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  1. John and Alexa

    Train Sydney - Adelaide - Perth

    It's one of the trip that we are looking forward to doing at some point when we finally get over to Oz. Seeing as we are going all the way by train from the Uk though it maybe a while before we do it as I can imagine we might be a little tired of trains by then
  2. John and Alexa

    A warning to fellow English people

    It was a sh7t hole thats for sure. A couple of good memories but the rest you can keep.
  3. John and Alexa

    A warning to fellow English people

    Bloody Hell - I always laugh when I think when we moved down to Surrey from Glasgow. Late 70's and the kids all growing up with the Sweeney and stuff like that. Think there was a serious stereotyping of us Scots lol. Funny old times for sure but if a 10 year old kid can cope then an adult should surely be able too.
  4. John and Alexa

    Are we wise?!?!

    Just sent you a pm with some contacts - hope they might be of some help to you John
  5. John and Alexa

    Are we wise?!?!

    Hi Jonny After sacking our migration agent a few weeks ago Alexa was contacted directly from a company (via a Linkedin contact of mine) over in Sydney. She flys out this weekend to discuss face to face etc so fingers crossed that will all work out. I just decided to start adding more Australian contacts to my network and seems to have been quite successful so far with both agencies and companies making direct contact. I know Aecom are recruiting directly in at present but more than happy to send you details of the agents that have been in contact so far although mostly Sydney based if that helps.
  6. John and Alexa

    Are we wise?!?!

    I am an M&E co-ordinator/draughtsman and have been getting calls direct from Oz 3-4 times a week at the moment so there seems to be plenty of large building projects around.
  7. John and Alexa

    UK based job agencies for OZ?

    i know Hays Montrose are based in both countries but not sure what they can offer from here to there - might be worth an ask. I have been adding quite a few Australian contacts via Linkedin of late and they seem more than happy to pick up the phone and call you. Far better response than the agents here that i have been dealing with of late. If it's Sydney that you are thinking of then more than happy to pass over a few names if that helps.
  8. John and Alexa

    help with planning route.

    I left the Uk on an overland trip to Sydney back in 2010 using UKTOOZ. Although the experience was awesome there are far better companies out there if that interested you. We are planning the next trip to Oz by using the Trans Mongolian then train down to Singapore and hopefully a short cruise over to Oz from Bali. Some idea's there I hope Have an awesome trip
  9. John and Alexa

    migration agents to stay away from in our experience!!!!

    seems to be a lot of problems with certain agents of late. We are in the exact same boat as 15 months later and no further forward than the day we began. We have got the feeling from out agent that because we want to move and begin a new life that they can keep taking advantage. Just collating what we have etc to present to MARA, informed Vetassesss to deal with us and not agent and shall be instructing legal proceedings shortly. Also formally requested all paperwork be returned to us too especially after being told it wasn't to hand that it would take 14 days for them to get it let alone send it (how can you work on it if it ain't there) Wishing you all the best Che11 and hope that you get the outcome you wish for
  10. John and Alexa

    ANZAC day

    I was at the ANZAC memorial in Gallipoli 2010 to pay my respects and was so moved and honoured by the event and the people with the will to remember those who fell. It is still something that I think about on nearly a daily basis and the pride and emotions I felt that day are just as strong now as then. The sense of pride I experienced has been a driving force for us not to give up in our venture to maybe one day live in a country where passion and pride remain at the forefront of all else.
  11. John and Alexa

    Bad service from Agents and missing the boat

    Well the last few days with our so called agent have been eventful thats for sure. Agent see's our attempts at trying to resolve the shortcomings as a personal attack as she feels she is getting the blame - we blame the company and not the individual even though she is ultimately responsible for our case. She has stated that she is far too busy to read our messages etc and this was going around in circles with all concerns not being responded too. We sat up until 2:30am to call them and basically they refused any verbal communication. We have asked for the termination of our contract, return all paperwork and fee's not used as we have paid for lodging and will be lodging our complaint with MARA later today. Not sure if they are ready for over 100 pages of transcript mostly us asking what the hell is going on etc and being fobbed off. Nothing like the feeling of wasting 15 months and even if the dream is going to be delayed it surely has to be better than constantly arguing with an agent who has been paid to have our best interests.
  12. John and Alexa

    Bad service from Agents and missing the boat

    Totally agree with the fact they have lives in their hands. We have our fingers crossed for you too
  13. John and Alexa

    Bad service from Agents and missing the boat

    Thank you for your time this evening. It is really appreciated :biggrin: Thanks again
  14. John and Alexa

    Bad service from Agents and missing the boat

    Thanks for the responses guys - just frustrating that all and the option to report to MARA has no bearing or aid to us for missing these deadlines so kind of seems like a waste of time Dib - IELTS was done 14 months ago lol - thats the point - the frustration is overwhelming as paid thousands to have to do al the work and chasing myself. Will be looking at various other options for sure but just wasted a hell of a time for no reason.
  15. John and Alexa

    migration agents

    Well with our application looking dead in the water - I can defo tell you who to avoid