international school (not Australia). I want to apply for a 175 visa after I have worked for 1 year. I have looked at the requirements for the 175 visa and all it asks for is 12 months out of 24 experience working in your field. I just want to check that it's not going to be a problem that I'm working in a different country to where I trained? My guess is that it won't. Taken from the Aus Gov website "You have recent skilled employment experience for a period totaling at least 12 months in the last 24 months before applying" Anyone got any information on this? Thanks! Phil
  8. filthyphil

    Teacher Training - Advice

    I looked into this briefly and what I found was teacher training as an overseas student in Aus is incredibly expensive (30k a year I think I remember). If you find anything to the contrary of this then I'm all ears!! Good luck
  9. filthyphil

    Teacher: Should I apply before July 2012 changes?

    WOW, such a detailed reply and so quickly, thank you! You have put my mind at rest. I'm gonna read your blog now!
  10. Hello all It's my dream to move to Australia one day.... though the sooner the better! I'm currently training as a secondary school teacher (PGCE in ICT) and will finish training in June 2012. I have heard that the rules are changing in July 2012 to make it that you can't apply yourself? You have to be invited? Should I apply before July 2012, even though I don't have any experience as a qualified teacher, or should I wait until I have experience and apply another way? And can I apply again if the first application fails due to lack of experience? Advice please!!
  11. filthyphil

    What The...Is Happening In The UK???

    Yeah I agree, otherwise this will just turn into a flame war. If you do ever fancy putting on some liberal tinted glasses then do some googling about the true civillian death toll and also how the Taliban gets it's funding.
  12. filthyphil

    What The...Is Happening In The UK???

    Two wrongs don't make a right
  13. filthyphil

    What The...Is Happening In The UK???

    Am I the only person who sympathises with the Muslims Against Crusades? We are using our superior technology, weaponry and army to invade their country, kill their people and steal their natural resources. And we do this under a manufactured banner of "freedom" and fighting a fictional "war on terror". If my family was originally from Afghanistan or any other middle eastern country that the British army has attacked and murdered people in then I'd be on the front line throwing bricks too.
  14. filthyphil

    What country was I born in?

    What a great video. I didn't know half of that, and I've even tried to learn about that subject.
  15. filthyphil

    Primary School Teachers- NQT

    Do you know if they see any difference/preference between a PGCE and a SCITT?