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    <p><p>In Perth there is one very good kettlebell instructor you might want to look up</p></p>

    <p><p><a href="<a href="http://www.dragondoor.com/instructors/rkc_instructors/?q=search&F_Country=AU&F_City=perth" rel="external nofollow">http://www.dragondoor.com/instructors/rkc_instructors/?q=search&F_Country=AU&F_City=perth</a>" rel="external nofollow"><a href="http://www.dragondoor.com/instructors/rkc_instructors/?q=search&F_Country=AU&F_City=perth" rel="external nofollow">http://www.dragondoor.com/instructors/rkc_instructors/?q=search&F_Country=AU&F_City=perth</a></a></p></p>

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  2. Jamie Hunter

    UK Cordless Phones

    And iTunes downloads - although you still have to pay for itunes product!
  3. Jamie Hunter

    UK Cordless Phones

    Hey Folks, I've tried searching the interwebs for info on whether UK cordless (dect) phones work in the Australia? Ive packed ours, due to arrive in a couple of weeks and we.'ve just had our telephone lines connected so I'm whether to buy new ones or wait.... Any info appreciated. ps we got iiNet phone and internet bundle which was connected promptly and works a treat and doesnt cost a fortune. Jamie
  4. Jamie Hunter

    Bloody cockroaches

    Ooh, might check that out then. Ever used borax though, am I really wasting my time with that? --- I am here: http://maps.google.com/maps?ll=-27.363030,153.008504
  5. Jamie Hunter

    Bloody cockroaches

    A bug bomb? Think bunnings sell them.... but do I have to vacate the house for a day or so?
  6. Jamie Hunter

    Bloody cockroaches

    Well, I'm loving living in Brisbane but although I'm only here 4 weeks, I'm already getting frustrated over the big bloody roaches scaring the bejesus out of the wife and daughter (and me TBH at the right moment of weakness). I bought an outdoor / indoor spray deterrent but im still getting roaches in full health playing chicken across the floors that are probably residents of the houses walls etc. A few dying individuals have been introduced to the crapper but how do I get rid of new comers???? I've just dusted the entire houses skirting boards with Borax from coles as I heard it does a good job, but is this different from Boric Acid or less effective? I've caulked the skirting by the tiled floor but cant do much about the skirting at the carpeted floors (dont think landlord would appreciate me ripping up the carpets). On that note, should this be the responsibility of the letting agent / landlord considering we're only just moved in??? Still loving Australia, the palm lined roads, the random bearded dragons, the big roads, bbq's at every opportune park space and the positive people around me... but please help me rid my self and others in the same boat with any tips or guidance. :arghh: Jamie and Viv
  7. Jamie Hunter

    Creepie crawlies

    Just moved into a rental - nice 10 year old house in good nick - but we've had one or two dyin roaches a day. The house must have been sprayed before we moved in but still hate the thought of the lil pests creeping about. So, ive laid a home made poison for them that apparently is good (borax and sugar sprinkled about the edge of the rooms, they get it on them, lick if off, ingest it once back to nest, infect others, die, and other die too if theyve been in contact)
  8. Jamie Hunter

    Have We Left It Too Late?

    Hi there, As far as I am aware the age limit has been increased to 50 but you get no points for age with visa. Although if you can get sponsored on 457 visa by hospital you get points for working in country for 1 year and after that the hospital can sponsor you for residency. Contact nursing agencies here and ask for advice and / or contact hospitals directly. :spinny:
  9. Jamie Hunter

    Kallangur or Redcliffe

    Just got a car yesterday so intend spending rest of week driving about north of city from Sandgate, Nudgee, Bracken ridge and Brighton. Will try to update soon :-):wink:
  10. Jamie Hunter

    Cost effective Cars?

    Got a KIA Rio, 2004 for a good price. Didn't want to risk an older car to reduce likelihood of unwanted maintenance etc Insurance is next thing to look at!
  11. Jamie Hunter

    Cost effective Cars?

    Hey Folks, Just arrived two days ago and already wanting to buy a good second hand car.... but on a budget. I've scoured the carsales.com.au site but the big question for me is not how cheap the car is now but how much will it cost to run. Any advice and which cars are easily maintained with affordable parts, insurance etc? Budget $5000-$6000
  12. Jamie Hunter

    Moving August 2011!!! Contacts welcome?

    Hey there, We're flying out on the 7th August, staying in Brisbane Holiday Village first month but intending to move somewhere around Bracken Ridge. Got lots of good feedback on POI about the area except Bray Park apparently! but so busting to drive about house hunting. Jamie
  13. Jamie Hunter

    Is $70k enough to live in Brisbane for family of 4?

    Yeah sure thing. Was really a budget planning tool to begin with but has been a good reality check in terms of whats possible. I used prices I only found online (retailers and service providers) so Im sure other options are available. At work at mo but i'll try to post it later on when I get home.
  14. Jamie Hunter

    Irish Meet Up. Brisbane Bound

    Name. The Hunters, Jamie and Vivienne Family Size. 3 Kids and ages. Daughter, 4 Expected move date. Flying out 7th August Area interested in moving to. Staying first month in Brisbane Holiday village but looking at north side of Brisbane, thinking of looking areas around Bracken Ridge, Fitzgibbon, or as far as Petrie. When i get my Holden and take a drive about we'll know more :-) Tips appreciated as always
  15. Jamie Hunter

    Should we take our electrical goods?

    What about DIY power tools? Are customs ok with these?