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  1. I knew there was a magazine but couldn't remember the name, thanks
  2. its live in hospitality work on the Isle of Mull at a castle tearoom
  3. Yes it's live in hospitality, will check work about out thanks and see what I can find on Facebook!
  4. Bit of a random one but I was wondering if anyone knows what websites the Aussie backpacker generation would use to look for UK work these days? (eg Aussies or Kiwis on working holiday in the UK) I'm wanting to advertise for jobs we have going over in Scotland and I'm a bit out of touch. I would just use gumtree but not sure if Aussies/Kiwis still use it to find UK work or if there is a more well know site now? Any ideas?
  5. Great thanks for the info again Bungo. Just lodged my 'residents return visa" for a hefty $360. Ouch!
  6. Great thanks for all the confirmed info. I'll get on to my right to return now. I also don't trust immigration much so glad you guys have my back!! Off topic but ....... if I'm a permanent resident still in their eyes would I have to start the 4 years again for citizenship when we return or will it still be accumulating? Finally did anyone know about having to go to London for passports or is there closer? Same as the lady above when we renewed our British ones in Australia they were just posted out...... Thanks again
  7. One more question.....is the only way to get the boys passports by lodging them in London???? We live on an Island off teh Noth West Coast of Scotland - it's going to be a huge mission. I thought there used to be an embassy in Edinburgh?
  8. Family of "ping pongers" here going back to Australia for a holiday in November after 2years back in UK. Previous to this we were in Australia for 4 years. Kids are dual citizens and I was a permanent resident. i didn't get a "right to return visa" when I left so wondering if it's ok if I enter on a holiday visa and if this will cause me any problems? (We have return flights booked). Also my 2 eldest boys Australian passports have expired so wondering if they will have problems just entering on their English ones or if we are going to look like we are trying to "break back in" to Australia?! Could do do without expense of re-needing the boys passports right now but will if we have too. More worried about my entry and exit as don't want to stuff up being allowed to return in future! Thanks for your help in advance ?
  9. Hey all, Been a while since I posted but moving back to the UK for a while and hubby needs a medical done before we return so he can get his provisional bus licence ready to do his test when he returns. The form for the medical states that we need a "GMC" registered doctor, not that they actually have to be in the UK. Anyone have any suggestions or experience in this? Surely there must be some UK or EU registered doctors over here that can do this? We have a real short time frame when we move back to get the proper bus licence so we really need to get the medical done here if we can so we can apply for the provisional! TIA!
  10. Yeah hadn't thought about them getting renewed over there - might have to do that thanks. I have had to get an Australian name change certifcate to get my visa changed to my new passport as I came over on my maiden name in my passport/visa as I was too lazy and cheap to waste a few years on my passport and get my nae changed when I got married - wish I had now for all the trouble I am having. Just waiting to hear from immigration as to what they want me to do with the damn thing now I finally have it! It is crazy that they would not except my English marriage cert as proof of a name change!
  11. Thanks, I thought that would be the case but didn't want to complicate things at the airport. Both their aussie passports are valid until 2015 so that will be fine. Should save me some money and time not re-newing! Already struggling to get my visa put into my new passport!
  12. Hello all, Quick question on passports. We are going for our 1st holiday back to the UK after nearly 3 years in Oz - YAY!!! My hubby and boys are both dual citizens however one of the boys English passport has completely run out and the other will have less than 6 months on it. My hubby will have both UK and Aus passports, I will have UK and we will have a new baby on Aus passport only as don't think we will have time to get the UK sorted (8 weeks old when we fly next April!). Do you think we will have any trouble with the boys just using their Aus ones or should we get new UK ones for them? Don't want to get turned away at UK....we are also doing a few mainland European countries so the less issues the better! Any advice greatly received! Thanks guys !
  13. We flew with ours twice so far as littleies. 1st time 3months and 17 months, 2nd time almost 3 years and 20 months. 1st time was easier despite having to get bottles as little one just wanted food and sleep. We spent heaps of time walking up and down isles 2nd times. People gave us looks but I just ignored them. We did all we could to keep them quiet so what more could we do?! Flew Emirates 2nd time who were fab as others had said. Def recommend getting spare seat if you can. We booked our 3 seats on the "4" rows both times with a gap in between us hoping the single seat would not be taken and the 1 time it was they were happy to swop rather than being stuck in between a family! It was a good plan! Also got bulk head seats for extra leg room so kids could play on floor. It wasn't fun by any means but we made it and same as you we were heading to family so could unload when we got there.....best thing is they slept for about 17 hours in a row the night we arrived - bliss! My best tip that got me through (although some may think it negative) was having it in my mind that it was going to be the WORST 26 hours of hell I had ever had......then anything that wasn't like that was just fab!! A vino or 2 helped to Also keep their usual routine....we did pjs, stories and milk at bed time as usual and let them lay in the seat/on us with a blanket and their teddy. Good luck. Hope it goes well. We are out in the Longwarry (south east towards Warragul) if you want a friend when you arrive!!
  14. junellew

    School or house

    i agree....your children spend most of their time and do most of their learning at home not at school...i'd think more about living in the best area for the kids....safe, friendly, affordable so family not stressed out as they can't pay the bills! i went to average schools....don't think people even thought of catchment areas back then and I turned out fine as I had great parents to encourage and guide me!