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  1. Pottster

    Turned down for a visa after getting SS

    Hi Seth We got our SS through on Friday and applied for our visa and have had the same conversations/panics/concerns as you. Will be good to see how you get on!
  2. Pottster

    WA sponsorship processing time

    We applied on 28th March and got ours granted today )
  3. Pottster

    Accomodation when first arriving in Oz (Perth)?

    Shazza thank you for taking the time to reply. We have only just in the last few days sent off for the visa ( I think when I said the visa should be approved soon I think I meant in comparison to the state sponsorship process- which seemed like a lifetime!!!!) It feels weird and nerve racking already and a realization that this could really happen is starting to sink in, hence why posted this thread to start to prepare just in case our visa comes through!!!:err: I note you too are from manchester? Silly question but what is it like in comparison - not just the weather- Lifestyle, nightlife, facilities, transport etc?? Where have you decided to settle and why? Pottster
  4. Just wondering what the current job market is like out there in Perth at the moment? My OH is the one with the 'Skills' required, but that leaves me wondering what is out there for me. I am from a Public Sector background and I would best describe my skills as having a 'secuirty/ investigative background' I am willing to try anything and would prefer to NOT work shifts that I have done for the last 17 years as I see this move to 'Oz' as a fresh start and have a better life for me and my family. I have seen jobs for drivers, secuirty guards but all i see is ytou must have this or that course. What is out there for someone without any skills as such?
  5. Hopefully our Visa application will be approved soon. I was wondering when first arriving in Australia from the UK where do most people go and stay whilst they are finding their feet before settling down in a rental/purchasing their own home? I.e. Serviced apartments, arranging a rental home whilst in the UK before arriving, Hotel etc etc. Also, are there any areas of Perth people would recommend to 'reside' in when first arriving? Any specific recommendations in the Perth area?
  6. Pottster

    WA or ACT?

    To cut a long story short we have got a big dilemma - a choice between ACT and WA. I just wondered which one you would go for and why?
  7. Pottster

    When would our children start nursery?

    Hi, could anyone tell me when my children would start nursery in ACT? One is 2 in June and the other is 4 in September. Many Thanks
  8. Hi I wonder if you guys could assist. We have two children one is two in June (7th) and the other is 4 in September. We are close to completing the 176 visa and have a choice of relocating to either ACT or WA. We were wondering when do children start Nursery/ School and is it the same in both states?
  9. Pottster

    What is Perth like?

    Hi Guys We are currently going through the permanent residents visa application. With the recent skills list that have been issued Western Australia as opened up to us as place to settle. Just wondering what WA is like, in particular Perth? Schools, activities, night life, transport links, main industries etc etc. Canberra/ACT is also an option. I would be interested to see which you guys would choose, Perth or Canberra and why?
  10. Guys I am currently a Police Officer in the UK. Myself and Family are currently in the throws of applying for a 176 Visa :wacko:. As this would be a fresh start for us I am interested in making it a clean break for myself and changing career completely. But..... as it was such a longtime since I worked outside of the public sector ( 15 Years), my skills in the outside world I would imagine are not much use.....or am I wrong on this????. My question to you Guys out there is: Does anybody have any knowledge of what Job opportunities are out there for someone like me in Canberra e.g. Security etc, goverment depts?? I am pretty much open to anything and wouldn't be averse to using my knowledge and experience.
  11. Pottster

    Sponsorship for Welfare Worker

    Quoll Simply, you are a legend this is excellent advice and exactly what I am looking for. Once again thanks
  12. Pottster

    Sponsorship for Welfare Worker

    Hi Quoll Thanks for your reply. She has a post graduate diploma in counselling and works more holistically at the moment . The local bulletin board you have mentioned ( silly question time!!! ) is this something I could sign up for to have a look from here in the UK????. She could do with just a name of a organization, charity or someone to aim her questions at this time.
  13. Pottster

    What is canberra really like??

    Guys We are currently in the UK going through the visa process :goofy:. Our State Sponsorship is in ACT. I was wondering what ACT/ Canberra is really like?? I have read the Touristy bumf and looked on various websites......but at the end of the day you can't beat real life experiences.......so I thought I would ask you Guys. Can anyone offer any advice about about places to live ( we Joe average family-not millionaires!), what lifestyle, nightlife, job opportunities are like etc etc?? Hope you guys can help. Pottster
  14. Hi Everyone Are there any Welfare workers out there that can offer me some advice? My OH is currently a Welfare worker ( counsellor) in the UK. We are currently in the process of applying for our State Sponsored (ACT) 176 Permanent Resident Visa. She is ( Ideally!) looking for Sponsorship from an employer in this field of work ( But not essential ! ). Does this sort of thing exist??? If so where should she look? She has looked and looked on the usual recruitment agency sites such as Careerone.au, seek etc for employment opportunities ( not specifcally for sponsorship) and even sent enquiry's to employers themselves that feature on these sites all to no avail. I am wondering why her job appears on the skills shortage list when there appears few jobs that suit her type of work out there? Can anyone point her in the right direction, as to where she should for Jobs or does anybody know anyone in this type of work?? Hope you guys can help. Pottster
  15. Pottster

    Suitable Jobs for UK Police Officers

    Hoot You are a star. Will have a look for a webiste. Thanks once again