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    Ambulance Only Cover

    Just been shafted. Bought Ambo insurance from Mutual community last year now find it did not even cover us as we are on 457 visa! Bloody good job we did not need an ambulance! :cry:

    Aussies are appalling and dangerous drivers

    Wow hit the nail on the head...

    Rip off!

    $57 to pitch tent at Big 4!

    Coming to melbourne in 3 weeks...anyone around?

    Great! Give me a call and we can have a coffee at Creme :smile:


    We have been here nearly 2 years and I have sort of "settled" - that's as far as I can go. I don't want to go back to the UK but I don't know if I want to stay here either. OH has a good job and my DS has settled in school. I know I have to make more of an effort to "integrate" and not feel so much of an outsider. We moved from Adelaide thinking Melbourne would be more fulfilling, more vibrant, more to do but really it hasn't lived up to our expectations. An acquaintance once told me that she had an "epiphany" in Adelaide. I am still waiting for one and now think I will never have one, however on a recent trip to Sydney I did feel more welcome, less "closed in" and more relaxed and felt that Sydney is where I want to be. Also we have family there which certainly helps. I am sure we will move at some point to Sydney and hope that it will be a place where we can be happy. In the meantime I want to try and live life to the full here in Melbourne. My philosophy if you don't like it go, try somewhere else if your kids are still young it will not be too much of an upheaval for them and it is important to feel that you belong, are happy and in the right place.

    Coming to melbourne in 3 weeks...anyone around?

    Hi we live in Altona and so far it's nice, friendly and a good place for children - we have a boy 6 and girl 3. The school is very good. Some people do seem a little "sniffy" about the West but from what I have seen it is a great place to live. Some area's are a bit run down (i.e. Sunshine) but rents are reasonable in comparison to some over inflated prices in the Eastern suburbs! We are right on ther beach, have good schools, parks, nice shops and only 20 min from Melbourne CBD. Anyway nuff said. We are around after Easter hols if anyone fancies a meet up. :laugh:

    Babysitter western suburbs

    Can anyone recommend a babysitter for next Monday night ? we live in Altona. :yes:
  8. Same thing with us. I phoned the agent and told her we wanted them steam cleaned, she did arrange it for next day. The worst was on day we moved in found lumps of excrement on the toilet seat was nearly sick phoned the agent and told them I wasn't going to clean it so they sent a cleaner round! Apparently it was the owner who lived there previously - yuck!!

    5 best and 5 worst

    Worst: 1. Weather 2. Transport (not accessable for all, not enough routes, dirty, slow, overcrowded) 3. Too image concious 4. Beaches not great 5. Expensive Best: 1. Lots to do 2. Not too far from other places 3. I'm struggling here ........ 4. I'm struggling here ........ 5. I'm struggling here ........
  10. MADTOM

    Young children coping with move

    We have a 3 year old and a 5 year old. We moved to Adelaide for a year then Melbourne. The 3 year old is fine. My 5 year old however seems to be finding adjustment hard. He reverted back to wetting and soiling himself for a period in the first move and has anger issues now. I think the best thing is to involve them in anything and everything he is looking forward to joining the Scouts in Feb!
  11. MADTOM

    Father kills son by putting him in washing machine

    Stories like this absolutely break my heart. How can people do these things and then live with themselves. It is evil! Poor, poor little boy - RIP.
  12. We recently signed the tenancy on a house in Altona, Vic. Outside our garden is the pavement then a small grassed row that runs down the street. Outside our house is the only bit that is overgrown - Is it our responsibility to cut it? There was never any mention of this by the estate agent. Fine, I would cut it if we had a lawnmower but the property has no lawn and so we don't own one.
  13. It's really quite close isn't it, but I have still not got a clue what to buy. I have already got OH the ubiquitous family pic calendar and some canvas photo pics (for the OH if in doubt always get him pics or something to do with the kids and he's gotta love it!) Got him a bungee jump one year, maybe looking into a Sydney harbour bridge climb (Mmm am I trying to tell him something..?)or a nice day trip somewhere. My son - maybe a razor scooter or some electronic thing - Not quite at the age when he is in competition with his peers. Daughter - something sturdy and preferably in one piece (Forever collecting bits of toy parts off the floor) Back home the good thing is they don't see us so again anything to do with the kids is welcome and some nice Christmassy stuff from Debenhams, M&S or John lewis (easy to order and get delivered online) :idea:
  14. MADTOM

    Sydney harbour bridge

    Has anyone done the harbour bridge walk/climb experience - is it worth the $200 or so? Thinking of getting it for my OH as a Christmas present.:wink:
  15. MADTOM

    Your Worst Flight(s) EVER.

    An internal flight in China. A woman opposite was hawking and gobbing into a sick bag every few minutes like it was a hobby. :cry: