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    Just sharing our experience

    I don`t think that`s got anything to do with being stressed (as much as any moving is stressful). I`ve been to Mandurah many times after we already moved and I still hate the place. We lived in London for 8 years and I don`t think Mandurah is any better than that regarding the traffic. The more south you go (from Perth) the more scenic and pretty is gets. This is only our opinion (and our friends`). I still think Europe is much prettier :-) but life here is great so not planning to move anywhere anymore!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. sebahat

    Just sharing our experience

    Hi all, I just wanted to share our experience with you. We arrived in Oz on the 15th March (Perth) and to be honest we didn`t like it at first. We`ve seen many other countries and thought this was just not "IT", didn`t have that feel and look. We drove to Mandurah(WA) and immedietaly hated the place. It`s soooo bloody busy there and the ammount of traffic is shocking!!!!! Somebody told us this is a great holiday destination, well, I would not choose a place like this for a holiday, EVER!!!!!!! Then after a week my hubby got a very good job offer in Collie (also WA) and the company relocated us and gave us a free fully furnished and equipped house for 2 months/until we find something nice to rent. The house was massive and really nice and the garden was absolutely stunning but we didn`t like the town so much, it was just too small for our liking so after those 2 months we moved to Australind (15 min from Bunbury) and we LOVE it here. What a lovely town and people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! In 8 years of living in the UK (we are not British) we haven`t been helped or offered help as much as we have been here in 3 months!!!!!!!!!! My daughter started a fantastic private school where everyone is eager to help. The school Principal even offered to lend me his spare car as we only have one at the moment. I obviously declined the offer but how nice and thoughtful it was of him. If the weather is bad, my daughter is being picked up and dropped off at school by one of the parents or the receptionist. Would that happen in the UK or anywhere else in Europe, well, sadly I never heard of anything like it. We`ve already made so many friends that I need to make notes in my diary of all the dates and people we are seeing lol. So, are we happy with the decission of moving down under? Oh YES!!!! It was the best decission we`ve ever made. Good luck to anyone emigrating
  3. sebahat

    Spider and snake bites

    thank you everyone for all your words of wisdom. Regarding the ants, well, we have lots of those here in South Africa and my daughter is just fascinated by them and loves following them. How do I teach her not to touch them if she is at the stage of picking up everything, she is only 13 months old and at the age of exploring the world. How do I explain to a child of this age that something might bite her, she doesn`t know what that means.
  4. sebahat

    Spider and snake bites

    hi Suzanne, hehe that was funny what that man said :-) I`m not scared of the hunsman as much as of the funnel-web and red-back spider as they are much more dangerous. I know that the look of any of them will scare the hell out of me. I`m really worried about my daughters being bitten by one of those nasty creatures. They like playing on the floor (they are 13 months and 4 years old). Maybe we should get a dog to let us know if there is any nasty bugger around :-) Hope your move goes well, where are you moving to anyway?
  5. sebahat

    Spider and snake bites

    thank you guys for the advise. Rach, sorry but I can`t see myself teaching my daughter to respect spiders, I kill everything that is small and moves so I can`t really imagine teaching her not to lol
  6. sebahat

    Spider and snake bites

    Hi all, How can I teach a 13 month old daughter not to touch insects? We are arriving in Mandurah in 5 days and the closer we get to that day the more freaked out I become. We are currently visiting my in-laws in South Africa and the other day m daughter picked up a massive(about 4cm long) bug and thought it was funny. I almost had a heart attack as those buggers bite very painfully. Luckuily she was not bitten but what if.... Now, what if she picks up a spider in Oz and the creature bites her? I won`t even know what it was as she won`t be able to tell me. I`m really getting paranoid now to a degree that I have nightmares lol. Please, any advise. Has anyone of you been bitten by a spider? Thank you Alex
  7. sebahat

    Heat versus Cold

    hehe, I`m affraid it can be true, my hubby is South African and he also wears T-shirts all year round and only sometimes puts a light fleece on. Well, that won`t be the case anymore as we are on our way to Oz, arriving in Perth on the 15th. Currently on holiday in hot South Africa (+37 degrees today)
  8. sebahat

    Off tomorrow!!

    good luck and enjoy the sunny weather down under We are off in 13 days :-)))))))))))) moving for good, yay!!!!
  9. sebahat

    cost of moving, which removal company?

    Oh Dear, That sounds awful and unfair. We chose to go through Anglo Pacific in the end and so far we`ve veen very happy. They came on time, well actually 3,5h eariler which only stressed me out as a couple of things weren`t ready yet. They packed the items pretty well and after 3h were gone. We`ve just had an email from them saying that our stuff will arrive in Perth only 4 days after we land. How quick is that????????????? I never expected that. Obviously we have to add another 1-2 weeks for customs but that`s still brilliant. We are very happy indeed.
  10. sebahat

    Booster seat on the plane

    Hi everyone, I just wanted to check with you lot if there was someone on this forum who took a booster seat with them on the plane? We are flying in 3 weeks, booked through Qantas but because we stop over in South Africa for 2 weeks, we actually going to fly with BA first and then South African Airways from Johannesburg to Perth. We are going with 2 little children, taking one umbrella fold buggy and I`ve heard somewhere that we can also take a booster seat for our other daughter and put it with the checked-in luggage. I emailed Qantas enquiring about it but they are not coming back to me. I don`t want to call them as I want to have it in writing in case they stop me from taking the seat while we already at the airport. I just wanted to check if anyone has done it. Thank you Alex
  11. sebahat

    Shipment insurance

    Hi Guys, Was just wondering if everyone of you paid for the shipment insurance? And if you didn`t by any chance, did anything happened and then you regreted it? Thank you Alex
  12. sebahat


    thanks for that, I might give them a call then, even though we already decided to go ahead with AP
  13. sebahat


    I`ve noticed you used John Masons. Were you happy with them? Were they cheaper than the others? Did you have quotes from other removal companies like PSS and Anglo Pacific?
  14. sebahat


    well, the price of the crate depends on the size of your plasma, we have to pay £65 as we ship a 50 inch one
  15. sebahat

    Medicine and cosmetics - need some advice please

    thank you guys so much, I`m much happier now knowing I can take what I want