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  1. Hey Arran It's been a long time! Great idea - Can't make this one as I'll be visiting the UK at that time, but defo keep us posted on the date for the next one and I'll try to make it and catch up Laters buddy!
  2. brucewayne

    457 - Going on holiday

    and thanks for confirming! Cheers
  3. brucewayne

    457 - Going on holiday

    sorry - I meant residency. My bad.
  4. brucewayne

    457 - Going on holiday

    I'm going back to the UK for a short visit later this year - when you go on holiday do you have to let the DIAC know (or anyone for that matter)? As I understand it, you need 2 years before you can apply for citizenship but that means 2 years in Oz i.e. if I go to the UK for 3 weeks I have to add 3 weeks to the 2 years etc. With that in mind does anyone need to be informed when you leave Oz for a short period (other than work obviously!!)
  5. brucewayne

    Melbourne Drinks

    Ok, I obviously spoke too soon about the weather!
  6. Weathers getting better, and its been a while since I've seen something organised - isn't it about time for drinks in Melbourne?
  7. brucewayne

    Tax Returns

    Yup - the UK IR Service know I'm out here etc, and I know I'm allowed to keep ISAs just not add any more into them. But thanks for the advice. Had to look up what tax equalization was but hopefully I'm on the right track
  8. brucewayne

    Tax Returns

    Just filling out my tax return for the first time. Do I have to declare income from my home in the UK which I'm renting out? What about interest/savings/ISAs etc that are still in the UK? I have filed my NRL forms in the UK and I know that there will be a certain tax liability in the UK for my UK money, but if that is the case do I have to declare it here in Australia on my tax return? Are there any do's or do not's that I need to know about. I'm putting in a mobile phone claim as my company out here don't supply one with the job, but is it just the cost of the phone or can I claim the top up vouchers (it's a pre-paid phone for the moment!). just wondering if anyone else out there is in the same boat as me and filling this all out for the first time?
  9. brucewayne

    Help with Property Management Companies

    Thanks for the advice. I know I can go to the VCAT and I'm sure they can help speed the process up, but that I guess can't stop the management company from "manufacturing" a reason to either (a) evict or (b) refuse me a reference for any other property I may wish to let in the future.
  10. I'm renting and I've been in my new place for a good few weeks now. When I did the inventory I noted a few things wrong with the place and handed this back to the property management company. When nothing happened, I handed in a written note (as required) to re-emphasize what's wrong with the place. Still nothing happened. I then handed another note about 2 weeks later and still nothing happened. Is there any course of action I can take? I don't want to do anything to jepordize any future applications but at the same time I want these items fixed FYI - the following need fixing: 1) Power socket hanging off the wall with exposed wires 2) Extractor fan not working (and there's always a little smoke when cooking and with this weather I really don't want to have all the window and doors open) 3) Intercom to the apartment doesn't work at all - not the buzzer to let me know someone's there nor the buzzer to let people up. I get the feeling that the management company has me by the short and curlies and won't do a thing until something actually goes wrong What would be my legal standpoint say if the sprinkler system goes off cos the extractor doesn't work? or a fire starts because of the exposed wires? Any ideas? Manny
  11. brucewayne

    Private Healthcare versus Medicare

    I came over on a 457 and I bought my temporary insurance with the Post Office. Their policy explicity states that they have one way cover (max duration 17 days - so just count out 17 days from the start date and use that as your end/date i.e. return date. No point adding anything more than that cos you won't be covered and it will cost you more). Try looking at http://www2.postoffice.co.uk/travel/travel-insurance/travel-insurance-policy I supplied that info in my visa application and it was all fine
  12. Count me in too please!
  13. brucewayne

    5-a-side football in Melbourne

    I'm in Southbank
  14. brucewayne

    5-a-side football in Melbourne

    Can't guarantee that I'll always be able to play, or even play well when I do play but I'm game. 5 aside is usually too fast for me and my dodgy knee doesn't make it easier. Not blessed with any talent for playing footie but I'm an effective left footed defender
  15. brucewayne

    Looking for people in melbourne...

    After a five day weekend and a three day working work, drinks on Friday night seem just what the doctor ordered. I'm not that much of a royalist anyway and it'd be good to miss the hoopla of the royal wedding (unless it really is gonna be like that T-Mobile ad!)