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  1. Hi We are looking at the 489 family sponsored visa... I know it takes a bit longer than the State sponsor. We want to go to WA and Hubby needs to be able to work any where in Perth and this will allow him to do that. I'm on the list as childcare manager just wanted to know if we get a visa how long before you have to be in Oz? Can you just validate this visa or not by going into OZ.... Just trying to get as money together as poss.
  2. Ok I am considering the 475 visa as I have sat the Ielts test 3 times and did not get an 8 in the reading section!!! For the extra 10 pionts needed we could use my partners skills for 5 and get 5 for a goverment sponsored 475 visa.... I realise this is a tempory visa and after 2 years we could then apply to stay. What is the differance between the 176 and the 475 visa? Would it make a differance to school costs? Any advise please?
  3. http://www.abs.gov.au/ausstats/abs@.nsf/Product+Lookup/1220.0~2006~Chapter~UNIT+GROUP+1341+Child+Care+Centre+Managers Another link about the requirements. xx
  4. http://www.immi.gov.au/asri/occupations/c/child-care-centre-manager.htm Look at this link too gives more information for the job.
  5. Hi I am in a simular postion...... I had my skills assessed last year by TRA and had a positive results saying I had could work as a childcare centre manager 134111 I have NVQ 3 + 4 in Early years childcare. But last week my agent has said you now need a degree OR 5 years work experience and as I don't have a degree they will take 5 years from my 10 years work experience which will leave me 5 points short for teh 489 visa!! I am gutted as I thought we were about to lodge our EOI I still don't totally believe the agent but don't know where to turn to now? Did ring another agent for advise but they said This was rubbish but then said I couldn't get 10 points for family sponsorship!!! Think most agents are still a little lost with the changes. Please keep us posted of your findings.
  6. With the recent changes on the 1st July my agent told us we had 60 points and with sponsorship and we could go for the 489 visa.... We have already had had skills assement done last year by TRA and I have my Ielts :biggrin: Agent asks us to pay her another $600 to complete and submit the EOI which we did last Wednesday. Yesterday I get an email attaching the EOI for me to look at but then saying she had to contact DIAC for advise as I do not have a degree and they now want a degree for a childcare manger.... Today I get an email saying she has had a response and that its not good.... They will accept my TRA BUT as I have 5 years work experience I can now only claim 10 points instead of the 15!! :arghh: The agent is taking my work experience from my last qualification not how many years I have been working in my present empolyment which is from September 2003? This can't be right can it?:twitcy: I have asked her to call me tomorrow morning BUT wanted to try and find out if this is correct or not? HELP:arghh:
  7. mapster

    OMG Agent doing my head in!!! Advice needed.....

    Yes they have changed the goal posts!!
  8. mapster

    OMG Agent doing my head in!!! Advice needed.....

    I have the skilled assassment was done last year!! But now being told I need more by agent!!
  9. mapster

    OMG Agent doing my head in!!! Advice needed.....

    Thing that worries annoys me is that is one email I have enough points to lodge this application please pay next $600 2 days later you no longer have enough points?!! Bit of a con....... Yes agent is registered...... But I think a complaint is coming their way
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    OMG Agent doing my head in!!! Advice needed.....

    on skillselect all i can see is: [TABLE] [TR] [TD]At least eight and up to 10 years (of past 10 years)[/TD] [TD]15 nothing to say post qualification experience?!! Still very confused anyone else got any ideas? Will be talking to my agent she is ringing me at 7.40am UK time [/TD] [/TR] [/TABLE]
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    OMG Agent doing my head in!!! Advice needed.....

    I have 2 certificates one for NVQ3 that I did in 2003 and then NVQ4 I did in 2007.... The NVQ3 here is enough to do my job I just did the 4 as it was on offer..... i wouldn't class my self as doing trianing prior to his!! It is VERY confusing and agent has told me a few wrong things in the past which I have had to look up and then send her the link!!
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    OMG Agent doing my head in!!! Advice needed.....

    Yes I run 3 groups!! One with 48 kids other 2 with 30 kids!! Its my own company...
  13. Ok thanks didn't realise it was something new
  14. Hi I know the governmenthave a ceiling of how many people they allow in each year for each jobdescription on their wanted lists I am just wondering if you can find out how many were granted visa's last year?For each job title? I am a childcare manager and there is a ceiling of just over 500 this year.....Wanted to know if they hit that limit last year or not....Just wanting to tryand work out what our chances are!!
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    Down Under Live

    Would like to know this too. xx
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    Agent doing it today!!
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    Hi We have decided to go for the 489 family sponsored visa as we wish to live in Perth and if we went for state sponsorship we couldn't live where we want to go... Agent has said it can take 2 years for the goverment to look at our application....is this true? My job is on the list of required wokers Childcare Manager. Skills assessment done Ilets done...... What are your thoughts? Mapster
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    Thank you I have 50 without sponsorship I have sat the ielts test several times and CAN NOT get a 8 in the reading section so only get 10 for the English rather than the 20 if I had got 8's!! Hubby is in IT but I can't claim 5 for him as he has no certificates just 16 years experiance........ so guess we are stuck with the 489
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    Any idea how I find out which Priority group I will be in?
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    How many points does the 190 need?
  21. I would ask her.... you got nothing to lose. Good luck
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    489 family sponsor visa advise please

    Ok thanks hadn't thought about that. Another question on this visa can we get free schools for the kids?
  23. mapster

    Wa limits for SS in July 12

    WA will be updating there site over the next week... They have taken booklet 6 for 489 visa off line!!!!
  24. Ok didn't apply for the 176 before the changes due to not getting 8 in the IELTS!! I have just contacted our agent who is now saying we could apply for the 489 and then in 2 years apply for another visa which will allow us to stay in OZ. Any one got any thoughts on this visa? I have 2 children aged 11 + nearly 15 and of course we need to be thinking of GCSE's and idea how long this will all take or is that a silly question? With this EOI do we apply for that ourselfs how easy is it? I have my Skills assesment done and got the Ielts results so are we really ready to go for it? OH I don't know what too do for the best!!:arghh::arghh::arghh::arghh::arghh::arghh::arghh::arghh::arghh:
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    Need advice on the 489 visa and this new EOI

    Thank you this is what I found too.... AGENTS:mad: I have just contacted another agent who is now telling me that State sponsorship in Wa means you can live and work any where in Perth..... HONESTLY!!!! Its all a bit confusing to say the least. this site has more reliable information!!!!:biggrin: